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We went to Bob Evans this morning for breakfast. Cordelia and I both had chocolate chip pancakes. I think I prefer the cinnamon pancakes, but I'm glad to have tried the chocolate chip. We had to wait about ten minutes to be seated, but they got the food out to us very quickly.

Since we were on that side of town, we went to Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods. Cordelia got one book. I got four. Scott picked up a present for our niece. Her birthday isn't until late November, but we're now covered for that. We stopped for bubble tea on the way home. We got there four minutes before they opened which didn't seem too long to wait, at least not to me and Scott. Cordelia was all for turning around and leaving.

There was a meeting for families from Cordelia's school that interested in Girl Scouts this afternoon. We didn't even try to go because there were so many things that Scott needed to get done that there just wasn't a way to make it work. Right now, it looks like the organizer for the school is trying to encourage the Cadettes to join a small troop at a private school. That troop has two active leaders but can't take very many girls because it meets at a private house. The meetings would be weekly and a fair distance from here. I'm not sure if we can make the logistics work. I'm also not sure if Cordelia wants to do it or not. I don't plan to force her.

I am definitely going to call the surgeon's office tomorrow. I don't like being in this much pain. My brain is clearer without the hydrocodone, but I'm exhausted because I hurt. I think that's a big reason I haven't done all of the things I hoped to today.
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Cordelia got off to school just fine this morning. She left a lot earlier than she needed to because she was worried that she'd miss time with her friends. I ended up getting out of bed at 7:20. My original plan was to wait to get up until Cordelia left, but I'd forgotten my pain med at 5 a.m., and I was feeling that. Also, she opened and closed the front door (apparently she wanted to know how warm it was outside), and that woke me entirely. I assumed that it meant she'd left without saying goodbye and only realized that was wrong when I sat up and saw my clock.

The mother of Cordelia's friend who'll be catching a cab home from our place every day has had breast cancer (double mastectomy three years ago) and wanted to talk to me to see if she could give me any support. I wasn't sure when she'd come by, except that it would be after she dropped her kids off, so I wanted to be up and dressed by the time school started. As it happens, she didn't call and come by until about 9:00, an hour after school started. (There was some sort of welcome back thing for parents in the cafeteria involving muffins and coffee. I think she went to that.)

The main thing that came from the conversation was her suggestion that it might help Cordelia to talk to this woman's daughter. The daughter knows that it's not the end of the world. Sadly, the girls aren't in the same class. All of their mutual friends are in Cordelia's class. I hope there are some new kids in the other girl's class who can become friends of hers.

The other mother and I agreed that it's a good thing that the new gym isn't ready yet. Neither of us likes the idea of our daughters in a locker room, changing for gym. Right now, there's a bit less pressure for physical conformity in terms of things like bras and shaving. Changing in a locker room means the kids have no choice but to let others see their bodies.

Scott and Cordelia were at the fair for about three and a half hours yesterday. Scott says he was able to find a place to sit in the shade while the girls went on the rides. It was fairly hot, so they went through the water they'd taken with them and got smoothies and more water on top of that.

it was hot enough and late enough that we decided to get pizza rather than cooking, but I'm not sure it wasn't a mistake. I had minor reflux when I went to bed. It wasn't enough to make me get out of bed, but it was enough to keep me awake. I really desperately wanted to turn on my left side, but that would have hurt way too much.

Yesterday, the state Girl Scout organization sent me email saying that Cordelia and I had been registered for the upcoming year. I was concerned because I hadn't signed us up-- There probably won't be a Cadette troop at her school this year; there may not even be a Junior troop unless there's a fourth grade parent willing to run it. The mother who did it last year isn't able to this year.

At any rate, I sent an email back to GSHOM, protesting. They got back to me today to say that last year's troop paid for our registration (and presumably registration for everybody else who was in the troop then) and that that's a common way for a troop that's disbanding to use up the money in its account. It seems sort of silly to me-- If there's no troop, what's the point? They allow girls to be scouts when they're not part of a troop, but that doesn't do the sort of thing that most girls are interested in. Mainly, it's for girls who are more interested in badges than in the social aspects or for girls who expect to want to go to Girl Scout camp next summer or to participate in a lot of GSHOM activities of some sort.

Oh, well. I guess Cordelia and I are Girl Scouts this year whether we do anything else with it or not.
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I didn't do any [community profile] metanews work yesterday which is unusual for me for a Sunday and means a lot more time to be spent today and tomorrow. I had every intention of getting to at least the Hugo links, if not the 221B Con links, yesterday, but I fell into a long fic and didn't emerge for quite some time. The fic wasn't spectacular, but it worked well for me. I shall have to come up with something to say about it and leave a comment on it.

The big thrill yesterday is that someone made a podfic of one of my stories. The story in question is called "Job Interview," and it crosses Harry Potter with the Belgariad, having Minerva McGonagall interviewing Polgara for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position. The story's pretty short, so the podfic runs under five minutes. I haven't listened to it yet because there were too many noisy distractions yesterday. I did leave the creator a comment saying how thrilled I am, though, and I do plan to listen. I've never listened to a podfic before, though, so I'm not sure I'll have much to say about it. I'm also a little afraid that hearing my own words read aloud will end up making me uncomfortable. In case anybody's interested in taking a listen, the podfic is here.

Cordelia had a Girl Scouts thing yesterday from 11:00 until 2:00. Her troop made food for their school's Brownie troop. The troop leader called it a brunch, but, given that they didn't serve food until 1:00, I'm not sure the word's appropriate. Cordelia apparently spent her time making pancakes. She says, unlike when she made pancakes last summer while her troop was camping, she didn't burn any, and that the Brownies ate a lot of them. I thought the event ran until 3:00 because the schedule the troop leader had sent out said that it did, but apparently all of the Brownies went home earlier than expected. Cordelia called at 2:00, wondering why Scott wasn't there to pick her up.

