Jul. 9th, 2017

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I'm routinely using my c-PAP at night from when I turn out the light until when Scott's alarm goes off. I keep intending to put the dratted thing back on after Scott gets up (we cuddle for a while after I've taken my thyroid medication), but I always fall asleep first or realize that I'm not going to sleep any more at all. Still, this is about five hours of c-PAP use, and they told me I should aim for a minimum of four hours a night. Scott's alarm goes off right around the time the Ativan wears off, so I don't know if putting the c-PAP rig back on would be something I could handle or if it would mean no more sleep.

I can function on five hours a night for a little while, and I'll pretty much have to when Cordelia starts school in the fall. I will have time for napping later in the day, but I don't know if I'll be able to make use of it. I couldn't this last spring.

I started looking at the bus company website today to try to figure out getting to Skyline. It looks like, if all the transfers and such go exactly right, the trip is roughly fifty minutes. There are two options for getting there, but one of them requires a twenty minute walk between the nearest stop and the school. I'm kind of confused by the route of the bus that actually stops near the school (five minute walk) because some things seem to indicate that one can catch it at the downtown station but other things indicate that one has to catch it three blocks away from the station.

My best guess is that there's something seriously broken in the current route planner when one says one wants to start at the transit center-- I kept having it, regardless of my destination, tell me that, in order to catch a bus there, I had to catch a bus from about three blocks away and take it to the transit center in order to transfer. I can only respond with a resounding ???? If I'm already at Blake, why would I walk down to Packard to catch a bus to take me back to Blake?

Scott and Cordelia both really enjoyed the Spider-man movie. Cordelia apparently asked Scott, as they left the theater, if we'll be buying the movie as soon as it comes out. He said we would.

I managed to write a bit of the Labyrinth story yesterday, maybe three hundred words, but it's all tedious, so I will probably chop it out. I think I might be starting at the wrong point for the chapter. Maybe I can use bits of it as tiny flashbacks? The first two paragraphs contain information that has to be in the chapter for it to make sense, but they're at a different point in time from the rest of the chapter, and transitioning is not working. There's one sentence near the end of what I wrote that I also want to keep, but I think that will fit pretty easily into stuff set later: "Lies were almost as dangerous as thoughtless wishes."

I spent most of my potential writing time yesterday doing things like making mashed potatoes and doing laundry and taking out the trash and so on. Today, I need to put away the laundry and change our sheets, but neither of those will take more than ten minutes, so I can't use them as an excuse not to write.

Oh, and I should fill out some insurance paperwork so that I can mail it tomorrow. I should also email Cordelia's doctor to ask if she can provide us with something written and official about Cordelia's knee for the high school or if we have to go back to the sports medicine clinic. I'd much, much rather deal with the pediatrician because there's a substantial difference in the copay between seeing her and seeing a specialist.

I'm probably going to tweak my offers for [personal profile] captiveaudience. There are things I offered that nobody's requested yet or for which there are requests I'm not convinced I could write well and things I didn't offer but could write if I match some specific requests. There's still almost a week left of sign ups, so I will likely wait a few days to see what happens in that direction.

I'm almost at 110000 words for the year to date. I'm really boggled by that.
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Tomorrow, Cordelia has a dental appointment at 4:15, and Scott has one at 5:00. I'm dithering about whether or not to gamble on Scott getting home in time to drive us there for Cordelia's appointment. If she and I are taking the bus, we need to leave at 3:15 which is after Scott's shift technically ends but before he's ever able to leave. Scott would need to get out of work by about 3:40 in order for us to make it to the appointment, and that would be pushing things.

Part of me wants to play it safe and take the bus, but it would be so very nice not to have to. The inbound bus at that time of day tends to be pretty empty, well, probably not much more than half full which is empty for that route (the outbound bus on that route is terrible any time after 3:00 because it services a lot of park and ride lots as well as both central campus and the medical campus).

My dental appointment is the following week, but that's easier to deal with because it's at 11. There's no chance at all Scott will be home, so I don't have to decide anything at all. It's the bus all the way. Well, actually, I'll have to decide whether or not I want to buy myself lunch while I'm in town. It would make some sense to, but it means spending money, so... maybe not.

I should cancel the appointment I've got with my primary care doctor on the 20th. I'm set to see her again in late August, after some blood tests. I've been holding onto the earlier appointment because it's really hard to get in to see her. I wasn't sure that I wouldn't have something else come up that made seeing her sooner necessary, but that appointment is during Art Fair, and UHS is challenging to reach by bus during Art Fair.

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