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Scott has gone off to teach our niece and a couple of her friends how to play D&D. I'm chipping away at certain bits of household chores that have needed doing for quite a while as well as working on more urgent things. I was considering taking a bit of a walk, but it's too hot out there for me. Maybe this evening.

Before he left, Scott brought up one of the boxes of junk from the basement. I've almost finished sorting that. Most of it is trash, but I've got a grocery bag of stuff to donate and a grocery bag of Cordelia's old report cards and certificates and school work. Scott wants to keep all of those papers, but we don't have a defined place for them. I want something other than a paper bag for storage.

There are a lot of index cards in the bottom of the bag. I'm not quite sure what to do with them. We might still use them, but they're loose and kind of grimy. I'm pretty sure Scott would want me to keep them, but... I think that the bottom of the box has mouse droppings all over, so I'm inclined to pitch them and the box.

I also found Cordelia's 3DS which she had apparently never realized was missing. I didn't find the stylus, but I suppose that's easy enough to replace if she gives it away or donates it.

I have no clue at all why there's a rock the size of my fist at the bottom of the box. It's gray, dirty, and ugly, and I don't recall anything that would have given us something of the sort as a souvenir. I feel ridiculous putting it in the trash, but putting it in the yard will just mean the lawnmower hits it the next time Scott mows. I can't see myself walking to the science and nature center or to the railroad tracks in order to put it down.

I kind of want to write, but I'm not sure I have sufficient brain for it just now. Last night was not great for sleep, and I had to be up with Cordelia this morning.

I have managed to find my cloth sling and am wearing it so that I don't keep using my left arm. I'm hoping that the elbow will start to recover if I can just keep it still.

The results of my blood draw on Monday are mixed. My blood sugar is stable, but for the first time ever, I have high(ish) cholesterol and triglycerides. I was expecting my A1c to have gone up because my diet, with regard to sugar, has been terrible during the last few months as I've struggled to keep myself functioning. My blood pressure at my appointment today was 98/63, so that's still fine. It bounces around a bit, but it's never once gone higher than 110/80 which I've been assured is still solidly in the middle of the normal range.
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I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon and evening on the verge of tears for no reason I could figure out. Maybe it’s something hormonal? I don’t know. I haven’t had a full period since October, and goodness knows things in that direction are out of whack due to my age and medications. It was just completely out of the blue, and I really wanted Scott to help me out, but I couldn’t seem to get him to understand or to remember.

This morning, I had a very definite anxiety dream— I had gone back to college and registered for classes, but I didn’t know which ones I’d gotten or where or when they met. Supposedly, I could find that information out online, but I didn’t know the right commands to get the computer to do anything at all. Oh, and the computer was green on black in terms of text display. I haven’t used anything like that in about twenty five years.

I think, weirdly, that having Scott and Cordelia both in the house constantly all week has added to my stress. I love them dearly, but… When they’re at home, I end up rearranging everything in order to accommodate them without them being accommodating in return.

But having them go back to school and work will be vastly difficult for me, too.

We’re still trying to figure out the bedside table problem. I don’t have a c-PAP yet, but I will very, very soon, and I’m going to need a place to put it and to put all of the stuff I currently keep there. Scott is talking about taking out my bookshelves entirely, but I’m reluctant. I use those shelves for things I’m currently using for fic or think I will soon, for things I haven’t read yet, for reference books, and for library books. Everything that was there that I’m willing to store in the basement has already gone downstairs.

Oh, and I use those shelves for my lotion and deodorant and hairbrush and a couple of medications that I often need at night… There’s also a specific spot where I put medical paperwork that I won’t need for a few days or weeks or longer but need to be able to find immediately the day of the appointment or whatever. We keep games and puzzles on the shelves, too, and really don’t have any other place for them. I think Scott assumes we can just get rid of most of that stuff, but if I was willing to, I would have already. Yes, they’re games I’m not likely to play again, but they’re also the specific copies of those games that I played a lot as a child and teenager. I used to play solitaire Scrabble a lot because no one would play with me. That may not be reason to keep the game, but… I want to.

As my back hurts less, my tendinitis is becoming noticeable again. My back hurt so much for a while that I just no longer felt the tendinitis. I hoped it had really gone, but it hadn’t. The noise from my back was just drowning it out.

