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Cordelia's caught up in all of her classes except social studies. That's proving difficult because the teacher didn't give her the handouts that everyone else got, just the accompanying worksheets. The questions are on the handouts rather than on the worksheets; the latter just have spaces for answering the questions.

She texted the one person she knows in the class to ask her to send a copy, but that other student hasn't responded.

The topic is Judaism, specifically (I think) things found in a typical synagogue. I know that some of you could and would help her with it, but she's not willing to ask for help from anyone but me and Scott (who is currently sleeping in order to be able to work 3rd shift starting tomorrow night). Apparently the prospect is too overwhelming.

Google will help for things like what a shofar is, but it's not going to be much help in figuring out what the teacher wants with regard to the intersection of 'windows' with a synagogue. It also won't help with the drawing she's supposed to make of the interior of a synagogue (starting with a dozen or so lines printed on the sheet to show where to begin).

I have an email address for the teacher, but it's a crap shoot whether or not he'd even reply. I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't reply any time today. She needs to turn in the worksheets tomorrow.

I ended up in bed most of yesterday with IBS related pain. It was very frustrating but at least was during a day when I didn't have to get anything done. I mostly worked on reading library books, specifically the dozen graphic novels I had stacked up. That leaves eleven novels that I haven't opened, two books of poetry, and a book of non-fiction. I've got two graphic novels left to finish. After that, I have a book of poetry and three novels with me in the living room. The others are in the bedroom and inaccessible until Scott gets up.

The downtown library is closed until some time tomorrow due to a sewage back up. I'm not entirely sure it will open then because they've been promising just one more day since this started. At any rate, it means we need to go to a different branch to return our books and such and will have to go downtown mid-week to get our holds.
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Getting to Skyline yesterday was stressful, and getting home was worse. The bus company website doesn't actually provide accurate information about the bus line that runs out there-- The schedule I could access on my phone claimed two buses around when school starts and three around when it ends with nothing in between. I knew it was a lie, but I couldn't get the site to cough up anything else. The first bus to come by as I waited was going to go out of service at the next stop, so I had to wait another half an hour for a bus to come.

What I really wanted to do was to find somewhere to get coffee and food and to sit for a while before I dealt with the bus, but there is absolutely nothing out by Skyline. Zilch. To walk anywhere useful, I'd have to cross three traffic circles, two of them connected to highway entrances/exits, and none of them having any design considerations for possible pedestrians. By the time I was actually on the bus, the idea of getting off again was horrific. I didn't do it until I had to transfer downtown.

It wasn't quite 10:30 when I got downtown, and I didn't feel like I could walk to try to find somewhere to sit and try to calm myself, so I just walked down the block to where the bus I needed would come.

I left both my water bottle and Cordelia's somewhere along the way. I only realized that I didn't have them when I was gathering my things to get off the bus at the stop by our house. They might be at the Skyline bus stop. They might be on the bus I took into town. They might be at the transit center. I couldn't deal with calling to try to find them, so they're gone. Scott bought me a replacement that I need to wash before I start using.

I can't tell how much of how bad going back and forth to Skyline was yesterday was due to it coming at the end of a horrible, horrible week and how much was the trip being intrinsically difficult for me. It's probably a bit of both.

I got pretty angry at Scott yesterday (and a few times earlier in the week) because he wasn't bothering to give me any encouraging words or anything. He gave Cordelia a lot, and he was having an awful week, too, but it would have been nice to get a comment indicating that he had my back on anything at all. I don't think he realizes how much he left me flapping in the wind all week. If I asked for something very specific, he'd do it, but there wasn't anything at all that I didn't ask for. Not even a "I know this is hard for you, but you can do it."

I think Scott also doesn't realize that Cordelia going to Community gave me a brief feeling of intense relief that I wouldn't have to deal with a huge, huge problem that I've seen coming for literally years-- The problem of me getting her from school for appointments and then back to school after. Nothing about the trips I've made to Skyline has made the problem seem less severe or more easily addressed. I really am thinking that Scott going to third shift may be the only sustainable solution, but if he does that, him ever getting back to first shift is unlikely.

I suppose the first thing I have to do is to find out whether or not I can get Skyline to let Cordelia sign herself out for documented appointments and then back in again after. That would make things actually manageable and could be argued as an accommodation for my disability every bit as much as letting me use the elevator when I visit the building.

I'm really, really hoping that next week I can start doing something other than putting out immediate fires. I don't think writing is going to happen while Cordelia's home because she tends to turn up and sit next to me for twenty to thirty minutes at a time and express disapproval over me using my laptop at all. She also reads what's on my screen.

Today's main goal is to read some library books so I can return them tomorrow. I've got more than I like just sitting on my shelf unopened. Also, the interlibrary loan stuff needs getting through quickly. The system won't let me request multiple volumes of the same manga title at once because it considers them all the same book in spite of the numbering difference. This means that from October 1st until maybe April next year, I won't be able to move forward on Natsume's Book of Friends, Case Closed (Detective Conan), or Prince of Tennis. That last is particularly frustrating because the library is missing 29-32 and 36. It has 33-35 and 37-40 (are there volumes out beyond 40? I don't know. I haven't looked yet). I have v.29 waiting for me to pick it up. If I read it fast and return it immediately, I might be able to get v.30 by the end of the month. I just don't see managing four volumes in that time because of the time it takes to get ILL books.

I also have a movie that's due tomorrow and can't be renewed. I can probably either finish it today or reach a point in it where I'm sure I don't care about finishing.

