May. 14th, 2017

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Yesterday was all chores for me and for Scott. He got the groceries and mowed the lawn. He also figured out what was wrong with the new grill he bought. I think he's going to have to ship it back. Together, we did some laundry. I ran the dishwasher and changed our sheets. Oh, and took out the overflowing recycling and the trash that was starting to stink.

Cordelia had Scott clean the spider webs off her bike, and then she went out twice for short rides. We really want her to keep doing that because biking is one of the PT suggestions. It's not possible around here for many months of the year, but it's nice enough for it now.

I had some issues with my c-PAP last night, so I only used it for about two thirds of the night. I took it off after about half an hour of having trouble breathing even though, as far as I could tell, the dratted thing was running properly.

We went out for a late breakfast. Bob Evans had a half an hour wait, so we went to the other side of town to a pancake place called either Cathy's or Kathy's ([personal profile] evalerie, I seem to remember the place coming up on Gluten Free Ann Arbor with a query about their GF options. Their gluten free menu consists of three items, one of which is a salad without croutons. I don't recommend it for you). I had pancakes, and Scott and Cordelia both had French toast.

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