Scott took the library bag and, after picking Cordelia up from Girl Scouts, headed to the library. I had about ten things waiting, mostly CDs. I forgot to tell him that I had an interlibrary loan item which had to be picked up at the front desk, but fortunately, I remembered and was able to call him before they'd actually left the library entirely. They were in the parking lot, heading for the car, when I reached Scott.

Scott and I finished the DVD of Leverage that we were working on. It's the third of season 5. We weren't really impressed by any of the episodes on it. They weren't terrible; they just weren't up to what we expect from the show. I never gave my full attention to any of them and didn't really feel like I missed anything which is sad. Hopefully, the final DVD will be better.

I ended up taking a bath last night. I thought about a shower because I really do prefer those, but I decided to play it safe. Maybe I'll try a shower again on Wednesday. The bath was okay except for the getting out of the tub part. That required kneeling for a moment, and my ankle really hated that. I could have asked Scott for help again, I suppose, but I really wanted to do it myself if I could.

We have enough leftover chicken to feed me and Cordelia tonight, while Scott's working late. Scott didn't end up doing as much cooking over the weekend as he originally planned, so he will probably have to cook tomorrow, and there may not be leftovers for when he works late on Thursday. I don't know. We did have a bit of panic when it appeared that the lid to our steamer had vanished, but I see that it's on the counter now with the rest of the steamer, so Scott must have found it later on. We pretty much don't use anything else to make vegetables, so losing part of the dratted thing would have been a real problem. I'm not even sure Scott remembers where he bought this one.
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Getting up at 5 a.m. to take my thyroid medicine proved to me that walking semi-normally without the boot almost doesn't hurt at all while doing anything with the boot on hurts like the dickens. (I can't use the walker for this early morning trip to the bathroom because there's nowhere in our bedroom to put the walker and because putting it in the hall outside our room would mean that nobody could get out of their bedroom without moving the dratted thing.) I also still haven't figured out a way to bring my coffee into the living room while using the walker. I did bring a bottle of water into the living room at the same time I brought my coffee and my breakfast. I noticed yesterday that I was getting dehydrated because getting to the kitchen for water was so darned difficult (and painful). I am a little worried-- The ankle on my good foot is starting to hurt. I'm afraid that all of this may be putting too much strain on it.

I did crawl across our bed to get to the dresser this morning to retrieve my clothing. Usually, I'd get up and walk around the bed. I suspect that tomorrow I'll walk around the bed. Crawling hurt a lot.

Cordelia did a fine job getting dinner yesterday. Of course, she decided that she didn't want any of hers heated up, not the turkey and not the green beans. I had cold turkey, too, so the only thing she had to heat up was my green beans. The real test will come when I ask her to handle raw meat and get it into the oven. She's said she's not willing to do that, but it will need doing.

We watched The Flash last night. I had to cover my ears and look away during the scenes between Barry and Iris. I do not handle vicarious embarrassment well.

Feedly is giving me trouble. If I try to open it in a new tab, I get an error message claiming that it can't load and that it must be due to some extension I've tacked onto my browser. I've looked at what I have, and none of it should have that effect-- Not to mention that nothing at all changed in between Wednesday, when everything was fine, and yesterday. Scott suggested opening Feedly in a new window, and that worked. I have no idea why, and I worry that it won't continue to work. I use Feedly for [community profile] metanews link finding. I'd say that about 90% of our links come from the blogs we follow on Feedly.

I have arranged for Cordelia to have a ride to the Girl Scout thing on Saturday. Apparently it's more of an open house than an all day event, so they don't have to be there at any particular time as long as they've got at least an hour before it closes at 3:00. The woman who'll be giving Cordelia a ride says they'll likely leave about 11:30 and that I should both feed Cordelia lunch before that and provide her with a snack to take along.

Tonight, some parents from Cordelia's class have organized another bowling night. Cordelia is going as is her best friend. I offered a ride to Cordelia's best friend, and her family accepted. Scott will be doing the driving alone because I don't want to have to get in and out of the car. It's a pity because the original plan was for us to go out for dinner while Cordelia was bowling. It's just too hard to do now. Maybe we'll get some kind of carry out and watch a movie. We have a movie that we've been halfway through for about three weeks now. Scott and I both keep forgetting about it.
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Yesterday I tried Stash's chai green tea and liked it quite a lot. It had the flavor of the spices without much bitterness. The first few swallows had no bitterness, but deeper in the cup, I got some bitterness.

I supervised Cordelia in making bread yesterday. The idea was for me to be able to remain sitting the whole time. It didn't entirely work because Scott, for some unknown reason, decided to put the powdered milk somewhere other than where we've stored it for the last couple of years. Cordelia didn't know what it looked like, so it was hard for her to search for it. That meant that I had to get up and find it. The loaf came out okay. The top is a little concave but not horribly so.

I'm starting to think that this boot is a little too small. When I inflate it, my big toe hits the edge and hangs partway off. I doubt it's supposed to do that. At the same time, I don't want to go asking for a replacement-- This one cost $43, and I assume a new one would cost at least that much.

I went through my email inbox and deleted a bunch of messages that I no longer needed. A lot of them were LJ or DW comments that I meant to reply to but that got buried. Two or three years later, I don't think there's a point. I now only have 125 messages in my inbox.

I'm supposed to fill out an online form before going to my appointment this morning, but there's a problem. The instructions say that one can't use the 'no' button, that that should only be used by the clinic itself, but the system won't accept the form unless one answers every single question. I can't very well answer 'yes' to everything when they're asking about conditions I don't have. It's really ridiculous.

I probably could have gotten away with staying in bed until Cordelia leaves, but I thought I'd be happier if I got up when she did. I've had my coffee. I'll eat breakfast in about ten minutes. Naturally, I got up to discover that my phone was out of charge. Fortunately, two hours should be quite long enough to charge it fully.