Cordelia has a birthday party to go to later this afternoon. They're going to a Tigers game as part of it. They did the same last year for this girl's birthday. My guess is that they'll have fun again and that it will be rather more about being there as a group of friends than about the game.
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One of my interlibrary loan requests has been canceled because the only circulating copy within the state wide system is missing. Buying the book is out of the question because used copies are very expensive. On Amazon, they start at $660.

I'm thinking to put in a lot of MelCat interlibrary loan requests between now and the end of the month. I won't be able to do any for an estimated six months, possibly longer, while the district library gets its new system running well enough to handle the interface again.
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Looking at the bottle of Lunesta, I actually tried 2 mg Saturday night. I tried 3 mg last night, and it still did nothing at all. I'm going with Ativan tonight and hoping desperately that I can sleep. I'll give my psychiatrist a call tomorrow to ask what she recommends. If I feel no change at all in drowsiness with 3 mg of Lunesta, I can't imagine continuing with the Lunesta will do anything useful at all.

Yesterday was a very laid back day. We went to the library, and Scott went the Games Library Day in Ypsilanti. Apart from that, nothing much happened at all.

The library blog announced today that we won't have access to easy interlibrary loan through the MelCat system in between the 1st of October and some time next year because the online catalog is going to be updated and can't interact with the MelCat system at all until after that's done. That means they need enough lead time to return all MelCat books before the change and then time after to iron out all of the bugs in the new system. Since I've been going through MelCat for a lot of stuff recently, I'm not pleased. We'll still have some interlibrary loan options, but it will require going through the library staff.

I'm going to miss being able to stay up in the evening. The one person I chat with in AIM regularly is on the west coast and so not online before I'll be going to bed. This may be an issue because she's the one I'm most likely to babble at about fics. The combination of me flitting from fandom to fandom as a writer (and most of those being small or old) with me often writing darkfic with potentially squicky content (mostly noncon but sometimes with kink, too) makes finding someone to talk to hard.

I need a to be able to babble about story details in order to keep writing. I find doing that in chat or in person much more useful than comments or email. Group chat isn't great because I can't be sure that I'm not going to cross a line in terms of the comfort of some of the people in there (right now, I can't do one on one in IRC because I haven't managed to find a program that will work for me. The web access is... not great at all). Also, I'm often writing exchange stories that require anonymity with no way to be sure whether or not my recipient is there.
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When we went to the library yesterday, Cordelia said she'd only go if we did 'something else' after. By the time we were done at the library, however, she just wanted to go home. I was a little disappointed by that because we'd most likely have gotten smoothies or tea or coffee. I like being out of the house with Scott and Cordelia for things like that.

Naturally, a hold came in, unexpectedly, right after we got home. I'm hoping that I can get Cordelia to pick it up for me some time during the week as it will expire on Saturday.

Scott commented on the way home that he really hopes they finish the construction on Division before Art Fair. Traffic during Art Fair is difficult, at best, and Division is one of the streets that they leave clear of booths so that the buses can get through. Given where we live, we won't notice Art Fair all that much as long as we avoid going downtown or to central campus. Of course, Cordelia's saying that her friends want to go, so they probably will. She's always considered it boring before, but that was going with me, so it was very different. I don't expect that they'll look at art so much as run around together enjoying the fact that they're old enough to do that without an adult around.

While at the library, I ran into the mother of a couple of girls who were on sports teams with Cordelia (softball and volleyball). We talked about high school and knee injuries. She mentioned several girls from the old teams who will be at Skyline. (Cordelia, when I told her later, protested that she doesn't actually want to see any of those girls again.) The other mother says their family has moved and is now zoned for Huron, so her daughter who's Cordelia's age won't be at Skyline. She did say that they considered trying to do Skyline anyway just because the choir director is spectacular (the choir director filled in for three weeks at the daughter's school last year or the year before and made a huge impression).

I need to start remembering that I don't ever write much on the weekends. I keep thinking that I have time on weekends during which I don't have to worry about Cordelia and forgetting that she's fourteen. She doesn't need supervision every second any more, and when we're all three at home it's more likely that we'll end up watching a DVD together or something of the sort. She definitely reads over my shoulder now if I have my laptop open while we're watching things. She says I shouldn't have it open if I don't want her reading it. At any rate, I'm more likely to have time without her next to me during the week. It's just the years of habit.

I did an edit of that pinch hit last night after getting beta comments back. I think I clarified some things in the text, but there were a couple of things I wasn't quite sure how to do. The beta reader thought that something that was supposed to run through the story wasn't strong enough to be noticeable. They may well be right, but when I reread, I felt like I was already just shy of beating readers over the head with it. I've got a few days before reveals to think about it and to edit further if I feel like it's necessary.

I have a lot more CDs from the library than I meant to get because some long term holds came in and because a couple of things turned out to be multiple CD sets when I expected just one CD. I've listened to four CDs and have twelve left. I usually aim for six to eight. I also have two DVD sets that I want to work on watching, but I can't put either on the TV until Cordelia's awake because neither has captioning.

Scott thinks it's pretty likely that he'll get off work in time to get Cordelia to her dental appointment. He said that, if he's not going to be able to, he should be able to call me early enough that she and I can go in by bus. I'm probably going to stress over it, but it probably will be fine. I may not even need to go except for needing to schedule the next appointment for a time that good for me (which Scott won't know) and for the fact that the dentist is two blocks away from Bubble Island. Getting bubble tea after the dentist is a tradition for me and Cordelia, but I think Scott and Cordelia won't bother if I'm not there.

