Jul. 12th, 2017

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Drat. I've gotten to the end of the second chapter of this Labyrinth story for [community profile] pod_together, and that's not an acceptable point to end the story. I really don't want it to go on much longer, and I had thought I could find an ending there. I have no idea what chapter three should involve. So I'll try to work on the other story for the challenge until I figure it out.

I mostly cat waxed yesterday. I think I managed to write about 150 words, and I didn't do much else worth talking about.

I couldn't get back to sleep after Scott got up this morning, so I'm think I should probably try to nap later. We're expecting friends this evening for Scott's Firefly game, and I don't want to be only 30% there the way I was last time we played.

Both of the stories I wrote for Not Prime Time have long, enthusiastic comments from the recipients. It makes me feel as if I didn't thank my writer properly. I love the story I got, but I'm terrible at trying to come up with things to say, so I only managed about three sentences. Hopefully, my writer will realize that I meant it. For some reason, AO3 didn't send me a kudos notification yesterday. I know I got some on the NPT stories, but AO3 hasn't officially told me yet. (And, yes, I checked my spam folder.)

I think that Scott doesn't quite get that, if I don't want to watch a show, I also don't want to listen to it. He's been binge watching the most recent season of Arrow and is going to The 100 next. Listening to the shows in only a little less stressful for me than watching them, and it becomes worse if he's playing a noisy game with shooting and explosions on his laptop at the same time. (I'm not sure that it can really be called 'watching' if the game window completely hides the show window.) He's generally also talking sporadically to me. I don't want to give up the conversation or the time just hanging out together, but...

I think that he deals better with a lot of varied and noisy input than I do because his work environment is noisy enough that everyone has to work constantly at focusing on the sounds that are relevant to what they're doing right then. They all wear ear protection, of some sort, too. Me, I can't hold a conversation in the same room with a dryer running. I've never been able to, going back at least as far as college.
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And our power is out. DTE says another two hours. I'm hoping it'll be sooner, but I'm not holding my breath. Sadly, it's hot/humid enough outside that, even if I could get the windows open, it would still make things worse. Cordelia has gone into town in search of AC and lunch. I'm not sure what I'll eat. I can get a burner going on the stove, but I really don't want to deal with hot soup or whatever else.
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We're now an hour past the OMG throw out everything in the fridge point and have no idea when we'll have power again. They're now saying 7, but the original estimate was 3, and a neighboring area has been told 11. It's 5:30-ish now.

I'm with Scott at the place where he does PT because there's AC. Cordelia's still at the library, waiting for a hold to come in.

I'm depressed about all the food we're going to have to pitch and about how much replacing it will cost.

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