I have to email around. There's a Girl Scout thing on Saturday that Cordelia wants to go to but that I can't get her to. It's about an hour and a half drive away (and starts at 9 a.m. She'll have to be up very, very early). One of her friends who lives near here is going, and I'm hoping that Cordelia can ride with them.

I may be coming down with a cold. I was sniffling all night, and it made sleeping difficult. If I am coming down with a cold, it must be something I caught at UHS last week. I really hope this isn't a cold as that would be just one more thing to make my life miserable.

Scott's a little annoyed because we didn't get around to watching The Flash last night. I feel a little less urgency about it. We'll get to it tonight. Last night, we had other things to catch up on-- two episodes each of The Daily Show and The Nightly Show. I'm not sure what I think of The Nightly Show yet. It's very different from either The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, and I like Larry Wilmore, but I'm not sure I like the panel discussions-- I think those need more time to work well. Four guests are also a lot to track; I don't feel like any of them have time to say much.

I still haven't done any writing. I have been thinking about what I want to write, though. I need to figure out just who a particular character I'm going to be bringing in is. There's not a lot about her in the books, and the circumstances of this AU mean that she'd be rather different anyway. I'm also trying to decide how one of my point of view characters will react to a particular situation-- He might just accept it as something else he has no choice about doing, but he also might find that he can't do what's being demanded of him at all. I don't know. I suppose I can write it and find out that way.
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I was awakened early this morning by a phone call from the school district informing me that there would be school today but no buses. We're only three minutes walk from the school, so that's not a big deal for us, but Cordelia's friend's mother has asked me if I can take her two kids after school because there's no way she or her husband can pick them up until some time after 5:00. This may mean that I have to walk over to the school to pick the kids up. I think they'd be fine walking on their own, but I left it up to the other mother.

Yesterday's Girl Scout meeting was busy-- The troop is doing a brunch in April for the Brownie troop. In preparation for that, the girls decorated flower pots and planted seeds. There are twenty four Brownies, and generally only six or seven girls attend meetings for Cordelia's troop, so this should be interesting.

When we arrived at the community center for the meeting, the food bank that also uses the spaces was filling bags and sorting the contents of boxes. We helped them move their stuff to their office. I was afraid, when we first arrived, that we weren't going to be able to use the space at all.

Scott and Cordelia insisted on driving to and from Girl Scouts even though it's only four or five blocks. They pointed out that the last time Cordelia and I walked it completely wiped me out for the rest of the day. The difference between that time and this one was that yesterday was considerably warmer. I think we would have been fine walking.

We went to the library immediately after the Girl Scout meeting. I had about twelve items to pick up, mostly CDs. One of the books I picked up will probably go back unread-- It's the fourth book in a series that Cordelia's been reading, and she's still on book two. When I put the hold on the fourth book, there was a long wait list, so I expected it would be quite a long time before I got it. I thought Cordelia would have plenty of time to read books two and three.

Cordelia and Scott want to watch The Hunger Games together. (Scott mostly feels like he ought to see rather than actually wanting to see it.) I have negative interest in seeing that, so we have to figure out some place comfortable for me to go for a couple of hours. I can't plug in my laptop in the bedroom (no accessible outlets), and the dining room is cold. I'll probably end up in the dining room.

I did no writing yesterday. I just couldn't focus. I felt like the day was too fragmented. It shouldn't have been, but it felt that way.

Scott paid bills yesterday but ran into problems. Several of the bills were missing, and he had no idea how much to pay. For my credit card, he was able to log in and find out how much I owed, and it turned out he'd already paid the water bill, but the cable bill and the AT&T bill are difficulties.
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We got a kind of late start yesterday, so Scott ended up dropping me and Cordelia off at Girl Scouts at 1:00 and going on to the library on his own. The downside of that is that he didn't realize I had an interlibrary loan book waiting and so didn't pick it up (getting that requires going to the front desk and asking for it). That book will go away if we don't pick it up by Friday, so we'll have to go down mid-week for it. It's cold enough that I'm not willing to take the trip by bus.

Most of the Girl Scout meeting focused on making invitations for the Brownie troop. Our girls are inviting the Brownies to a brunch in mid-April. I think it will be very challenging-- There are only about six girls who come to meetings regularly, and there are twenty four Brownies. After the invitations were done, the kids played musical chairs. There were seven kids, including one boy, the leader's son who is too young to be left home alone.

Cordelia is mad at me because I decided we should walk home after the meeting. It was pretty cold, but it's only four or five blocks (it would be less than half that if we could cut around the school the way we used to. Unfortunately, the construction means we can't). Scott thinks, too, that I should have called him for a ride. Maybe he and Cordelia are right. I was certainly exhausted by the time we got home.

We left for Scott's sister's place almost immediately after Girl Scouts. I wanted a little more time to recover before leaving, but Scott and Cordelia were ready to go pretty much immediately. We were the first to arrive at the gathering, but other people arrived within about half an hour. There was a big game of Telestrations that lasted pretty much until dinner time.

The venison stew didn't taste to me like venison I've had before. It was kind of flavorless. Scott's sister told us that she almost, without thinking about it, put beef boullion in. Fortunately, she caught herself in time. That would have made Scott extremely sick.

Our nephew talked to us more during dinner than he has the last few times we've shared dinner with him. Usually, he's plugged into some electronic device or another and leaves the table as soon as he can get away with. I think it helps that Scott and I have some familiarity with anime/manga series like Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Dessert was a choice of blueberry pie or apple pie. Scott's mother sent the leftover apple pie home with us.

Scott got a copy of the XCom board game from his sister and brother. He got a Star Wars t-shirt from his parents and a receipt showing that they ordered a copy of the Firefly board game for him (it's out of stock at Amazon. They're not sure when they'll have it again).