Scott says that third shift at work is down to only two people. I'm not sure how many is normal, but I have the impression that it's more than six. They have an awful time getting people to stay because it's third shift, physical work, and unpleasant conditions (heat and humidity). The pay isn't terrible, but it also isn't spectacular, even with the benefits package. At any rate, if anyone knows people in our generally area (the plant is in Westland, MI) who'd be up for third shift machine maintenance/repair and so on in extreme heat and humidity, there are jobs I can point at.
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I checked the shelves at the library yesterday and didn't find the CD that's been missing for months or the one that just disappeared. My best guess that both of them have fallen somewhere, either here or at the library, where nobody looks. I've searched everywhere I can think of here at home with no luck, and the likely places at the library aren't in areas where I can look. The new missing CD, naturally, continues the streak of me only misplacing CDs that I didn't enjoy listening to. It also can't be renewed, so I guess I'll be paying for it next weekend.

Mom arrived yesterday pretty much on time at 10 a.m. We talked for a little while then got in our car and drove to Bob Evans. When we got home, Scott worked on assembling the new grill he bought (the grates on the old one rusted through, and replacing them proved more expensive than buying a new, less fancy grill) while Mom and I talked, and Cordelia and her friend went to their volunteer orientation at the science center.

Mom mentioned having seen and loved Firefly and Serenity. That felt weird to me because she's usually down on SF stuff because of it reminding her of my father. She also talked about my step-father having a very traumatic encounter with an alligator while he was out kayaking. He went out alone for reasons that my mother wasn't clear on. She thought that part was unwise. Then he went to an area where he hadn't been before, with deeper water, and started seeing very, very large alligators. There was one on the shore that spotted him, rolled into the water, swam over, and then reared up on its tail to look down at him. He was sure he was going to die. Mom says he didn't stop obsessing about it for days.

I asked if it was likely a nesting mother, and Mom said that the time of year is right and that the circumstances rather sound like it.

I told Mom about the Sgt Pepper's/Star Wars (A New Hope only) mashup videos that I ran into earlier this week, and she wants the link. Scott adored the videos even though he only recognized two or three of the songs. The whole thing is here on YouTube. It's the entire album, so it's longish. People who know the album tend to be more impressed, but people who don't can enjoy them, too. They're captioned, too, which is rare for such things.

I made banana bread while we were hanging out. It's been years since I made it routinely, but I still remember the recipe without needing to open Joy of Cooking. The amounts of everything, including the final batter, looked too small until I realized that I used to make two loaves at a time and wasn't this time. The banana bread made a good snack for when the girls got back from orientation.

Cordelia tells me that she and her friend weren't the only middle school kids at the orientation. She'd been worried about that. I think that the fact that the camp accepts thirteen year old volunteers and almost no other volunteer opportunities do probably skews their pool younger. Cordelia's planning out her summer schedule with shifts at the library and at Food Gatherers. I'd probably have scheduled the camp first because that's two chunks of a week each. I wouldn't want to make scheduling those harder by committing to days here and there through the summer. She's already trying to figure out if it's feasible to do camp the week of her dentist appointment. She'd get done at 4:00. The appointment is at 4:15. If her father is home to drive, it's doable. If he's not, it's really, really not.

I wrote almost 600 words yesterday on chapter 7 of Auguries of Innocence. It needs some tweaking because I ignored one of the characters present, but it's progress. That chapter has been sitting for quite a long time. I still want to go back to my Fandom5K, but I'm also still not sure my level of exhaustion is conducive to being sensible about editing that. The currently posted version works reasonably well, I think. It could be better, but if I'm not physically/mentally up to it, the results won't be horrible or embarrassing.

Last night's experience with the c-PAP was better. At least, it didn't hurt. The hose was still a serious PITA, and I think that a four is too high for the humidity setting at this time of year, but I actually slept. I'm just low on sleep because Scott didn't let me go back to sleep after he got up. I may nap after Cordelia leaves for school because only five hours of sleep is just begging for a migraine by bedtime.

None of us have appointments today. Cordelia has PT tomorrow. I have two appointments on Wednesday and one on Friday. I'm hoping that this will be less stressful than the last three weeks were and that we don't add more appointments on for next week. At any rate, I have all day today and a good chunk of tomorrow to myself. Thursday is cleaning lady day, so even though there aren't any appointments, I can't really relax.

My chest pain is getting better. I made it worse yesterday by carrying a basket of laundry from our room to the top of the basement stairs (I made Scott do the up and down the stairs part) and by doing a lot of bending over to get things off the floor that I didn't want to be there when Mom arrived.

My hands have been hurting more. I think part of the problem is that I'm picking up and moving more moderately heavy things (dishes, empty or full, and hardcover books are a problem that way) and trying to hold open paperbacks to read them. The OT people said I should just switch to audiobooks. I pointed out that we own more than 5000 books. I didn't go into the other issues with audiobooks-- price, time investment, inability to 'read' them while other people are watching TV in the same room (or, often, while there are other people in the house at all). The next suggestion was a book stand. I've looked at those online, and they look pretty iffy. I don't think that buying one without a chance to try it out would be a good idea because the ones most likely to work for me are pretty darned expensive. Also, for in bed, I'd want one thing and for in the living room quite another.
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There was more ice on the way to school today, but it was a little bit patchy and so not quite as dangerous. It was at least very clearly visible. It was less cold today than yesterday but still colder than I like. The difference in temperature meant that my hands didn’t get cold (though my face still got cold enough to hurt) even without gloves. The thing about not needing gloves is really, really weird, and I’m pretty sure it’s entirely due to the Tamoxifen.

Tonight, the drama club is performing their play. Cordelia plans to go because some of her friends are in the drama club. Her best friend is coming over after school, and they will walk over there together. Cordelia vetoed the idea of me going with her. I’m still going to have to go to the school to get Cordelia because she can’t really deal with her backpack with her winter coat. It slips every ten steps or so, and she has to stop to pull it back up.