Last night, my face and upper chest both started itching horribly. It was quite sudden, and I couldn’t figure out a cause. It felt a lot like I’d been rubbing those parts of my body with wool non-stop for ten or fifteen minutes, so I suspected allergies. I ended up washing and then taking benadryl and slathering on hydrocortisone. That was enough to let me sleep moderately well, but bits of my face still itch this morning. I don’t see any rash or swelling (a little damage from me scratching but nothing else) apart from the rash around my eyes that I’ve had since September. I haven’t put anything new/different on my face or hair. We’re still using fragrance and dye free laundry detergent.
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I gave three books to Cordelia’s English/social studies teacher today. Two of them are hardcover books on the Presidents of the U.S. up through Obama. The eighth graders study U.S. history, so those are likely to be useful to have. I also gave her a library bound copy of Journey to Topaz which is a novel about the Japanese internment during WWII from the point of view of an eleven year old girl. The author based it on her own experiences, so there’s a lot of solid details to make the book feel real to kids. The eighth grade curriculum has a focus on 'genocide literature' and includes the internment under that umbrella.

All three books were in extremely good condition.

I’ve given several books to the librarian for evaluation as to whether or not they’re useful for the collection. The two Dork Diaries books are pretty likely to end up in the collection. The three Miss Bianca books are iffier. They’re pretty pristine hardcovers (book club editions from around 1990, I think), but I’m not sure if kids these days are interested. It’s hard to tell. Pretty books are more likely to circulate, and these are.

Anybody reading this have a child or know one who might be interested in a Backyardigans CD? I’ve got a copy of Born to Play that I’ve just finished listening to to make sure it plays. It sounds fine all the way through.

I’ve been testing Cordelia’s old CDs and seeing whether or not I can get the scratches out of the ones that won’t play. I’m only willing to trying grinding the scratches off twice because the thing we have is manually operated and kind of tiring to use. (We tried an electronic one once. It didn’t work well, died fast, and Scott lost the instructions.) Those that don’t become playable after that are going into the trash.

We’ve got about twenty empty CD jewel cases. None of us have any idea where those CDs could have gone. They’re not in the basement. They’re not in Cordelia’s room. They’re not with my CD collection or in any of the carrying books we’ve got. I can’t imagine that that many CDs are really lurking under couches (I’ve checked) or got thrown out accidentally, so I assume there’s a cache of some sort somewhere in the house. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for about three years, however, and haven’t found them yet. I’m getting tired of keeping the jewel cases, though, as they take up a lot of room.

Would it be terrible to just throw out the CDs Scott’s parents have made and given us of inspirational sermons? None of us have ever listened to any of them, and I don’t expect we ever will. I don’t know. Maybe Scott’s sister’s SIL might know someone who would want them. She works for a church of the same denomination as the one Scott’s parents attend. I was wanting to email her anyway to find out if there’s a place I can donate those cotton rag socks.
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::sighs:: It finally occurred to me that, if I’m anxious enough that I can’t look at my email, I probably need an Ativan. I’m pretty sure that this is anxiety about Cordelia’s appointment, both how it will go and whether or not Scott will get off work in time.

I’ve got the towels upstairs and folded. I’ve run the dishwasher but still need to empty it. The recycling is at the curb, but I still need to take the trash out. I have beta comments on my Small Fandom Big Bang story and need to start addressing them.

I pulled another small box full of books to get rid of. I’m dithering about some sets of mysteries that I haven’t felt any impulse to reread in more than fifteen years but that I used to reread. They’re mostly quite old and not things I could get from the library without resorting to interlibrary loan which… Well, none of them are worth that effort. I have space to keep them, and it’s not like we have any expectation of moving any time in the next decade, but is there any reason to keep them? I can’t imagine that Cordelia’s going to have any interest, and I’m not interested in keeping such things around on the off chance that someday she has a child who might be interested.

I have a lot of mysteries by Dell Shannon/Elizabeth Linington/Leslie Egan, for example, and haven’t opened one in years and years. I have a lot of Marian Babson mysteries, but those vary wildly in terms of the likelihood that I’ll ever touch them again. There’s a reasonable chance that I’ll reread the funny ones, but the grim ones… not nearly so likely. And none of these are things where just looking at the book on the shelf brings back memories. I think that’s worth keeping books for, as long as I have the space.

