Jul. 1st, 2017

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My word count for June was 16546. My year to date word count is 96565. I'm beyond boggled. I really expected to lose momentum by now. I think I'm nearly done with one of my [community profile] pod_together stories. I just need to find the actual ending.

At some point today, I need to retrieve two books from the basement so that I can reread them and decide which of them I want to go with for the second [community profile] pod_together story. I've got solid prompts for each and will likely go with the first one to suggest an actual starting scene or sentence.

I slept about nine hours last night, five of them with the c-PAP. I almost forgot to take the Ativan, and then I couldn't find the bottle of pills because it had rolled under the bed. Fortunately, I did locate it. I'm pretty sure that the Ativan makes the difference between sleeping and not.

Scott is at work today. Right now, we're expecting him to have the next three days off. His parents are back from Europe, so I'm sure we'll spend either Monday or Tuesday with them and with Scott's sister and her family.

We have two weeks until our nephew's graduation party, and I haven't managed to make Scott think about gifts. I'm not willing to deal with it without his input (and would prefer him to make the decisions). I'd like to go in on something with Scott's brother's family, but that really does require Scott's participation and fairly immediate action because, if we're buying a microwave or a mini fridge, it will take time to select something, what with research and all, and then to actually get it.

My youngest cousin also just graduated high school. I've not given graduation gifts to any of my other cousins, but I know this girl better than the others. Also, with the others, nobody ever bothered to tell me they were graduating. Well, the oldest four were close enough to my age that I wasn't in any position to give a gift, but I'm twenty years older than the oldest member of the next cluster of cousins, so at least in theory, I might have been in a position to give something. Those cousins are all on my mother's side, so it's probably just the really crappy communication. I think that my uncles and their wives tell my mother things and assume she'll tell me and my sister and brother. Since she considers that sort of family obligation a vast imposition, she doesn't tell us. She'll deal with weddings and funerals but nothing beyond that.

At any rate, this is my very youngest cousin. She's on my father's side of the family and explaining how we're related can get complicated. My aunt and uncle adopted her, so she's their daughter, but she's also their older son's daughter (he was still in high school when she was born) and calls them Grandma and Grandpa. I just feel like acknowledging both my aunt and uncle as her adoptive parents and my cousin as her father is important if I'm talking in detail about her for some reason. (If I'm not, she's my cousin, and the rest is trivia.)

I have two library books due tomorrow that can't be renewed. I'm pretty sure I can finish one of them. The other, I've barely started and am not altogether enthusiastic about. I'd like to read enough of it to make a decision one way or the other so that I know whether or not I want to try to get it out again. Beyond those, I've got four books due later on that can't be renewed. Two are novellas, and a third is a manga volume. The last is a children's book, and I've got three weeks left on that.

The DVD lecture series I've currently got out is going slowly because it's about art. That means lots of things I need to look at and try to understand. I'm not sure it's basic enough for me, though. It's focused on artists of the Italian Renaissance. I would like to understand artistic composition and styles at a level beyond I-know-what-I-like. I might never manage it, but why not try? I've got the time.

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