I’ll have to figure out what to feed the girls. I’m not sure when they need to leave, and that will definitely be a factor.

I don’t know yet if I’ll manage to stay awake this morning. I’m not sure if I should even try. I need to do some tidying before the cleaning lady comes, and it’s easier for me to do that in small bits. I also want to clean out the fridge and take out the resulting trash. The drawback of that is that I can’t put a new bag in place without hurting myself.

I don’t have any books due this weekend that I can’t renew, but I do have several that I’ve renewed more than once. I’m going to work on those if I can find the brain power for it. I’ve got the book I’ve renewed three times sitting beside me and looking at me reproachfully. I’ve got two books that I’ve renewed twice, one that I’ve renewed once, and a short graphic novel that I haven’t yet renewed at all. Part of me thinks I should just knock out the graphic novel since it will take the least time.
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I got Cordelia’s PT set up. It’s going to be Tuesday afternoons, starting next week. The time of day isn’t ideal, but none of the times they had available were really good options. We’ll have two sessions before we see the sports medicine surgeon. Cordelia is doing some walking without crutches, a few steps here and there, but she’s clinging to the brace as if her life depended on it.

While there’s snow on the ground, I’m going to be carrying all of her stuff. Me taking her backpack made getting home last night much, much easier all around. She ended up yards ahead of me and went in the back door (which has a keypad) rather than wait for me with the key for the front door.

I also got a gynecology appointment set up. It’s not until April 10th, but that’s sixteen days sooner than the appointment I had set up. I should probably cancel that appointment, so that someone else can have it. I’ll get to it eventually.

I have four phone calls I should make today. Two of them will be relatively low stress because I’ll be calling Scott’s mother and my mother. The third call is to pre-order a book for Cordelia that comes out in early May, so it’s not a big rush to get it done. The fourth call is to UHS billing, however, and will be difficult to manage. I need to point out that they’re trying to bill me for things without having actually billed all of my insurance. They billed Aetna but not Medicare or Premier Care. The appointments were with a physician for consultations about contraception while I’m on Tamoxifen and for removal of my old IUD. I’d be really surprised if Medicare didn’t cover at least some of that.

I need to dig out my scarf if I’m going to keep walking Cordelia to school when it’s this cold. My chin and ears freeze while the rest of me is sweating under my coat. It’s cold enough and a long enough walk that I don’t want to go with my coat unzipped, especially not if it’s windy. Of course, it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow and warmer still on Thursday.

I forgot to mention— Scott replaced the doorknobs on our bedroom door, Cordelia’s bedroom door, and the bathroom over the weekend. Our door was hardest because he ran into an unexpected metal plate that he thinks was part of the old security system.

If I’d had my act together last night, I’d have made sure Scott took the library bag to work this morning so that he could return my overdue book on his way home. The weather was nasty enough last night that he wasn’t willing to go back out. I expected that. I’m just not sure I can talk him into it today, either. I suppose I could try to get myself to the bus to go downtown, but I’m so very, very tired that I don’t think I can face it, not for this.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I have the resources to haul the basement trash up the stairs. Scott dumped some moderately heavy things in there. I don’t think it adds up to more than I can carry at once, but it will be tiring and isn’t urgent. I wish Scott wouldn’t do that and would bring those things upstairs instead. I also wish I’d think of having him bring the bag upstairs himself while he’s at home rather than while he’s at work.

Once I have the trash out, I’m going to try to get through some of the graphic novels I’ve got from the library. I’ve got ten, and some of them can’t be renewed. Most of them are fairly short and shouldn’t take long. I just have to sit down and actually read them.
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I forgot to return one of my library books, and it can’t be renewed, so I’m going to owe a small fine (twenty five cents a day). I realized in time that Scott could have taken it back, but he’d already driven out that way twice yesterday, once to pick up Cordelia and once to get groceries. I didn’t think it was worth sending him out again just to save a small amount of money. Also, I’m not quite done with the book and could use a few hours to finish it.

It is currently snowing. I was concerned about Cordelia getting to school on her crutches because there’s at least half an inch on the sidewalks now. As it turned out, the main problem she had was her backpack trying to slip off her right shoulder. The floor at school was nasty due to melted snow tracked in by all the kids, but Cordelia can put weight on both feet, so it wasn’t quite as dangerous as it could have been.

My hands have been hurting since the middle of the day yesterday. I should put on my braces, but I really don’t want to. They’ll make doing laundry harder because the velcro keeps catching on the fabric. I have to wash and dry two loads of laundry and put away two. I need to run the dishwasher and to shower (though that’s likely to wait until after Cordelia’s home because I don’t want to go out with wet hair). Beyond that, my to do list is all phone calls. Sadly, phone calls are harder than the rest of it.
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I’ve been up for a while now and would like to get dressed, but I put it off too long. Scott is currently working on putting new knobs on the door to our bedroom. That involves a lot of drilling and mess. I think he must be nearly done. I hope so, anyway.

I spent a lot of yesterday listening to audiobooks. I’d like to do more of that today, but I’ll have to find a place to set up where I’m far enough from where Scott is that we can both hear what we’re playing.

The times my gynecologist has available on the 20th are times when I absolutely cannot go in, so they’re supposed to call me again with an alternative. Basically, the earliest time they could do was 2:45, and I need to pick Cordelia up from school at 3:00, so… Yeah. Her friends who I would trust to be here with her without me present are all in the drama club. The performance is at the end of the month, and they’re all staying at school until 5:00 every day until then.

I haven’t set up PT for Cordelia yet because I wanted to get the gynecology appointment scheduled first.

Cordelia had three friends over last night, and they watched Howl’s Moving Castle (I haven’t been able to persuade her to try the book. I like it, so it must be boring) and the Ember Island Players episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender.

