Jul. 5th, 2017

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My laptop is not charging well. I left it overnight and got from 35% to 70%. I did a few necessary tasks then shut things down at 40% for charging. A full recharge ought to take about three hours, but...
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I can't make long posts on my phone because the box for posting won't scroll or expand reliably. I end up trying to type with other text over my words. I have things I want to post about, but I don't know when I will. Ah, well. Books, DVDs, and tidying...
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I think the pinch hit is mostly done. I need a title for it, and I'm waiting on a beta reader, but I've put what I have in a draft document on AO3 in case I need to post it from my phone. I'm not sure how easily I'd be able to edit it there, but I think I can change the title to something better than 'Title yet to come' and post. I have one more treat that I'd like to finish and post for the Friday deadline, but I figure I can gift that after the deadline as well as before as the recipient already has a story from the exchange.

I ended up staying home yesterday while Scott and Cordelia went to the family gathering. By noon yesterday, I had a migraine, complete with light sensitivity and nausea. Even with me trying everything that sometimes helps, I was still feeling sick for hours after Scott and Cordelia left. Fortunately, I was able to write anyway.

I tried cold brewing some black tea (Stash's white mocha chocolate) over night. After twenty hours, give or take, it has definite flavor but is still mild enough that I don't absolutely need sweetener. The main benefit for me, though, is that it's cold enough to help me out when I'm overheating. A pitcher of water might do as much, I suppose, but this is nice as an alternative because it has flavor. I'm not sure if I'll go with it most mornings. I'm used to a hot beverage at this point. Some mornings, though... Hot tea may wake me up, but it leaves me sweating sometimes.

I can't find the form I need to fill out for Social Security regarding Cordelia's payments for the last year. I've looked everywhere I might have put it with no luck yet. I found the documents that I put with it because I needed them in order to fill out the form (the bank statement is still in a sealed envelope, so I think it unlikely that I filled out and mailed the form and then forgot). I am finding a lot of papers that can be shredded and/or recycled and a lot of papers that should have been filed. I need to make a file for my various genetic screening reports and biopsy results, etc.

Right at the moment, the laptop is on and at about 82% power, so I'll have a little time for things like posting this and responding to email on my pseudonymous accounts.

I found the Social Security paperwork. I should have thought of it earlier-- I'd stuck it in a library book that I was carting around right then because I knew I wouldn't throw it out accidentally that way. I'm not sure why I didn't think to look there sooner.

On the bright side, I swept under my part of our bed and recycled enough paper to make the bin too heavy for me to lift. (Sadly, I am now reasonably sure that the missing library CD isn't under the bed. I was really hoping it was even though I'd looked more than once.) I also found an unopened Christmas card with cash in it. The cleaning lady must have put it there and then stacked stuff on top of it. I found an uncashed check, too, and will have to ask the person it's from if it's still okay to cash it. Oh, and find out if the bank will still accept it.

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