And what about series that I started reading years ago and bought two or three volumes past what I actually read and probably won’t ever read them? I can think of three of those off the top of my head. I don’t own complete sets of any of them.
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I slept soundly from a little after 11:00 last night until about 4:30 this morning. I didn’t sleep at all after that. I don’t currently have a headache. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the dratted thing stays gone.

Cordelia is doing okay at school in terms of getting around with her crutches. I think there’s less stuff that she goes downstairs for this year than there was last year, and they’re not doing any classes in the basement any more. Tomorrow is a half day, so I’m going to have to remember to set my alarm to tell me to go pick her up very early. Thursday, I have an oncology appointment at 1:00.

Before Cordelia’s injury, I wasn’t worried about getting back before school ended because our cleaning lady will be here then. Now, though… If I see the nurse on time, I should easily be home in time, but if they’re running very late, it gets tight. Normally, Cordelia stays at school until about 3:45 on Thursdays for the GSA meeting, but that meeting gets canceled sometimes with no warning, so I want to be home by the time school ends at 3:03. If I’m done at oncology by 2:30, I can probably make it. If I’d known last Thursday that Cordelia would need help getting home, I’d have talked to our cleaning lady and asked if she was willing to do it if I wasn’t home in time. At this point, I could call her and try to explain over the phone, but English isn’t her first language, so that’s challenging for something complicated. I could leave her a note, but leaving a note wouldn’t give her a chance to say no.

Scott has come down with the cold Cordelia and I had (and still kind of have).

I poked at the Zenni Optical website last night. I measured the frames of my current glasses according to the instructions and discovered that I’m either doing it wrong or have a really weird head. The frame width on my old pair is 125 mm (I measured four times and had Scott check that I wasn’t miscounting). The website considers that to be a child’s size. I can’t find anything at all that matches the measurements I got from my old pair, not even approximately. If one dimension matches, others don’t. There aren’t any instructions I can find for measuring one’s head to figure out sizing. I’ve never had problems finding frames that fit when shopping in person.

Yesterday, I did three loads of laundry, baked a cake for Scott, did the dishes, took out some of the trash, and cleaned out my two dresser drawers and the floor of my closet.

I have one overstuffed trash bag of things that I think are still wearable and therefore worth donating. I have one trash bag about 1/4 full of things that aren’t worth donating for resale. I know that most of the places around here sell such stuff by the ton to companies that do… something with it.

I haven’t done much weeding of what’s hanging in my closet yet. I might get to that today, and I might not. The closet is packed, and it’s going to be challenging. I have a lot of dresses that are cotton knit and that are too worn at the seams for me to wear them in public without feeling self-conscious (most of the wear, I doubt anyone but me would notice). The dresses are 1X petites, long sleeved mock-turtlenecks, with elastic waists and A-line skirts that go down to mid-calf on me (I’m 5’2"). There’s a lot of fabric in each that’s still in excellent condition, some of it in big pieces, but it’s only going to be useful to someone who sews and who can make something else out of it or take it in to be worn by someone smaller than I am. I’m wondering if I should try the local freecycle list or something similar.

I haven’t really worn dresses since the cancer diagnosis in 2015. I couldn’t wear them immediately post lumpectomy and didn’t want to deal with them during radiation. Once I started the Tamoxifen, I couldn’t deal with clothing that heavy/warm. I haven’t worn anything long sleeved since December 2015. No, I take that back. There was one afternoon I felt chilly and wore a cardigan. (After Cordelia’s concert, Scott’s mother kept trying to get me to zip up my coat before we went outside. She didn’t say it directly but kept talking about how very cold it was out there. If I’d zipped up my coat, I’d have melted by the time we got to their car. I finally realized that I needed to explain that.)

I’m trying to decide how much to keep and how much to get rid of in terms of the things I’m not going to wear while taking Tamoxifen but will wear again after. I’ve got almost four years of Tamoxifen left, and that’s a long time to keep things, but, you know, cotton turtlenecks aren’t going to spoil or anything if I store them for a while. Buying replacements would be expensive.