There's no school at all this week which may be just as well given how cold it's supposed to be. I will have two extra kids on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but it will be just me and Cordelia on Thursday and Friday. At least Cordelia's got plenty of library books. Cordelia tried to persuade me to sleep in this morning, but I thought the other kids' parents would prefer me to be up and about when they dropped their children off.
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The Girl Scout cookie booth went okay. The girls didn't sell a lot of cookies because there simply weren't a lot of people coming through. Several cases of cookies went back unopened. Thin mints and Tagalongs were the big sellers. Trefoils must have sold really well during the first half of the booth, before we got there, because they were gone by the time Cordelia and the other Cadette took over the booth at 2:30.

Scott went out to run some errands, leaving me and Cordelia at Busch's. There were two other parents present, so I really didn't have to do much but stand there or sit on the bench a few feet away.

The booth was right by the exit which was configured in such a way that there was a blast of frigid air every time someone left the store. All of us adults kept our coats on, but the girls took theirs off.

We stayed nearly half an hour past the official end of the booth time, and the girls sold another four or five boxes of cookies. They did get one woman who donated $10. She said she couldn't eat cookies but that she wanted to contribute.

We had fish for dinner. Last week, we had cod, and Cordelia liked that. This time, when we went grocery shopping, tilapia was on sale, so we bought that. Cordelia does not much like tilapia-- She says it has no flavor. Unfortunately, we've still got another two, maybe three meals worth of tilapia. We also have two servings of cod left. I may prepare some of that for Cordelia on nights when Scott and I are having chicken-- It's easy enough, twenty to twenty five minutes in the oven from frozen.

This morning, I increased my morning dose of Wellbutrin to 150 mg. I'll be keeping the lunchtime dose at 100 mg for a while yet, just so I can see how the change affects me. The idea is, eventually, to go up to 150 mg twice a day.

Cordelia has the next week off from school. We'll have her friends over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, we'll be able to sleep in. I don't know if the friends' mother will be sending lunch or not. She hasn't said. She usually does, but I bought some stuff to feed the kids anyway, just in case. I don't have enough for three lunches, but I do have enough for two lunches.
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I still haven't called my step-father for his birthday. Hopefully tonight. I don't know though. The window of opportunity is small-- He's not home until 6:00, and he's in bed around 9:00. I suppose I could try calling right now. He'd be up and might not have left for work yet. I don't know.

Sleeping in while Cordelia gets herself off to school sounds good in theory. In practice, I'm awake the entire time she's getting herself ready. Her alarm wakes me. Even when her alarm doesn't go off because she wakes before it, her getting out of bed wakes me, and the light from the living room shines in my eyes. I've been getting up pretty much as soon as Cordelia's out the door because I'm too awake to do anything else.

I did my usual time in the school library yesterday morning. I didn't get back to the shelf reading which I regret, but the librarian had another project for me-- She needed packets made up for March reading month. I spent about fifty minutes on that and got through maybe a third of the needed packets. The piles I was pulling papers from were so big that it hardly looked like I'd made any progress at all.

Cordelia's Girl Scout troop has a cookie booth tomorrow at the Busch's on Green Road. Cordelia's signed up to work an hour and a half of that. We don't know if they'll be inside or outside. I'm suspecting outside because there's simply not much room inside at that store. I should volunteer, too. Right now, it's two girls and one parent for that shift. I just do so badly in the cold, that I'm afraid of getting myself into trouble. Also, Cordelia adamantly doesn't want either me or Scott to be there. Cordelia's preference is a small factor, really. She doesn't want us doing anything with her.

We have one week to persuade Cordelia to sign up for her school's volleyball team. Scott feels strongly that she should do it. I'm more tepid on the subject. I think she'd enjoy doing it, but I don't feel that pressuring her is the way to go.

Chances are good that Cordelia's school will be at capacity next year. There are a lot of people interested for next fall. There'll probably be a lottery. The school librarian said there have been tours pretty much every day, not just interested parents but also delegations from other school districts and from the chamber of commerce and the like. I feel lucky that we live in the neighborhood and so are guaranteed a place for Cordelia. Not that they'll be kicking out anybody who's already got a place in the school.
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I woke up with a headache again today. It's not as bad as yesterday-- For one thing, this one didn't wake me up and keep me awake. I went straight to naproxen for this headache. It's too soon to say if it will help, but I'm optimistic.

I spent a good chunk of time yesterday link finding for [community profile] metanews. I normally do that on Tuesdays, but I won't have as much time on Tuesday as I usually do, so I want to get ahead as much as I can.

Cordelia got six books at the library yesterday. Three of them were books she'd put holds on-- the next two books in the series that started with Ruby Red and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (she wants to reread the series and couldn't find our copy of the first book. I believe it's somewhere in her room, but who knows?). The remaining three were the first books she found on the shelf in the teen section. We'll see if she likes them.

I got about half a dozen CDs and a DVD (Maleficent) that the whole family wants to see. None of my book holds were in which may be just as well given how many books I've got that I simply haven't opened. I have two books due next Sunday that can't be renewed. They're both graphic novels, so the time involved isn't a big deal. I ought to be able to get through them quickly. I just have to start.

We ended up going out to dinner at Applebee's because I discovered that the chicken Scott bought wasn't what I'd thought. I thought it was just ordinary chicken breasts that could be baked in under an hour. As it turns out, it's a bigger chunk of chicken, and the package calls for roasting it for at least eighty minutes. It was too late when I pulled it out of the refrigerator to manage that much time and still get me fed by my 8:00 deadline (I can't eat later than that because of my reflux, not if I want to be able to sleep). I'll put the chicken in at about 4:30 today, and that should work just fine.

