Jul. 2nd, 2017

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I used the c-PAP for a bit more than four hours last night. When I took it off, I had issues with my sinuses freaking out. They itched, and my nose ran a bit. I eventually managed to get back to sleep, and I've been okay during the hour and a half since I got up for the day. I was pretty worried that I was going to end up with another couple of days of sneezing, runny nose, etc. I keep turning down the humidity setting in hopes that that will help given that the higher settings make me feel like I desperately need to blow my nose.

The story I was working on went off in a direction that didn't work, so I'm having to go back and figure out the right point to snip things and start over. There are a few specific sentences after that that I really like, but... They're almost certainly going. I've also introduced a huge plot question that I really have to address in order for the story to end. I think that will require a second chapter. I also have to make some decisions about the answer and have no idea what should happen. I'm stalling on that by trying to select a title for the story.

I retrieved the two books that I need to review from the basement, but I haven't actually opened either yet. I'm thinking I might work on them on Tuesday because we're going to spend a good bit of time in the car and with Scott's family. I don't think they'll mind if I sit and read. Cordelia saw the books and tried to talk me into loaning one of them to her best friend. I don't inherently object as long as it can wait until after I'm done writing this story.

I realized that I had the deadline wrong for those treats I was writing, so I have a few more days than I expected. Now I'm trying to find a beta reader for one of the stories. There are a few people who offered beta reading for the exchange; it's just that this weekend is a terrible time to try to reach anyone in the US (and I can't tell which of them are in the US).

The buses are letting people ride for free on Saturdays this summer if they show a district library card. Cordelia was very pleased about that when she decided to go downtown to the library yesterday. She remarked on the fact that she's going to the library a lot so far this summer. I told her that she doesn't have to if she's willing to wait for her holds until the family trip on Sundays.

Scott and I are both disappointed that the fireworks where his parents live are on Tuesday. That means that Scott will get less sleep than usual before going to work Wednesday. We were kind of hoping the fireworks would be today or Monday instead. They're always on the 4th there, though, so I'm not sure why we hoped. I'm also wondering what we'll all end up eating now that the traditional stuff is toxic for Scott.

Scott's parents have been back from Europe for about three days. We haven't heard from them about plans for the 4th. That has brought out the fact that both Cordelia and I would rather stay home. Neither of us are fireworks fans. The only bit that we like is that we usually watch from a Target parking lot and go inside to buy snacks (mostly candy) before the fireworks start. Scott actually enjoys fireworks, so he wants that bit. He just hates the lost sleep.

We currently have no plans for tomorrow. I'm sure we'll figure out something to do with the time. Maybe some Ingress? I don't know. Possibly just Scott playing games online with his brother in Seattle.

I'm having issues with my left foot/ankle, not the tendinitis but something else. About a third of the time, as I put weight on the foot to walk, I get a sharp pain in the front of the joint that feels like something's being pinched/compressed. I'm unlikely to try to see my doctor about it because it's the sort of thing that will absolutely be blamed on my weight. Also, I'm not sure I have any PT sessions left this year under our insurance.
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Given that the year is half over, this seems like a reasonable point to look at what I've done, writing wise.

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