Jul. 4th, 2017

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We did end up going to Target last night. We got a lot of snacks and a couple of DVDs, one for us and one for Cordelia's best friend. The latter was only $4 and is a movie the girl loves, so there was no way we weren't getting it. Scott went to Home Depot for some things while Cordelia and I did the Target part of things.

On the way back from Target, we stopped at Plum Market because we'd forgotten that we needed to buy salad fixings for the family gathering today. I was desperate for something really cold to drink, but apparently I didn't get that across to either Scott or Cordelia because they didn't understand that I wasn't buying that cold drink for when we got home. I had a very, very cold bottle of tea, and it made me feel incredibly much better. I hadn't been thirsty, particularly; I just desperately wanted something really cold.

For some reason, things from our refrigerator are never quite that cold.

Scott and I went for a walk around 1 in the afternoon yesterday when it was still around 70F outside, and I misjudged things badly enough that I hurt to walk for the rest of the day. Scott was letting me set the pace and decide where to go, so it's on me rather than on him. On the way home, we ran into the mother of a kid who was in elementary school with Cordelia but who went to the big middle school instead of staying with the new program (as I recall, his parents were specifically not interested because the program was new/experimental. They thought that the regular middle school was likely to be more predictable).

At any rate, we talked for quite a while about what's become of other kids from that fifth grade class and what the two different middle schools were like and what we expect from Skyline and all of that.

I picked up a pinch hit last night. I'd put off claiming it because I wasn't sure I wanted to commit. It's just that I had a partially finished story that fit one of the prompts. I waited at least ten hours after I first saw the pinch hit, and nobody else offered, so I did. The main problem I've got with the story right now is placeholder names. There's nothing out and out wrong with the names I've got, but I keep looking at names and realizing that I've known people with those names or have watched/read things with characters with those names or... Well, it's hard to find normal names that I don't have associations with, and I don't want those associations sneaking in.

At any rate, I wrote 2356 words yesterday.

I managed to sleep for four hours with the c-PAP last night and then another four without it. I woke with a headache which I still have. I suspect/fear that it's menstrual because nothing I've tried yet has made a dent. Normally, food and black tea will completely get rid of a morning headache, just not in this case. I've taken Tylenol, too.

Scott's family wants to spend the afternoon at the beach. I have put my foot down that I'm not doing that. If nothing else, I'd die of the heat. We're supposed to meet them at the beach, but Scott doesn't know what beach (there are about four lakes within reasonable distance of his parents' place), so I haven't been able to figure out if there are coffee shops or something near where they'll be. He has suggested that I either sit in the car with it running so I can have AC or have him drive me to his parents' place and drop me off there. The latter is more acceptable (and likely less expensive), but I'm willing to sit and read anywhere with AC.
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And my laptop has decided to malfunction in a new and interesting way. It's been having problems with the charging cord connecting properly for a while and often would just stop charging and go to battery power. Now, if the cord is connected while the laptop is on, it crashes constantly, just going dead as if it had no power at all (in spite of having a charge in the battery and the battery being brand new). Pretty much any minor jostle of the the laptop, the surface it's resting on, the floor near the table where it sits, anything at all, will make the thing go utterly dead.

I can only get it to charge when it's off and not getting jostled at all. I tried putting it to sleep to charge, but it will still die that way, and I don't like the uncontrolled shut down and its attendant risks to my data.

Scott has purchased a part that he hopes will address the problem, but it won't arrive until Monday, and who knows how long it will take him to find time to attempt the repair. In the mean time, I'm going to be online in bits and pieces as my battery lasts. I can do some things from my phone, but I don't get my theredck email there, and there are some irritations about interacting with DW and AO3 that way. I can write a bit in Gdocs on my phone, but I can't get things from Gdocs to anywhere else there.

I'm at 68% power on my laptop right now and am going to try to get a few things done before I shut it down again to charge. Mainly, I want to sign up for an exchange. I looked at doing it on my phone and realized that I'd have to settle for a very bare bones thing with no links or prompts or DNWs because of having to type all of it from scratch. I also haven't yet figured out what to offer, so I need to print off the list of things I considered possible in that direction and mark it by hand. I have enough battery to do that on the laptop, but I kind of think it might be wise to do as much as I can manage not on the laptop.

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