Cordelia complained about going to Applebee's but didn't offer any alternative suggestions. She was also quite happy to eat the burger she ordered. She wasn't as happy with the fries because they sprinkled black pepper on them. I also had a burger. Scott had a chicken dish.

We went home for dessert. Scott bought a dozen paczki on Saturday, and we're trying to get through them before they get too stale. He says he'd have bought half a dozen, but all of the small boxes were prune filled which he didn't want. The dozen he got are half raspberry and half cream cheese. It seems early to have paczki since Ash Wednesday isn't until the 25th.

Scott is delivering about half of Cordelia's Girl Scout cookies today, all the ones that go to his coworkers. She only sold eighteen boxes, so I paid for them up front so as not to have to worry about getting the money in on time. If she'd sold a lot more ($4 a box), I'd have been reluctant to do that, but eighteen boxes was only $72, and we'll get money from people fairly quickly.

I have to pin down Scott and Cordelia about signing up to volunteer at one of the troop's cookie booths. Cordelia doesn't want me to volunteer, but so far at least, other adults haven't signed up, so I may need to. The first cookie booth is Saturday, and it's only half staffed. The second booth is 6 March and is less than half staffed.
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There were plenty of girls at the cookie sorting gathering last night. Scott and I didn't actually have to do anything but stand there. I think, out of the girls who sold cookies at all, Cordelia sold the least-- eighteen boxes (with another two added on for someone Scott works with who missed the ordering window). There were extras of pretty much every kind of cookie because the troop is required to order whole cases rather than just what they actually need.

The troop leader had pizza and salad and brownies available for those who wanted them. I don't think anybody touched the salad (she didn't put out any forks, so it would have been challenging). Cordelia and I had eaten before going over. Scott had been too rushed to get food. Scott and Cordelia both had some cheese pizza.

We stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to get treats and to pick up some shredded cheese. I also ended up getting a big bottle of iced coffee because I like it and it was on sale. Cordelia asked if she could have some, and I told her in the morning, but she appears to have forgotten as the bottle was still unopened when I got up around 9:00. She can have some tomorrow.

It was kind of weird not having our cleaning lady in yesterday. It meant that I could do Sit and Be Fit, but it also means that nothing got cleaned. My goal for today is to sweep at least the kitchen/dining room. I should be able to do that.

My time at the school library yesterday was a little unusual because there was a substitute teacher in for the librarian. He did a pretty good job with the kids, but he hadn't the slightest idea where anything went or what to do to fill time when there weren't kids present. He didn't even know how to put non-fiction into call number order which is something I just kind of assumed was a normal adult skill (my time working in libraries is probably showing). I mean Dewey call numbers are really very easy to sort. LC would be harder, but the school library, unsurprisingly, doesn't use LC.

I did a fair amount of shelving and a lot of shelf reading during my three hours. The non-fiction section needs shelf reading badly, so I hope I have time to go on with it next week. I got from 001 to 579 which isn't quite half the collection (I did five out of twelve sets of shelves). The 500s, 600s, and 700s are usually were there's the most disorder because those are the books the kids seek out most often.

I had to go down to retrieve books from both of the first grade classes who visit the library on Thursdays. One of those two teachers always forgets to send her books down, but the other one hasn't forgotten before, so I was surprised. We like to get those books in while I'm still there so that I can check them all in and shelve them. The librarian really doesn't have time to do that when there's a class present.
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I managed to write about 600 words yesterday, finishing the section of fic that I was working on. The pieces I have of this are still wildly out of order and much more focused on one particular character than I want the work as a whole to be. I just haven't felt moved to explore what's going on with the other characters yet because they're more difficult and because they require some research and some writing skills I'm not so great at.

This is a story I haven't touched for about fifteen years, and I've done a lot of editing to earlier bits of it. The original plan, way back when, was to collaborate with [ profile] lunargeography, but she and I have really fallen out of touch over the last decade, so I don't think that's going to happen.

I need to find someone who knows Rurouni Kenshin to take a look at what I've got and to help me fill in the gaps. I know a couple of the things that have to happen aren't particularly well supported in what I've written so far. I do have a couple of people who've said they'll take a look, but one of them seems to have vanished, and the other is very busy and not particularly keen on the sort of dark thing that I see this turning into.

I baked bread yesterday. We ran out of bread flour, so I mostly used all purpose. Normally, I'd add gluten when doing that, but I couldn't find the box of gluten that I'd have sworn was in the refrigerator. I even had Cordelia look for it to be sure I wasn't missing it. Fortunately, the loaf came out okay. It's not as tall as it could be, but it looks okay and, according to Scott, tastes okay. I didn't really expect otherwise, but we've had bread machine disasters in the past without any obvious reason.

Cordelia is currently rereading the Percy Jackson books. She's finding them simpler than she remembered, and she misses the multiple points of view. She has three books waiting for her at the public library, two new to her and one reread (We can't find our copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone). I don't know if she'll want to get more books than that or if she'll wait another week to start her book by book conquest of the teen section.

Tonight, the three of us will be going to the Girl Scout troop leader's house to help her sort out cookies. She's got all of them; she just needs to organize them so that each girl's orders are separate and easy to find. I suspect we'll end up spending a fair amount of time in her garage as that's where she plans to store the cookies while waiting for pick up. Fortunately for me, she's allergic to cats and dogs, too, so I don't have to worry that I'll end up sneezing half to death. (I could handle a dog for the amount of time we'll be there, but a cat could be a really big problem.)
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There is, in fact, no school today, but I only have Cordelia in the house. The other two I'd usually have when there's no school are at home with their mother who decided that trying to get to work was going to be too much, given the weather. I can definitely understand the decision.

They canceled school at about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. They sent out two emails about it and called everybody. I'm not sure how much snow we actually got (I haven't looked outside to try to estimate it, but Cordelia said it's impossible to see where our front steps are). Scott seems to have made it to work all right; at least, I haven't heard otherwise, and I think I would have.