There are still a lot of folks around here with power out. We haven’t had a flicker, so I’m counting us lucky. The wind did, however, strip shingles off the roof of the garage. The garage needs major work, not just in terms of the roof but more generally. We simply don’t have the money, though, so I kind of expect the garage to just fall apart on us one of these days. Hopefully, nothing we care about will be in there at the time.

In a couple of hours, we need to drive Cordelia over to spend the night with a friend. We’re planning to drop off our library returns either on the way there or on the way back because Traverwood isn’t much out of the way. I’ve got a couple of DVDs due today that can’t be renewed, so it’s necessary. We’ll still pick up our holds tomorrow. I’ve got two DVDs that we’ll likely watch as a family. One of them (Moana), we expect to enjoy; the other (Batman v. Superman), not so much, but one of Cordelia’s friends is passionately into the DC cinematic universe.

My main goal for today is to start writing that pinch hit. I settled on which prompt to write to, so I’ve at least gotten that far. I think I know my POV character, too. I was going to start last night but ended up getting distracted and writing something else instead. I haven’t written much at all this week, though, so I’m more glad to have written anything at all than annoyed that I didn’t work on what I had planned to.
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Because Cordelia’s sick, Scott did the library run on his own yesterday. I forgot to tell him that I had an interlibrary loan book waiting, so he didn’t get it. (If he’d paid attention to the screen as he checked my stuff out, he’d have seen that I still had one hold waiting, but I haven’t been able to get him to do that in spite of him leaving a book behind pretty much every time he goes in alone.)

Scott also picked up fabric to make me a rice pack and to recover (or replace. I’m not sure which he plans) Cordelia’s which is starting to develop holes. He also got an electric can opener which is something I’ve been wanting for quite a while.

I realized last night that I should have called in a refill for my thyroid medication on Friday. I’m not out. It’s just that it would have been easier to have Scott pick the refill up Friday or even Saturday.

I’m hoping I can write something today. It will depend on what Cordelia needs from me. I’d like to change our sheets, too, and maybe tidy the kitchen a bit. I’d love to sleep a bit more because the weekend was bad for sleep, what with Cordelia being sick, but I don’t know that that will happen.

That talk on manga that I was disappointed not to be able to attend is on YouTube now: Alt Manga, Queer Manga: Telling Our Own Stories. I haven’t watched it yet because it’s an hour long and I’m not sure I’ll have that uninterrupted just now. The video was posted by the sponsoring department of the university, so I think it’s likely to remain available and not suddenly vanish.
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Cordelia and I are both sick, her moreso than me. She got me up at 6:30 this morning because her head hurt and her throat hurt and she was too warm. I gave her some ibuprofen and sent her back to bed. We both slept until almost noon. She’s due for more ibuprofen now and complaining about the headache, but she refuses to consider more ibuprofen. She’d rather have the headache and sore throat because the liquid ibuprofen tastes bad. I suggested tea, but she doesn’t want that either.

I probably should insist, but I feel really exhausted and kind of headachy myself.

I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon feeling like I couldn’t possibly move or think. I managed to order pizza for Cordelia and her friends, and I ate a bit, but that was about it. Right now, I feel okay if I stay still and mostly lying down. When I get up and move around, I start sneezing again. I think the only pressing thing I have today is laundry, and I’ll muddle through that somehow.

Scott and I stayed in our bedroom while Cordelia’s friends were over. They watched bits of three different movies, according to Cordelia. They were quite loud for the first three hours and then suddenly went quiet. Scott and I weren’t sure if we should go out and see what was going on because we have years of parental training that says that silence is bad, but we figured that the girls are all thirteen. They’re not likely to be emptying the contents of the refrigerator onto the floor or stuffing toilet paper down the sink or… Well, silent toddler mischief. As it turns out, the silence was because the loudest member of the group fell asleep. Without her, the others started actually watching the movie.

I should probably email the other parents to let them know that Cordelia has a cold. I stayed far enough away from all the girls that me having one shouldn’t be an issue, but she might well have infected someone.

I’m currently browsing the library’s online catalog in the section for CDs, and part of me is itching to fix the classification system which seems very arbitrary. My best guess for why certain albums are classified as they are is that it’s determined by what acquisitions fund paid for the album. It’s possible that these are manufacturer imposed categories, but I’m not sure. For the online catalog, it doesn’t matter quite so much because keyword searching is a thing, but browsing online or in the physical collection is pretty frustrating. There are a lot of categories of music, and they’re shelved separately from each other. Certain artists (Linda Ronstadt and Bob Dylan are good examples) have work spread over half a dozen different categories. For example, Folk, Bluegrass, and Country overlap hugely, and which category certain things fall into seems to be chance as is whether non-US folk music is categorized as Folk or as World.

I know they have to be categorized somehow, but I can’t for the life of me figure out a logic to the decisions. There are some similar problems in categorizing DVDs, but those bother me less, possibly because the collections are smaller and shelved differently and so easier to browse without narrowing things down to a category.

I have a library CD that I’m going to have to return without listening to it. Every player I’ve tried it in claims to be playing it, with the time counter ticking forward and all, but fails to produce sufficient sound, even at the highest volume settings, for me to actually hear anything. I can tell that something is playing, but I can’t get it beyond that very vague something playing a couple of blocks away sound.