At any rate, my first priority today is changing the sheets (that became urgent this morning). The second is the rest of the trash. Then I must make about three phone calls (well, ideally, I’ll intersperse the calls with other things). After that, I’ll consider my closet.
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Cordelia ended up spending the night at her friend’s house last night. She and her friend came over here by bus around noon. They stopped on the way (my best guess is the North Campus Commons) to pick up carryout from Panda Express. The food was only vaguely warm (and quite cold in spots) by the time they got here because they had to do a lot of walking. It was packaged in that sort of particle cardboard, and the packaging was kind of squishy.

The girls want to go downtown to buy bubble tea now. I have no objection, apart from how cold it is. They’re thirteen. Right now, they’re waiting for Cordelia’s phone to charge a bit. It had gotten down to about 15%. In the meantime, they’re watching episodes from season one of Arrow.

Scott and I did a little Ingress on the way home from taking Cordelia her overnight supplies (clothes, her Captain Cold Funko Pop thingy, her water bottle, her toiletries). We also got frosties at Wendy’s. We watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and some White Collar. P&P&Z was better than I expected, but my expectations were pretty rock bottom. I think it did best when it diverged most from Austen. The two parts simply didn’t fit together.

I want to finish the White Collar DVD because we’ve only got one Netflix return envelope right now. I’m holding off on returning another DVD until we either have something else we could mail the White Collar DVD back or have finished the White Collar DVD.

I ended up not doing the difficult phone calls yesterday because I didn’t want to do them while the cleaning lady was here. I managed several less challenging calls. There aren’t any cultural/philosophical issues between me and our cleaning lady on, for example, the subject of scheduling an eye exam so that I can get reading glasses. She thinks that, by making stressful calls to the insurance company, I’m damaging myself. Which… maybe I am, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need doing.

The cleaning lady’s daughter has a small business crocheting things to sell. I didn’t know that until I asked the cleaning lady if she knew anyone who might want my yarn. I collected all of that, filling two trash bags and one very large gift bag. We’ve got it in the basement until the cleaning lady can get her son to drive over to pick it up.

It’s hard to let it go, but I haven’t done any crocheting in years, and now it would hurt a lot to do it at all. It’s not important enough to me to spend the bit of hand use I have every day on it. I went back to my OTC splints yesterday. They aren’t great, but they’re a compromise that works better than the other options. I’m not wearing any of the three sets right now because it’s not worthwhile until I’m at the point where most activities hurt.

I found an unopened Christmas card from Scott’s sister’s family in 2010 that included school pictures of our niece and nephew. I found some peppermint gel stuff meant for rubbing on one’s feet that I kind of vaguely remember buying many, many years ago. I found two abandoned mouse nests including stashed food. I threw out everything contaminated that way, including some clothes that had been waiting to be mended for about five years.
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I was right. Scott had to leave as soon as he got dressed. I don’t think he even ate anything before he left. I hope he remembered his Beano so that he can eat some popcorn without getting sick.

Scott says he wants to keep any Lego people we might have. I was going to let him sort them out, but I knew that, if I asked him to, it would be weeks before he got to it. I don’t know how many of the figures will actually be useful for his purpose (minis for gaming), but they’re separated out now.

Ideally, I’d like Scott to take them and the books not worth selling to donate today. Art Fair may make that too hard to manage (it certainly means the books won’t go to the Friends of the Library), but keeping two tubs of toys in the living room isn’t great (and taking them back down to the basement seems unwise).

I’ve printed the directions from the Chicago hotel to various destinations including back home. Later on, when I feel a little more able to focus on it, I will print the directions for getting to the hotel from all of those places. Experience tells me that reversing things doesn’t necessarily work with, say, bus routes, and I don’t want to rely on Scott (or me or Cordelia) having enough charge on his cell phone to access directions that way.

I’m going to have to nail Scott down on what he wants to do when so that I can print directions from one destination to another. I’m not willing to do directions from everywhere to everywhere else, not when there are five or six distinct destinations that he and Cordelia are talking about.

Scott apparently doesn’t care when bread gets stale because I can’t persuade him to put loaves into bags or to close those bags. He’ll eat it anyway, but Cordelia and I won’t. Yesterday, he bought baba ghanouj that came with very thin flatbread for dipping. Scott left the bread open on the counter. I found it about six hours later at which point it was crunchy. We had a similar problem with flour tortillas earlier this week. The bag hadn’t gotten closed at all, and all of the tortillas were so dry they were crispy. I suppose that microwaving might revive one of those, but I resent having to try to salvage something like that. Also, microwaving only tends to keep things soft for a couple of minutes.

