Jul. 3rd, 2017

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I did a little poking around online yesterday and discovered that the sneezing and runny nose issues I've been having are anecdotally common. Sadly, about one third of the people got relief by upping the humidity on their c-PAP, one third by decreasing it, and one third by sticking lanolin soaked q-tips up their noses every night right before putting on their c-PAP gear. (Lanolin is not an option for me, sadly.) A few people never found a solution at all. Almost everyone said that their medical team told them that nobody ever has this sort of problem, and yet... Dozens of different people talking about how terrible it is. I tend to assume, with things that have that many stories, that there are other people who just never comment about having the problem or never thought to tell anyone it was an issue.

A number of people talked about cleaning everything, hose and filter included, thoroughly every single day and then letting it all air dry completely before bedtime. None of them thought that it helped with anything except getting medical people to stop telling them they weren't cleaning their gear often enough.

At any rate, I guess I'll be playing around with the humidity on my c-PAP. Hopefully I can find a balance between how I feel when I'm wearing it and how I feel when I take it off.

Scott's parents have decided that the fireworks are just too much to try to manage this year. I think it's mostly that Cordelia's the youngest local grandchild and that none of the three kids are actually interested in going. Scott says that it's also that Tuesday is a bad time to stay up that late. I thought about pointing out that that never mattered before, but I thought it might be impolitic.

Griping about the heat )

I did no writing yesterday. I was exhausted in between about 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. for no reason that I could figure out. Getting a 'polar mocha' at Espresso Royale helped even though black tea and caffeinated soda hadn't. Maybe it being an icy slush made a difference? I hope not because I can't spare the spoons to duplicate that at home.

I spent my evening writing time trying to come up with requests for an exchange I hope to participate in. I'm usually pretty generic with those, but I have prompts and such this time for pretty much everything. I'm also thinking I need to ask the moderators-- The FAQ lists a minimum number of requests and offers but not a maximum. Capping requests, at the very least, seems like a good idea. Capping offers... Well, a lot of people have trouble meeting those minimums for most exchanges, so it's likely to be self-limiting in most cases. And this isn't Yuletide with thousands of fandoms that one could offer.

We were going to watch a Netflix DVD but it turned out to have a very carefully glued together crack. Those really make me angry because doing that doesn't make the DVD playable. It just makes it pass a cursory visual inspection and then go out to someone who's actually hoping to see the movie/show. Sadly, I expect it will take a long time for us to get a replacement copy because I'm pretty sure this one had a 'very long wait' label to begin with.

Today's most important to do is some paperwork that I've been putting off. Oh, and a phone call that I've also been putting off. Scott's main goal is paying the bills. We kind of vaguely want to go to Target, but I don't know that we want it enough to justify leaving the house. It's mainly that the part of the 4th that Cordelia and I both like is the picking up snacks at Target before watching the fireworks part. That made the fireworks part bearable. But we're not actually doing fireworks, and it seems silly to drive across town for junk food.

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