I’m doing fairly well in terms of keeping up with my word count goals for my writing. I’ve averaged 900 words a day this month and wrote about 15000 last month. This makes the goal of 75000 by the end of the year seem quite possible. I wasn’t really expecting that. I’m not sure I’ll have enough focus to write fiction today. Who knows?
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Okay, the game preparation is moving along. I now have four characters at 2/3 done. The list of canonical npcs is complete, and the list of canonical terms is almost done (I’ve got five things left to define). I’ve got two characters left to get moving on, and they are, of course, the most difficult. I also need to name a lot of non-canonical npcs, decide what’s generally known about them, and figure out which characters know which of those npcs personally. I have decided that I’m ignoring about 90% of the second series. I’m keeping some characters and some bits of information about the Courts of Chaos.

I’ve tried a few of the singleton Stash teabags that have been floating around the kitchen for a while. I didn’t end up noting down all of them because most were black tea variants that tasted alike to me. Yesterday, I tried guayusa tea with mint early in the day (I can’t safely have mint late in the day). It was okay, but I don’t think I’ll buy more.

A couple of days before that, I tried Stash’s licorice spice tea. I kind of liked that, but I think I would need to dilute it a lot more or maybe mix it with something else. It was very sweet, and it left an aftertaste that— Well, it wasn’t horrible, but it kind of felt weird, like I had a film of flavor over my tongue and palate. I was only able to drink half the cup, and that took about three hours to get through. I wonder if this would mix with black tea of some sort?

Scott has been having the same intestinal difficulties that I have, so maybe this is a bug that I caught from him. He started having trouble before I did, and he felt okay yesterday. I had enough gas yesterday that I kept having to lie down to ease the pain of it. I’m still having trouble this morning, but who knows? If it is a bug, it will pass.

Cordelia’s teachers are planning to do a 'Colonial Day' either the Monday or the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and have asked parents to donate supplies. We’re willing, but there are a lot of things where they haven’t said how much they actually need. Embroidery floss, for example, would be easy to pick up, but how much and what color(s)? They want the kids to all cross stitch their names on bookmarks. I haven’t done cross stitch since I was seventeen, and I never did it in a way where I had to figure out quantities of anything. Or we could provide freshly baked bread, but how many loaves are needed? They seem to be asking for 40-50 of most of the stuff for which they give quantities, and I know there are between 40 and 45 kids in the eighth grade.

I have not managed to make any of the phone calls that I need to. Some of them, I could, in theory, manage today, but I don’t know that I will. I hate making phone calls; they’re so very, very hard.

The folks at the library found the missing book on CD, so I’ll be able to pick that up on Sunday, but they did not find the missing CD. I moved the couch and didn’t find the dratted thing. I have not looked under the loveseat yet. I probably ought to get down on the floor in our bedroom and see if it fell under the bed or something. It’s not on my table in there or on my shelves.

I have three episodes left in season one of Murder She Wrote (and I keep wondering why all of these people, mostly police, are handling guns and other such bits of evidence with their bare hands). I also have two library DVDs, one of which I’m halfway through and the other of which I haven’t started yet, and a Netflix DVD that arrived yesterday.

I’m debating ordering in for lunch today because nothing currently in the house appeals to me. But nothing I could get delivered appeals much either.
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I definitely overdid things yesterday. By evening, I was kind of stumbling around and not really able to think. I ended up scrolling through the spreadsheet of Yuletide requests (by fandom) without noting down any of the interesting prompts I saw because that was too much effort. This morning, I slept until after 11, which kind of throws off my entire day.

I’m pretty sure I had an out and out hot flash last night. I just suddenly felt overheated and started sweating. I went outside for a while, and that helped a very little bit. After that, I sat in the bedroom with the ceiling fan going. I’m very slowly trying to get myself together to actually do something with my day.

I’m a little cranky with my doctor’s office. They have a patient portal with an option for requesting an appointment. I did that and got back a message saying that I should call to schedule. What’s the point of requesting an appointment online if I have to follow up by calling? I could have just called to begin with. Except that I haven’t had the wherewithal to make any phone calls since I got that message.

I’ve been trying to find a CD that I thought I had returned to the library but that didn’t get checked in. Missing putting a CD in the library bag is very easy, so I’m assuming it’s here somewhere. I’m going to have to ask Scott and Cordelia to help because I can’t manage to look under the couch. Getting down low enough to look under there involves physical contortions that make my eyes unfocus enough that I can’t see at all. Why is it that, when I lose library CDs, it’s always something I didn’t actually like?

I’ve been watching Murder She Wrote season 1, and it’s kind of weird realizing how different things were when that aired. The show keeps throwing in information that’s hard to dig up that would be trivial today.
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I filled out my absentee ballot last night. I found a site called that had profiles of all of the candidates for local elections. It wasn’t useful for the partisan part of the ballot because all the local candidates were running unopposed as Democrats (the real election for those offices is the primary). It was extremely useful for the community college board, the library board, and the school board. I don’t know that any of my choices will win because I’m not sure that my priorities are the same as other people’s. For example, for the community college board, I voted for people who I thought came from backgrounds where they or their children might actually have used the community college rather than for all of the folks emphasizing business development experience.

I was mentally awake all day yesterday, but I was still pretty physically wiped out. I don’t know how that’s going to go today yet because I’ve only been up since 11:00. I have to finish the grocery list, and I have to shower. I’m not sure what else I’ll do— Probably some writing. I’m managing a few hundred words a day right now, just not on my Yuletide story yet.

I have a lot of DVDs to watch this week, but I don’t know that I will because Scott will be home. When he is, he plays stuff on his computer constantly. If he’s in the dining room, I can watch/listen to something while he does his thing, but if we’re both in the living room, it doesn’t work at all. I don’t think I can get him interested in watching Murder She Wrote with me. I’ve got four DVDs of that left, it’s due a week from tomorrow, and it can’t be renewed.