I was awakened this morning by a phone call telling me that UHS has canceled all appointments for the day. They called late enough that, if I had been trying to make it to the appointment, I'd already have left, but I had called the cancellation line yesterday when it became clear just how bad things were going to be today.

We went to the library around noon yesterday. We were afraid to put it off any later because of what we were expecting with the weather, and I think it was a good call. The roads were really terrible at noon, and I expect they only got worse as the day went on and more snow came down. We decided not to get bubble tea this week because doing so would have meant being late to Girl Scouts (and more driving on treacherous roads). I regret the bubble tea, but again, I think it was the right call.

The Girl Scout meeting was pretty laid back. There were only seven girls (one of whom arrived with only half an hour left to the meeting). They made posters for the upcoming cookie booths. We seem to have gotten good locations this year (unlike last year with Lowe's on Valentine's Day). I have to consult with Cordelia and Scott about which booth she's interested in helping out with. I will probably have to volunteer, too. I managed to avoid doing that last year (I was going to, but I got sick, throwing up sick, and couldn't go).

Walking home from the meeting was challenging. We had to go the long way around because of the construction around the school, so it was three or four blocks. The snow was three or four inches deep which made for a slog. I wasn't sure my legs would carry me the whole way. I'd have been really embarrassed to have to call Scott to help me get half a block home.

We had salmon patties, baked potatoes, and bok choy for dinner. I will have to cook the remaining chicken tonight. Which reminds me-- I should start that brining. I also want to bake a cake today. Neither of those things should take long if I can just get myself off my butt to start.
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Cordelia's Girl Scout troop is going to be doing something on either the 24th or the 26th. The message said 'Saturday 1/26,' but the 26th is Monday this year. There's no school that day, so it is possible the troop could have an activity then, but Saturday seems more likely. If it is Saturday, Cordelia will miss it because some sixth grade parents have organized an ice skating outing, and we've already signed Cordelia up to go to that. One of her closest friends is going ice skating, so she's inclined to stick with that.

Cordelia couldn't find her gloves this morning. I have no idea where they could have gotten to. I'll have to look for them later. Maybe they're in her room or something. She went to school wearing her extra pair of gloves, but those are so very thin that they're only good for a short time outside.

I have a dental appointment this morning at 11:00. That means leaving the house at 10:00. That will likely get me there twenty minutes early, but that's better than being late. I should find and charge my e-reader so that I can take it with me. Cordelia wasn't best pleased by me getting up when she did this morning, but I wanted to shower, and I wanted my hair as dry as possible before I go out. It won't be fully dry, but it'll have had an hour longer than if I waited for Cordelia to leave before getting up.

I'm debating getting lunch while I'm out. I like the chance to eat out, but getting to the restaurant I'd prefer is a bit of a hike. Of course, if I'm willing to go for a burger and fries, there's a place between the dentist and the bus stop. But, if I go to the Japanese place I really like, I'll be halfway to downtown and could take the #1 bus home instead of the #2. (The #2 lets me off at the bottom of a steep hill, on the wrong side of a busy street. Getting home from the #1 stop is considerably easier.) I guess I'll see how cold it actually is, come time to decide.

I'm currently reading a book called The Far Traveler by Nancy Marie Brown. I'm about halfway through, and I'm kind of bored. The blurb promised the story of a particular Icelandic woman who traveled to Vinland with Leif Erikson, but, so far, the book has only been a little bit about her. There's been a lot about the ecology of Iceland and why anyone would choose to settle in Iceland or Greenland and about the hints in the archaeological record of what life was like back then. I think the problem is that, while this particular woman's story captured the author's imagination, there simply isn't much to go on-- She's in two brief sagas, and there's evidence of a house from the right period on the property she's supposed to have farmed after returning from Vinland.

I've spent more money so far this month than I really wanted to. I've bought socks and a few pairs of pants (it's cold enough that I'm wearing layers even inside). I've bought Scott's birthday present (his birthday is in late February, so I'm rather early). I've bought Cordelia those Just Dance games she claims will give her exercise. I've bought myself a CD (at 50% off) and some Christmas ornaments for next year (also at a good discount). Hm. Going by all of that, perhaps I shouldn't have lunch out... Then again, lunch is likely to be about $10 so not much relatively speaking, and I don't get out more than about once a month.

There's another volunteering opportunity at the school-- They're looking for parents to help with student drop off in the mornings. The way things are currently configured, there's always a long, long line of cars waiting to drop kids off in the morning, and the construction isn't helping (the door used to get all of those kids in and out ought to be closed by the construction, but there's no other way to do drop off and pick up). They want volunteers to be out there, helping kids get out of cars and to the door safely. They're expecting things to be bad enough that they're not going to mark kids as tardy as long as they're in class by 8:15, ten minutes after the second bell, and they really, really don't want driving parents to get out of their cars for any reason.
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I miscalculated. I need to shower today, and I'm going to have to go out less than two hours after I do, so my hair will still be wet. If I'd remembered today's Girl Scouts meeting, I'd have showered yesterday. As it stands, it'll be 11:00 by the time I get to shower (Scott's in there now). My hair takes three to four hours to dry. Girl Scouts is at 1:00, and half of the meeting will be outside. Maybe I can get away with not going? Cordelia is perfectly capable of walking herself to and from meetings (though I'm not sure the troop leader is supposed to let her walk home without an adult picking her up). The only question is whether or not I'm needed as the second registered adult. I really, really don't want to spend an hour outside.

Girl Scout cookie forms are due today. I think Cordelia sold fifteen to twenty boxes. Well, Scott sold fifteen to twenty boxes. He took the form to work and posted on Facebook about it. The first half of today's meeting will be for turning in the forms and, maybe, getting the information entered online. The second half will be outside-- One of the girls lives across the street from the community center where we meet. They have a metal fire tray sort of thing, on legs to keep it off the ground, and the plan is to have a fire and cook over it.