I’m going to wash the dirty sheets now. Then I’ll see about getting Cordelia to put away silverware so that I can run the dishwasher. After that, I’m not sure. I should write, but I feel like I need a nap. I got up earlier than usual because of Scott getting up, and I’ll have to do it again tomorrow because I have a dentist appointment in the morning. Or maybe I could manage a walk. It’s not horrifically hot yet, and it’s not actually raining right this second.
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Scott is going to see the Star Trek movie at 10 a.m. He thinks he’s going to shower and make pancakes and still get there on time. I think he’s going to shower and then realize that he has to leave right away or he won’t make the showing. At this point, he’s got forty five minutes before the showing, and he’s not out of the bathroom yet. I really don’t think he’s going to have time for pancakes.

Cordelia has been watching movies (DVD and Blu-ray) with us in the evenings. She says she wants to go through the movies she likes in alphabetical order, so we’ve done Alice in Wonderland (Disney animated), Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Big Hero 6. It means that Scott and I aren’t getting through our Netflix DVDs, but it’s really, really nice to have some time with Cordelia actually in the room with us.

I forgot to mention yesterday— We got pizza Friday night. Our internet connection was so bad that I couldn’t order online. We had to call because the Cottage Inn website will make you start over if things take too long to process. The guy Scott got on the phone could not understand when Scott said his name. First the guy thought he’d said John; then he thought Scott had said Josh. We really can’t figure out how he got there. He did, fortunately, get the order right.

Scott ended up putting the bed back together last night. I had worn myself out with a long (for me) walk that I started about 9:45. If I’d remembered needing to make the bed, I would not have gone nearly as far. As it was, I went down by the church and then up into the science and nature center parking lot.

I pulled some more books off our shelves last night. I’m trying to decide whether or not it’s worth hanging onto the one children’s book in order to give it to the school library. It’s in quite good condition, and it’s a fairly popular/well known book (Neil Gaiman’s Coraline). I offered it to Cordelia, but she doesn’t want it.

I tried Stash’s Moroccan mint green tea this morning. I thought I could probably get away with mint this early in the day. It wasn’t bad at all. The mint rather overwhelmed the green tea which was a plus for me but might not be for someone else.

I also tried Stash’s premium green tea the other day. I think I got the temperature of the water close to right. I’m never going to love plain green tea, but I didn’t hate this.
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Scott had an episode of heat exhaustion at work yesterday. His supervisor got him into the cafeteria which is air conditioned and the folks who work there gave him all the water he could stand. He says he sat for about an hour and then felt ready to go back to work. His supervisor wasn’t sure it was a good idea but decided that it was okay if they put him on the air conditioned side of the plant. (There are two parts to the plant. The part where Scott works isn’t air conditioned. The machines would work better if it were, but corporate won’t spring for it because the plant isn’t productive enough to justify it.)

At any rate, Scott was really exhausted last night and really stressing out over all of the things that need to be done that can’t be done during the time he’s at home. I tried to get him to tell me what needs doing, but that freaked him out, too. Mostly it’s stuff around the Chicago trip. There’s so very much to juggle there, and the information we need isn’t as easy to come by as I expected (I had major problems trying to figure out how to extract information from the Metra website in order to figure out what suburbs might be close to a line. I could go from the name of a suburb to its proximity, but I couldn’t get something that would show me the lines with clear indications of where they went. (Some of that is that I find the interface with Google maps horribly counterintuitive. I can’t navigate at all. I just get lost and can’t find my starting point again.)

I looked around a little in an effort to figure out where there might be hotels we could afford that would have the features we want, but I really need a place name to start with if I’m going to look properly. Goodness, I miss paper maps right now. I wonder if I can find one that I could print and still have it readable? Our printer only goes up to 8.5" x 11" sized paper. It can do smaller but not larger.

Scott’s also freaking out more than a bit because he’s worried that we’ll end up spending more than we can afford on this trip. I kind of want to smack him on that one because the time to figure out what we could afford was before he presented Cordelia with the options and promised that we’d do the one she picked. I think it’s 90% that he was exhausted and still kind of sick last night, but there’s a bit in there of him not having thought through how much all of this will cost.