I’ve got one book due tomorrow that can’t be renewed and one due tomorrow that I’ve already renewed twice. I just can’t seem to focus enough to read. It’s very frustrating.
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I slept pretty soundly last night but woke with a headache anyway. I put that down to anxiety about needing to to go out for an appointment today and took an Ativan. That’s mostly gotten rid of the headache. After I finish writing this, I’m going to make a list of the Zoloft side effects I’ve had so that I don’t forget any. I don’t think I would anyway, but I want to be sure.

I’m still having difficulty find the right way to sleep. Mostly, I’ve been using just the sheet and accepting that I’ll end up chilly. I’m more likely to sleep that way than I am if I’m too warm. We ran the ceiling fan last night. Without it, I’d have been too warm with the sheet (and probably without it, too), but with it, I got chilled.

Cordelia’s friend left her violin here last night. Cordelia couldn’t carry it to school with all of her stuff, so we drove over to return it. Scott and I did some Ingress stuff, too, as someone had captured a couple of the science center portals.

I’m debating doing Ingress while I’m downtown. I’m feeling very tired, but the exercise would probably be good for me. I might also walk to State St and get lunch at Totoro. Then again, Scott will have vacation all next week, and we’ll likely go there together then. I think I might stop at the library and return a few things.

One of the DVDs I picked up on Sunday didn’t check out properly, so it’s not officially checked out to me. I think that the problem is that they had pulled two copies and put them on the hold shelf for me. Scott took one copy up to the desk and pointed out that we really didn’t need two. My suspicion is that whatever they did to take that second hold off also removed the hold on the copy I thought I had checked out. Because there are a couple hundred people on the waitlist, the DVD wouldn’t check out to me, but the system doesn’t flag that. It just doesn’t process the check out, and I wasn’t paying enough attention to notice that it hadn’t. Once I realized, I decided to keep it and watch it since I had it. We did that last night, so it can go back.

I’m taking a cab into town and will take the bus on the way home. I’m just so very, very tired that I don’t think I can get myself out of the house to the bus station (which may well mean I don’t do anything else downtown). I don’t know. Also a cab gives me time to make that list I was talking about above.
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We ended up going to the library about 4:30 yesterday. It was a little later than Scott had wanted to go, but Cordelia wanted to come along, too, to pick up her holds herself, and she wanted to finish the last few pages of the book she was reading (not a library book). When we got to the library, we had to park underground because some sort of concert was going on in the surface lot.

We got home and watched The Jungle Book (2016) immediately. It was pretty good, but I kind of wish they’d just left out the songs.

Near the end of the movie, I realized that I’d forgotten to return one book that was due yesterday and couldn’t be renewed, so we had to go out again. We combined that with a trip to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt. I returned two other items to the library at the same time. Those two have been checked in, but the one due yesterday hasn’t yet. The library’s been open more than an hour now, so I’m a little concerned.

I need to go out today to drop some stuff off at the school. We never did anything with Cordelia’s Brownie sash or Junior vest, so we’re donated them to the Girl Scout troops at her school. She doesn’t want any of the stuff at all, no pins or badges or what-have-you, so I’ve put it all in a big Ziploc. The Girl Scouts have a mailbox at the school, and I already checked with the woman who oversees the troops. She said that they definitely could use the stuff.

I’ve got the dishwasher running. I think the only other must-be-done chore is making sandwiches for Scott and Cordelia. Well, and lunch for me eventually.

Scott keeps trying to sterilize plastic things in the pressure cooker and ending up melting them. I have no idea why he keeps doing that. So far, at least, he hasn't done it with anything that he actually needs and doesn't have an extra of, but... Why?

I ended up wide awake when Scott got up at 5:00 and was only just starting to feel sleepy when Cordelia got up at 6:30. I slept a little bit after she left and even dreamed in spite of it only being about an hour before I got up for the day.
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Scott spent another three hours on the phone with Comcast last night, and they ended up concluding that we will need a technician in to figure out what the problem is because we ought to have service and simply don’t. Even the TV stuff which we had before doesn’t work. Our appointment window is 8:00 to 11:00 this morning. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be up yet.

I did a good bit more writing yesterday, all on the Amber AU. It’s over 25000 words now. I still have no idea how to end it or how to get the first part to a reasonable point for the time skip that needs to happen.

I complained to the library a few days ago that there isn’t a way, when looking at online records for the DVDs they own, to tell which ones actually have captioning. I mentioned some specific series that I abandoned due to lack of captioning. No one has responded to my complaint, but suddenly, two of the series that I said didn’t have captions are in my holds queue. I really have no idea what’s going on with that. As far as I can tell, looking at the records, they’re still the old editions that, you know, don’t have captioning and that I couldn’t follow because of that. It’s very weird. I mean, why do that? If they’re new editions with captions, why not just tell me and let me decide when I want to check them out? If they’re not, why on earth would I want them?

We got the email yesterday telling us what homeroom Cordelia will have. She’ll be with the math and science teacher who is male. His introduction letter read to me like he was trying way, way too hard. I’m sure he’s qualified in his subjects (the school is extremely picky about who they hire), but he wrote a giant block of text with no paragraph breaks and, in places, with no actual relationship between the sentences that follow one another. The letter’s a PDF, so it’s not like space was an issue, and it only runs half a page, so paragraph breaks wouldn’t actually make it run a second page anyway.

The school’s current method of communication is to send emails to all parents that contain links to pages that will download a PDF without asking if it’s okay. At this point, of course, I know that that’s going to happen, but it still annoys me, particularly because the links look like I’m just going to open a document by clicking. Getting into my web browser and downloading takes extra time. I expect that they’re trying to make the emails smaller. A lot of the documents include graphics and photos that must take a lot of space, and it’s probably easier to apply the same process for all mailings than to look at each and decide.