We did very little yesterday, so the bags and bags of stuff Cordelia wants to get rid of are still in the dining room and study and on the back porch. I need to look up when the PTO Thrift Shop is open and accepting donations. There are other places near there where we could donate, but the PTO Thrift Shop is our first choice. The money they make all goes back to the schools.

Scott and I watched part of The Grand Budapest Hotel (out from the library and due today). We did not enjoy it. I should know better than to take recommendations from my sister. Then all three of us watched Mr Peabody and Sherman which had just come from Netflix. That was pretty silly. Cordelia finished reading The Hunger Games. Fortunately, Catching Fire had already come in at the library, so we'll be able to get that today. In the evening, we watched the new episode of Mythbusters. Cordelia even changed the channel to watch it. She's never shown any interest in Mythbusters before. I had been expecting Scott to have to fight her for the right to watch.
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Yesterday, Scott and I napped, more or less, until around 11:00. Then he got up and showered, and I got up and did the dishes. He had more saltines for lunch. I had my usual cheddar chicken sausage and an apple. Around 1:00, Scott took me to the grocery store and then went on to the hardware store to buy what he needed to fix the toilet.

I found most of what I was looking for at the store. I don't usually do the grocery shopping, so I don't know where most of this stuff is. I only forgot one thing on the list, and there was one other thing that should have been on the list and wasn't. Scott caught up with me around the time I hit the frozen foods (didn't buy anything there) and accompanied me through the rest of the trip.

We made a quick detour into town to pick up my library holds. That only took five to ten minutes because all I had to do was run in and check them out. I've got a couple of books now that I expect I'll read through without stopping. I wish I could find more books that read that easily for me.

Apart from sleeping in and not eating anything but saltines and ramen, Scott seemed well. I think he made the right call in not going to work, though. He was pretty worn out yesterday morning, and, prior to the shopping trip, we didn't have anything he could eat but saltines. I don't think he could have managed a full day of work on saltines.

Cordelia's Girl Scout troop is planning to go to an event at the regional center in Ypsilanti in December. It's called Glow Dance. I don't know yet if Cordelia wants to go. I'd like her to. She missed all of the Girl Scout meetings and events this month, and the Glow Dance is the only thing the troop has scheduled between now and the next meeting on 21 December.

Apparently, they gave out the cookie order forms at the meeting we missed on Sunday. I'll have to arrange to get those. Sales aren't supposed to start for another month, so I'm not sure why the troop leader is already handing out forms. I'd be afraid of the girls losing them between now and 13 December when sales start.

I think I've figured out a starting point for my Yuletide story. I'm very relieved because I'd been mulling it over and mulling it over, and nothing was coming. Now I can start to write. I do wish I knew someone else who knew this canon. I'd love a chance to talk my ideas over with someone. Scott tries, but he doesn't know what I'm talking about (and he's not interested in consuming the canon just to talk with me about it. He tried once and bounced hard).
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Yesterday, Cordelia's Girl Scout troop held its second meeting. Only six girls came, and one of those arrived half an hour into the meeting. The troop leader has ambitious plans for activities. I won't be able to do most of them because they involve a lot of tromping around outdoors, but she says she has other parent volunteers for those.

Most of the things she's suggesting are formal Girl Scout activities-- Things sponsored by GSHOM that cost money. With the money left from last year and the money from the candy and magazine sale (I doubt we made very much. It was kind of slapdash and ended very, very soon after our first meeting), we can do one, maybe two such activities. After cookies, we'd be on a firmer footing financially, but doing a lot of activities would mean, most likely, no camping trip in the summer. I suppose we could ask for dues or event by event fees from parents. We were trying not to do that because not everybody can afford it.

While Cordelia and I got ready for Girl Scouts, Scott went to the library and picked up bubble tea. He talked to the folks at circulation about the book on CD that he'd been listening too-- The last CD turned out to be missing, so he couldn't finish it. I was afraid they'd charge us for it, but they didn't. Instead, they just found another copy on the shelf and checked that out to Scott.

Scott finally got rid of the branches that have been on the front lawn since June when a thunderstorm took them off the crabapple tree. I think he was hoping that they'd magically go away or something. They took up most of the space in our compost cart (the city provides us with three carts, trash, recycling, and compost. They pick up all three weekly April through November and trash and recycling only December through March), so there's a big pile of leaves in the middle of the yard.

It used to be that we could rake the leaves into the street and the city would come by and pick them up, but now we have to put them in the compost cart or compost bags (which we can buy at the hardware store) for pick up. Scott hates compost bags or, at least, seems to. Hopefully, we'll get rid of all the leaves by the end of November. The current pile is pretty large, and there are still an awful lot of leaves on the tree that overhangs our yard.

I'm trying to decide whether to bake a cake or brownies. Both would be from mix. The cake would be slightly more trouble (I'd have to flour the pan) but would last longer. Brownies are more popular, but the mix makes less, and they vanish rapidly.

I'm thinking to try making that sort of pot pie thing again tonight. We've got the right amount of cooked meat, and we've got chicken broth that needs to be used up. This time, I think I'll sift the Jiffy mix to get the lumps out. Or maybe not. That seems kind of silly. Except that there were a lot of little lumps of Jiffy mix that didn't mix into the dough last time. I'm not sure what the best solution is.
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Yesterday was a busy day. We went to the library about 12:30, getting back just in time for Cordelia and me to go to Girl Scouts. That lasted an hour and a half. Then we had a soccer game at 3:45.

