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Created on 2009-06-15 13:57:47 (#406721), last updated 2017-10-18 (1 day ago)

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Birthdate:May 26
Location:Michigan, United States of America
Website:Consensus Realities
I'm a person of many interests but can't claim to be more than a dabbler in most. My mind is a kind of junk drawer filled with potentially interesting but disconnected odds and ends, and I rather like it that way as it gives me the chance to see what bits hook on to others in new ways. I'm quite aware that those connections are too frail in most cases to support much weight, but I'm still fascinated by shiny tangles of trivia.

I'm keeping a journal for all sorts of purposes: Keeping track of events in my life for my own future reference; an opportunity to communicate my thoughts to others; a mechanism for articulating whatever happens to be on my mind. I'm not always interesting or even polite; though I think I manage the former occasionally and the latter most days.

I tend to be a text only type of person, so please don't expect graphics or fancy color schemes or much besides words. You'll only be disappointed.

I do read everything I'm subscribed to, but I seldom comment. I may take you-- or anyone I don't know personally-- off my list if, at any point, I find that I can't keep up. It's not intended to be hurtful, and I will quite understand if anyone removes me from their list for similar reasons.

Interests (185):

acting, alternate histories, amanda quick, amber diceless, andre norton, anime, anxiety disorders, aria the natural, avatar the last airbender, babylon 5, barry hughart, batman beyond, blackmore's night, bluegrass, bone, books, breast cancer, burn notice, byzantine history, canon divergent aus, cary grant, chronicles of amber, chronicles of narnia, chuck, cowboy bebop, creative writing, cultural anthropology, daniel keys moran, darkfic, david eddings, dead like me, diana wynne jones, digger, doc watson, donna andrews, dorothy sayers, edna st vincent millay, edward eager, emily dickinson, emma lathen, eureka, fairy tales, fan fiction, fandom, fandom meta, fanfic, fanfic recommendations, fanfiction, fannish parenting, fantasy, farscape, feminism, fetch with ruff ruffman, fibromyalgia, folk music, folklore, full metal panic, game mastering, georgette heyer, gming, good eats, gurps, h m hoover, haibane renmei, harry potter, heather dale, historical fiction, history, icelandic sagas, into the woods, inuyasha, iron chef, jackie chan, james schmitz, james white, jane austen, janet kagan, jayne ann krentz, jayne castle, joan aiken, john prine, johnny cash, jrr tolkien, judge dee, judy collins, justice league, justice league unlimited, kate wolf, katherine hepburn, kaze no stigma, larp, larping, larps, larry gonick, legend of korra, leverage, libraries, literary anthropology, lloyd biggle jr, lois mcmaster bujold, lupin the third, magic school bus, manga, manly wade wellman, marian babson, meta, miyazaki, modesty blaise, muppets, music man, mustard's retreat, mysteries, mythical detective loki ragnarok, mythology, nina kiriki hoffman, old kingdom, organization for transformative works, panentheism, pantheism, parenting, perry como, phineas and ferb, planet ladder, primeval, princeless, princess tutu, ps238, ranma 1/2, read or die, reasonable accommodation, revolutionary girl utena, roger zelazny, role playing games, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, romance, rosemary & thyme, rpgs, rudyard kipling, rurouni kenshin, saiyuki, sarah jane adventures, science fiction, sentinels of the multiverse, sf, sf/f, shoujo kakumei utena, singin' in the rain, sky high, slash, slayers, stan rogers, steven brust, storytelling, supergirl, table top role playing, tamora pierce, tarot, teen titans, the librarians, the pretender, theater, theater tech work, theatrical style larps, tiffany aching, used book stores, vorkosigan, w juliet, wallace & gromit, warehouse 13, watership down, weiss kreuz, weiƟ kreuz, women's health, writing, writing fan fiction, writing fanfic, writing fanfiction, writing larps, wuxia, yami no matsuei, young justice, yuletide, zenna henderson
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