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Yesterday, I took a cab in and had it drop me at the library so that I could return a few things. I wanted to stop at the post office a block away and in between the library and my appointment, but stopping there to pay the cabbie would have been considerably less convenient. There's a drive next to the library, running between 5th Ave and Division, that's there partly for access to the lot next door and partly for people to be able to wait while someone else runs in for a minute to return something. Staying there long enough for the cabbie to run my credit card didn't block traffic or risk upsetting people.

I only had to wait about thirty seconds at the post office. Oddly, the clerk tried to close my order without dealing with the package I'd laid on the counter (I also sent a certified letter). My guess is that, in dealing with the paperwork for the letter, he lost track of there being anything else even though the dratted thing was clearly visible.

Many of the portals around the library and post office were unclaimed. I didn't have the resonators to fill them out completely, but I captured all I could (and then, while I was at my appointment, someone else came through and captured them so that I was able to take them back again for more points). After my appointment, I walked up William to State and had lunch at Totoro. Then I walked back down Liberty to Division and caught the bus home. I might have had time to get the three blocks to Blake in time to catch the bus there, but I didn't want to risk being stuck for another half an hour.

Today's entire agenda (apart from a few short chores) is writing and more writing. I'm worried that I don't have a strong grasp of one of my characters and that I may be going down a false path in the story right now, but the damned thing needs to be done today if I'm going to edit or even proofread at all. I'm hoping to limit my cat waxing because I just don't have time for it. Sometimes, it helps me to think, but not today.

I've written a lot less this month than I'd hoped to. Scott's vacation and issues with Cordelia have pretty much killed my time and energy. I'm trying to finish this story without resorting to junk food to keep my brain working while I write. We don't have much in the house that fits the description, so I'd have to ask Scott to buy it for me.

I called Mom last night to see how they're dealing with the weather. They're in Baton Rouge, so it's much less bad than in coastal Texas, and they live in the highest part of the city. Mom said that it's a very, very good thing that this hurricane didn't and probably won't hit New Orleans hard because many of the pumps there aren't working so that the flooding would be beyond horrific.

I'm currently trying to figure out my best course for the Medequip appointment tomorrow. Medequip is (according to Google) 0.1 miles from Shar Instruments, the place to which I need to return Cordelia's rented viola. I think that, if I get it back tomorrow, I won't have to pay for September. I need to check when they bill me as we might still have some time, but if they bill on the 1st, that's Friday.

I will be carrying my entire c-PAP, too. From a timing POV, going to Shar after my appointment makes more sense since I don't know how long Shar will take. It might be five minutes. It might be longer if they're busy. Shar only opens an hour before my appointment, and my arrival time is kind of unpredictable

From a carrying crap POV, however, going to Shar first makes sense. I'd take the A-Ride there and only have to carry my c-PAP during the section that I'll be walking. It's just that the A-Ride is so unreliable about timing. Shar opens at 10, an hour before my appointment, so I can't possibly have more than an hour for turning things in and getting to Medequip. Also, the A-Ride folks will tell me that I should ask for a pick up at 9 if I want to be certain to arrive by 10:30, but that's very likely to leave me sitting on the ground outside for forty five minutes until they open. Except when it doesn't. One or two rides out of every ten involve long delays to either pick up or arrival.

I need to look at what I'll be carrying and at how much space it will take. The A-Ride has restrictions on that because they want to be able to fit three people in the back seat if necessary. That might be an argument for going to Medequip first and only going to Shar if the cabbie tells me that we won't be picking up other people on the way (and if the cab isn't filled when it arrives here). I haven't always had shared rides, but it's not at all rare, maybe thirty to forty percent of the time. I've only been in a cab with four total passengers (plus the driver) once.

My current plan is to take the bus home after. Going home by bus is easier, anxiety wise, than going out by bus. This is probably because I'm heading toward perceived safety and because the alternative is staying where I am which is unacceptable to the anxiety brainweasels.

Okay, time to make my decision and call the A-Ride people. Or maybe I should shower first and then call?
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Tomorrow, Cordelia has a dental appointment at 4:15, and Scott has one at 5:00. I'm dithering about whether or not to gamble on Scott getting home in time to drive us there for Cordelia's appointment. If she and I are taking the bus, we need to leave at 3:15 which is after Scott's shift technically ends but before he's ever able to leave. Scott would need to get out of work by about 3:40 in order for us to make it to the appointment, and that would be pushing things.

Part of me wants to play it safe and take the bus, but it would be so very nice not to have to. The inbound bus at that time of day tends to be pretty empty, well, probably not much more than half full which is empty for that route (the outbound bus on that route is terrible any time after 3:00 because it services a lot of park and ride lots as well as both central campus and the medical campus).

My dental appointment is the following week, but that's easier to deal with because it's at 11. There's no chance at all Scott will be home, so I don't have to decide anything at all. It's the bus all the way. Well, actually, I'll have to decide whether or not I want to buy myself lunch while I'm in town. It would make some sense to, but it means spending money, so... maybe not.

I should cancel the appointment I've got with my primary care doctor on the 20th. I'm set to see her again in late August, after some blood tests. I've been holding onto the earlier appointment because it's really hard to get in to see her. I wasn't sure that I wouldn't have something else come up that made seeing her sooner necessary, but that appointment is during Art Fair, and UHS is challenging to reach by bus during Art Fair.
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I did a little writing last night, less than 300 words. I was just too tired to focus.

When I tried to call a cab for getting to my appointment yesterday, I discovered that the company's phone was out of service. I used it nine days ago for getting to UHS, so it's a very recent development. I was at a point in time when I really couldn't afford to call around to see if any of the other companies I found listed on Google actually still exist (at least one listing was for a company that I know absolutely doesn't), so I ran for the bus.

I got lucky in that the bus was only about half full. I'd expected it to be packed at that time of day (around 8:30 in the morning) because that bus links commuter lots to the university medical center/hospital and to central campus. Possibly the fact that the students are gone made the difference, but I'm used to every bus before 9:30 being standing room only and not letting anyone on for the last three stops before the hospital. (We're four or five stops back, a couple of miles away.)

The clinician I saw agreed that, if I feel worse and am not sleeping using the c-PAP, that it's not actually helping. She prescribed a different mask, just in case that will help. The main reason, if I understand correctly, is that this mask and headgear shift where the hose is so that it may not cause me so much anxiety. Otherwise, we're going to hold off until after I see my psychiatrist on the 20th. The hope is that she can prescribe something, other than Ativan, that I can take at night so that I sleep more deeply. I have no idea what that might be. Benadryl doesn't make me sleepy. Melatonin gives me headaches that last for days. Ambien is off the table entirely because of my genetics being a terrible match for it.

After the appointment was over, I wandered around the medical center a bit, doing Ingress. Then I took the bus downtown, doing more Ingress along the way. About ten minutes after I got off the bus, I reached level 10 in Ingress. I had been hoping to do that on my birthday, but I was so sick that day and the next that it wasn't even remotely an option.

After that, [personal profile] evalerie and I met at Jerusalem Garden for lunch. I got a chicken shwarma sandwich that proved spicier than I wanted to be. I also got fries which the menu said would have sumac on them, but the waitress told me, when she brought them, that they don't put sumac on any more, just a pre-mixed salt and pepper (including cayenne) blend. I wouldn't have ordered them at all if it hadn't been for the promise of sumac, so I was disappointed.

Cordelia ended up eating my leftovers, half the sandwich and a lot of fries, when she got home. She complained about the spice in the sandwich but ate it anyway.

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