The Girl Scout meeting went pretty well. There were a lot adults hanging out in the doorway, so perhaps I need not have worried that I'd be the only adult besides the troop leader. Of course, none of those other adults did anything to contribute toward the meeting. They just watched and talked with each other. The girls brainstormed some ideas for things they'd like to do. Some of those ideas are feasible, some not so much. The troop leader had a craft project-- She had the girls take largish washers and decorate them with nail polish and then hang them on ribbons as necklaces.

I have difficulty with craft projects both on a practical and a philosophical level. On a practical level, I never have any ideas for projects and, when faced with one, never quite know what to do. On a philosophical level, I tend to view this sort of craft project as busy work. It never produces anything useful. In most cases, the product is just more clutter that we can't throw out but have no use for. I try to suppress this attitude because I know that kids have fun making things. I don't want to detract from that. I just wish that craft projects weren't so central to Girl Scouts.

It was about 55F and windy during the soccer game. When the wind died down and the sun came out, it wasn't horrible to be sitting there, but most of the time, the sun was behind clouds, and the wind was blowing. Cordelia's team won the game. This was the third game in a row where they played a team called the Cheetahs. Out of seven teams playing in the league, three are named the Cheetahs. (Cordelia's team is called the Leopards.)

I was glad of my winter coat during the game. I think I've waited too long to get the dratted thing dry cleaned, however. I'm going to need it for the rest of the soccer season. Then again, there's no game the weekend of the 18th. That would give me nearly two weeks to get the stupid thing to the cleaners and to retrieve it again.

We stopped for bubble tea on the way home from the soccer game. Usually, we'd get it right after going to the library, but I didn't feel that we had enough time for it, given Girl Scouts.

Scott grilled chicken for dinner. I made pasta and steamed some pea pods. We heated up some Alfredo sauce, and mixed that with chicken and pasta. Cordelia didn't even complain that Scott put her chicken and Alfredo sauce on top of her pasta. Normally, she likes to keep that separate.

Cordelia has started doing something, and I can't decide if it's cute or annoying (it's definitely unsanitary). She will open her mouth and 'kiss' my nose, getting spit all over me. She thinks this is great fun and will keep trying to do it even when I ask her not to. I probably don't help because, as I fend her off, I start laughing and laughing. She's probably doing it just for that. She does object strenuously when I wipe my nose on her shirt after she slobbers on me. I really need to get her to stop, though. It's getting into cold season, and doing this will guarantee that she gets what I get and vice versa.

I almost did something that would have Cordelia really, really mad at me-- She needs a booster for the HPV vaccine (apparently she was due in September. My understanding was that the doctor's office would let me know when she needed to come in. They didn't). I scheduled it for tomorrow and then realized that Cordelia would kill me. The book she's been waiting a year for, The Blood of Olympus, comes out tomorrow, and I've pre-ordered a copy from Book Bound. Cordelia plans to walk over there after school to pick it up. Going for the vaccination would mean she wouldn't be able to get the book tomorrow. I've rescheduled for a week from tomorrow. (They don't do vaccinations on Mondays or Fridays, and Wednesdays and Thursdays, she has sports practices. She's going to be pretty sore from this one, and I don't want to send her straight to practice afterward.)
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It looks like I'm going to have to be more heavily involved in Cordelia's Girl Scout troop than I was hoping. Basically, it's required that there be two registered adults present at any meeting, and I'm the only one to offer to be the second adult. That means I have to be at all the meetings and that I'll probably get other responsibilities. The only problem with the meetings is UCon weekend. I was thinking that we'd stay for games in the afternoon, but there's a Girl Scout meeting at 1:00 that afternoon. I've told the leader that I might not be able to be present that day. Hopefully, she can find someone else for that day.

We had chicken burgers for dinner last night. I didn't care for them. There was some herb or another that was quite strong and unappealing. I will still eat a leftover burger for lunch today because there isn't anything else (Scott forgot to buy the cheddar chicken sausages I usually eat for lunch).

I almost wrecked our spare CD drive last night. I had it sitting on the table next to my laptop, copying a CD (the Weiss Kreuz OAV), when I got up to put some green beans in the microwave. Apparently the vibration of the CD in the drive was enough to scoot the drive right off the edge of the table. Scott managed to get the CD out of the drive and (we think) get the drive working again. I made the copy I needed by transferring the files to my laptop and then burning the new CD in my drive. It took longer, but it was less risky. I have other CDs I need to burn; hopefully, I'll be able to use the spare drive for that. I can move to the dining room table for that in order to be sure the spare drive doesn't take another nose dive.
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Last night was the big meeting for Girl Scouts. It was an opportunity to meet the leaders and to get paperwork. It was under attended because not all classes got the flyer announcing it. Cordelia's class didn't, and at least one of the fourth grade classes didn't. I still knew about the meeting because I'm on the e-mail list for troop leaders and volunteers.

The situation for Cordelia is complicated. There are, at present, only two Cadettes. The plan is to fold them in with the Juniors under the same leader. The representative from the Council said we may have to form a Cadette troop under the leadership of the Junior leader just so that the girls can be registered as Cadettes. The Cadette troop would meet with the Juniors and do all activities with the Juniors and, for all practical purposes, be part of the Junior troop. It would just exist as a technicality. Of course, we need five girls to form a troop, so that may not work. Cordelia and her friend may simply have to live with the Girl Scout automated system thinking they're Juniors. (It will matter if they want to sign up for special activities or summer camps.)

The woman who has volunteered to lead the Juniors is overwhelmed and not particularly organized. I feel like I ought to volunteer to help more, but I don't want to get entangled in something that will make me really anxious.

I've been exhausted the last couple of days. I actually napped both mornings. Yesterday, I knew I was going to nap, so I delayed my coffee (Cordelia told me it was utterly unfair for me to go back to bed when she and her father don't get to), but I had coffee this morning and napped anyway. I'm tempted to have more coffee now but will probably settle for tea.

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