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Ant Man )

Arrow season 1 DVD 2 )

Bride and Prejudice )

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 1 episode 1 )

Case Closed season 5 DVD 3 )

Cave of Forgotten Dreams )

Despicable Me 2: 3 Mini-movie Collection )

Elementary season 1 episode 1 )

The Fast and the Furious 2001 )

Green Lantern season 1 DVD 2 )

Inside Out )

Into the Woods (2014) )

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell )

Jurassic World )

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox )

Justice League: The Throne of Atlantis )

Kingsman )

LARP: the Series season 1-2 )

Man from UNCLE )

Over the Garden Wall )

Peter Pan (2003) )

Song of the Thin Man )

Strange Magic )

When Marnie Was There )

TV shows we’ve been watching as they air in the last few months:

Agents of SHIELD )

Antiques Roadshow )

Doctor Who )

The Flash )

Girl Meets World )

The Librarians )

The Muppets )

Supergirl )

The Voice )

We tried the first episode of The Expanse and couldn’t track what was going on with the back and forth between unrelated (at that point) plotlines. It wasn’t just me, either. Scott’s comment at the end was that he hadn’t the slightest idea of what had happened in the episode. We have that episode and the others still on our DVR, and we may try again. I’m not sure how interested I am given my tolerance for anxiety (Agents of SHIELD and Doctor Who push the boundaries of what I can handle).

We also watched the SyFy adaptation of Childhood’s End. My impression was that there was a lot of angst among the characters about things that I didn’t really see as that the things that should be upsetting— Children always grow up and separate from their parents and do things and live in a world that’s alien to what their parents knew. Of course, I’m also not convinced by things like art not flourishing in areas where things were utopian. People will create under circumstances like that. People explore and experiment for the fun of it sometimes, too. At any rate, we almost didn’t finish the series because we lacked any sort of emotional buy in or curiosity about what would happen next.

I tried the recent version of The Wiz, but I couldn’t get into it and ended up deleting it about forty minutes in when I realized that I wasn’t listening.

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