Jul. 10th, 2017

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When we went to the library yesterday, Cordelia said she'd only go if we did 'something else' after. By the time we were done at the library, however, she just wanted to go home. I was a little disappointed by that because we'd most likely have gotten smoothies or tea or coffee. I like being out of the house with Scott and Cordelia for things like that.

Naturally, a hold came in, unexpectedly, right after we got home. I'm hoping that I can get Cordelia to pick it up for me some time during the week as it will expire on Saturday.

Scott commented on the way home that he really hopes they finish the construction on Division before Art Fair. Traffic during Art Fair is difficult, at best, and Division is one of the streets that they leave clear of booths so that the buses can get through. Given where we live, we won't notice Art Fair all that much as long as we avoid going downtown or to central campus. Of course, Cordelia's saying that her friends want to go, so they probably will. She's always considered it boring before, but that was going with me, so it was very different. I don't expect that they'll look at art so much as run around together enjoying the fact that they're old enough to do that without an adult around.

While at the library, I ran into the mother of a couple of girls who were on sports teams with Cordelia (softball and volleyball). We talked about high school and knee injuries. She mentioned several girls from the old teams who will be at Skyline. (Cordelia, when I told her later, protested that she doesn't actually want to see any of those girls again.) The other mother says their family has moved and is now zoned for Huron, so her daughter who's Cordelia's age won't be at Skyline. She did say that they considered trying to do Skyline anyway just because the choir director is spectacular (the choir director filled in for three weeks at the daughter's school last year or the year before and made a huge impression).

I need to start remembering that I don't ever write much on the weekends. I keep thinking that I have time on weekends during which I don't have to worry about Cordelia and forgetting that she's fourteen. She doesn't need supervision every second any more, and when we're all three at home it's more likely that we'll end up watching a DVD together or something of the sort. She definitely reads over my shoulder now if I have my laptop open while we're watching things. She says I shouldn't have it open if I don't want her reading it. At any rate, I'm more likely to have time without her next to me during the week. It's just the years of habit.

I did an edit of that pinch hit last night after getting beta comments back. I think I clarified some things in the text, but there were a couple of things I wasn't quite sure how to do. The beta reader thought that something that was supposed to run through the story wasn't strong enough to be noticeable. They may well be right, but when I reread, I felt like I was already just shy of beating readers over the head with it. I've got a few days before reveals to think about it and to edit further if I feel like it's necessary.

I have a lot more CDs from the library than I meant to get because some long term holds came in and because a couple of things turned out to be multiple CD sets when I expected just one CD. I've listened to four CDs and have twelve left. I usually aim for six to eight. I also have two DVD sets that I want to work on watching, but I can't put either on the TV until Cordelia's awake because neither has captioning.

Scott thinks it's pretty likely that he'll get off work in time to get Cordelia to her dental appointment. He said that, if he's not going to be able to, he should be able to call me early enough that she and I can go in by bus. I'm probably going to stress over it, but it probably will be fine. I may not even need to go except for needing to schedule the next appointment for a time that good for me (which Scott won't know) and for the fact that the dentist is two blocks away from Bubble Island. Getting bubble tea after the dentist is a tradition for me and Cordelia, but I think Scott and Cordelia won't bother if I'm not there.

Scott says that third shift at work is down to only two people. I'm not sure how many is normal, but I have the impression that it's more than six. They have an awful time getting people to stay because it's third shift, physical work, and unpleasant conditions (heat and humidity). The pay isn't terrible, but it also isn't spectacular, even with the benefits package. At any rate, if anyone knows people in our generally area (the plant is in Westland, MI) who'd be up for third shift machine maintenance/repair and so on in extreme heat and humidity, there are jobs I can point at.

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