Discover still owes me more than $350 (They say $468 but also list a bunch of 'pending' transactions. I can’t tell if those have already been taken from the balance or not, so I’m going with the lower estimate) for the overpayments Scott made, so we’ll have that, and it might cover most of the hotel stay, depending on where we end up.

I emailed ACD, the folks we’re thinking to switch to for internet. I’m going to have to talk to them because of the whole static IP address thing. There’s nothing on their web forms that allows for that option or for asking for any sorts of accommodations/requests, and their website doesn’t mention it anywhere where I could find it. Scott thinks we’ll have to pay extra for the static IP address but will be able to get it. I need to find out how much and measure it against the other costs. We’re looking at bundling broadband and local phone service for about $40 less a month than what we’re paying for phone and internet now, so we can afford to spend a chunk of that on the static IP address.

If it’s more than about $20 a month, however, I’ll sit Scott down and make him look at hosting our websites outside of our house. Two of the three would be relatively cheap because they’re small, just text. It’s the third that would be the problem in that direction. None of them would take that much effort to move because we wouldn’t be changing urls, so it would just be a matter of uploading our saved versions of everything. I can understand his reluctance to look at outside hosting. It puts our websites a little bit out of our control.

ACD does web hosting, starting at $20 a month. I don’t think we’d want to go with them for that, however, because the price is so very high and comes with a ton of things that we would never, ever use. It’s a service aimed at moderate sized business websites rather than at personal websites. I think we will run into that with a lot of such services.

I have about one more bin of assorted junk from the basement to go through. I think that will take a couple of hours, tops, and then that part of things will be done. I’ll still have to wash a lot of stuff, but that’s not going to take much time. I think I’ll probably use the bathtub for the big stuff because I can get it all in there at once and not have to dip things in and out. I’ll probably also just wear underwear because it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’d splash bleach on my clothing if I was wearing something where that mattered.
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I do, in fact, have about a quarter of a sandwich bag of glass beads. They’re very pretty, multiple shapes and colors, but they’re also quite small with equally small holes. They’re a little dusty, so I’d recommend rinsing them before using them.

If anyone wants them for the cost of postage, I’d be happy to send them. I might be able to figure out how to provide a picture, but I can make no promises, and I might not be able to do that until our internet stabilizes.

If no one wants them, I’ll likely donate them.

ETA: I found someone local who wants these.
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And, instead of writing, I’m using my day to sort more junk from the basement. I’m finding lots of markers that don’t work, shoes for dolls Cordelia no longer owns, tubes of lip gloss, paper doll clothes (but not the dolls), and pencils in various states of usefulness/lack thereof.

I’m throwing out Cordelia’s finger knitting bits and pieces. None of them are longer than about eight inches, and I can’t think of anything to do with them but let them collect dust.

There are about five partial decks of cards (are those recyclable?), and I’ve got in hand right this moment a necklace that originally had a vial of sparkly purple 'fairy dust.' I think there was something about the fairy dust granting wishes, but I don’t remember for sure. The vial is now empty, and the stopper’s missing. If I had the stopper, I’d think that some parent might want to refill it. Maybe someone could improvise a stopper? It’s nice enough that I don’t really want to throw it out.

I’m putting aside the markers that work well and the crayons that are still sharp for donating to the school in September. The better quality pencils may go that way, too, but I want to be picky. Maybe the hexbugs should go to the school, too. I’m less sure about that. One of them works fine, but the other is missing part of one of its four legs and so can’t actually walk.

There’re a bunch of necklaces. One or two of them are technically mine (but never worn) and things I thought were in my wooden jewelry box. Of course, I haven’t seen that box in many years, possibly since before Cordelia was born (I don’t wear jewelry). I’m pretty sure I had it stashed somewhere in the basement, so Cordelia finding it is not beyond the realm of possibility. I’ll have to ask her because there are couple of family things in there that I would prefer not to lose.

I’ve got a few pretty beads. I’m not sure there are enough of them to bag and donate or give away, but I really hate to throw them out. I guess I’ll put them in a ziploc as I find them and see how many there turn out to be when I’m done.

(I’m mostly writing this as I steel myself to deal with the grit and dust that’s mixed in with this stuff. Reaching in and pulling stuff out is unpleasant. I’ve also seen a couple of spiders in there. I’m not out and out afraid of spiders, but I prefer to give them space to do their thing.)

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