Scott is definitely working Sunday this weekend and says he thinks he’ll end up working Saturday, too. Saturday is a maybe because the sign up sheet was weird and someone may have signed up in the wrong place (a full time employee in a temp slot). If he did sign up in the wrong place, then all the slots might be covered. We don’t know yet. Scott’s working 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. on Saturday no matter what. It just would be nice for him not to have a third twelve hour day this week.

Scott’s family is trying to schedule a gathering this weekend. I’ve told them that Sunday won’t work, so now they’re pushing for a firm commitment to either Saturday or Monday. I’m pretty sure they’re hoping to get everyone out in their boat because every time we’ve tried to do that this summer, the weather has turned bad. Cordelia says she’s not interested in going to the fair the way she and her father normally do on Labor Day, so I suppose we could go.

I just really don’t want us out late on Monday, and if we go up on Monday, we won’t get home until 9:00 or even 9:30 unless I nag horribly and force Scott and Cordelia out the door. School starts the next day, and I worry that Cordelia wouldn’t be properly rested and prepared. We also need to fit grocery shopping in some time during the weekend. I expect it to be a bit fraught as we try to figure out what Cordelia’s willing to take in her lunches and whether that’s enough food to get her through until 3:00 when the school day ends.

They haven’t given us any sort of list of school supplies yet. They keep saying that the district will supply everything and then asking us to buy all sorts of stuff that the teachers consider essential but that the district can’t afford— binders and composition books and combination locks, that sort of thing. The district also won’t pay for Kleenex or hand sanitizer or more than a certain amount of paper per school. We have decent computer stuff because there’s a millage just for that, but basic supplies… no, we can’t afford everything we need that way.
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I'm trying to do the software updates on my laptop right now, so I'm writing this in Gdocs with the intention of copying it over once the update is done. I'm concerned because the estimated time to completion keeps getting longer even as the update advances. It started with an estimate of forty five minutes. I went and took a leisurely shower. When I came back, the thing was at about sixty five percent with more than an hour left to go. I have no idea how long this will end up taking.

Scott had to go to work early this morning. This after they'd kept him until five yesterday afternoon. There were several things he meant to do and didn't have time for. Sadly, one was helping me decide whether or not to cancel the AT&T repair appointment. I really am not sure what to do there.

I wrote about 450 words yesterday and got to the end of the scene I was working on. I haven't started fic writing yet today because of doing the update. I'm not enthusiastic about either writing on my laptop while it's updating and might restart any time or writing on my phone. Using my phone takes so much longer than touch typing does, and autocorrect does not like a lot of the proper nouns I use.

When I took my walk to the bottom of the hill and back up, one of our neighbors joined me. It was nice to chat, but I felt really weird about Ingress. I sort of explained it, but she's about seventy, so I'm not sure it made sense to her.

Art Fair starts tomorrow. We plan to avoid it as much as possible, but it continuing through Sunday will make our library trip very difficult. I need to check the expiration dates on my holds. They might have extended that because everyone will have trouble getting downtown, but they also might not have. If we have to go this weekend, I may do it Friday because the buses are easier to use then. I just really don't want to go downtown during Art Fair. I suppose I could go today, during setup. Any holds coming in today would last until next Tuesday.

Why has my brain decided that I need to write a story for a canon I barely know? It's exactly the sort of thing that sounds interesting but that I can't get through because I want to smack two thirds of the characters. I don't have patience for this sort of thing, even when the behavior is realistic. Maybe especially not then.

ETA: Checked the library website-- We don’t have to pick up our holds until the 28th, a week from tomorrow. That will make life much simpler. We have things due on Monday, but those can go to any branch library at any time between now and then.

Oh, and the software update took two and a half hours.
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More tiny frustrations today—

I tried watching a DVD that was recommended to me. It’s not close captioned, and the sound quality is so poor that I couldn’t understand what was going on. It’s Gilbert and Sullivan, so being able to hear is kind of important. I’ve seen this particular operetta in a live production, so I know the basic story, but I’m not so much interested in watching actors talk at and sing at each other when I can’t understand a word. I let it run a lot longer than I should (35 minutes) before I stopped it and put in the library bag.

The next DVD I tried is also not captioned. The sound quality is better, but I’m still having trouble following the dialogue. It’s another adaptation of something I’ve seen before, and this time I think I can manage, more or less. I just shouldn’t have to.

Apparently I can’t put downloads on library lists. I don’t see why I can’t since the library provides the downloads and lists them with full entries in the catalog. I don’t want to try to download anything right now because Cordelia’s attempting to download a movie. That will take hours.

Scott wants us to do family sharing through the iCloud for purchased music and video which sounded great until I discovered that, if I click that I’m willing to use the iCloud, Apple will upload all of my files. It will let me set things to 'private' so that Scott and Cordelia can’t see them (which… I don’t actually care if either of them sees anything on my laptop), but it won’t let me say that I don’t want, for example, my word processing files or my photos or what-have-you uploaded to anywhere unless I specifically choose to.

I have no interest at all in cloud storage for anything personal. I have no Apple devices beyond my laptop and don’t plan to any time in the next few years, so synching files is decidedly not useful and not something that I would actually want to do anyway. When I had a iPod, I very, very carefully disabled synching. I had to keep disabling it over and over again because all of Apple’s software assumes that synching is something one would want to do. I really don’t understand why for any of the things I’m likely to do.

I don’t like using storage unless I’m pretty sure that it’s secure and that I know clearly what will be done with my files. It bothers me a lot to use Gdocs, for example. I do because I haven’t found a better way for collaborating on things, but I try very hard not to put anything up there that I’m not willing to have data mined and available to the entire world.

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