May. 19th, 2017

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I slept really badly last night. I spent a lot of time half-awake and thinking that the head gear for my c-PAP was on wrong without being able to figure out how. Looking at it now, with light, I can't see any explanation for my problems. I suppose it's possible that the whole thing was one of those semi-dreams, similar to me getting the inexplicable idea that I must lie on my right side (or my left or my back) or dire things will happen. When I wake completely, I always end up trying to figure out if there's any basis in reality for what I remember thinking because I'm never quite sure if there's something real there that I'm just forgetting.

I'm only up right now because Cordelia wanted me to sit with her before school. Having been up for two hours, I need to wind myself down a bit, so I'm listening to a podcast while I write this. I might write up our grocery list.

Cordelia's about two hours into The Two Towers. She's finding the battle scenes kind of tedious, but she seems determined to get through all three movies. She considers Groot better/cuter than the Ents.

A college friend of Scott's lost her mother a few days ago. Scott and I don't really have a way to get to the funeral which will be Monday morning, but we can go to the viewing which is Sunday afternoon/evening. It's an hour drive away. The current plan is to go to that while Cordelia's at a play. She's going to that with her best friend, and I'm going to ask her friend's mother if they can keep Cordelia until we get back.

I have a library book due Sunday that I can't renew. I'm halfway through it and very much want to finish. I've just stopped at a point where I don't want to deal with what I think will happen next. Once I've gotten some sleep, I think I may try skipping ahead a few pages to see if I'm right and whether or not I can deal with it. I've also got a can't be renewed book due a week from Sunday. I've also got four hours of library DVDs to watch. I can renew that set, but I'd like to return it.
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We've been without power for at least two hours (I was trying to nap and missed when it went). DTE has no estimate for when we'll get power back and no idea why we lost power. I think we're low priority because there aren't many people in our zip without power and are many more in other parts of the area.

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