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We only ended up with one guest last night. Cordelia stayed in her room, and Scott, [ profile] cherydactyl, and I watched Wonder Woman which they'd both seen but I hadn't. I enjoyed it overall, but I failed to connect with it emotionally. This is a common problem for me with action focused movies, especially superhero movies. I get distracted and just don't see what other people see.

Scott is showering right now. When he's done and dressed, we'll head for Cordelia's school to meet with a counselor. Hopefully, that will go well and not take too long. I just hope they've fixed the elevator. I don't want to climb to the fourth floor.

I slept badly last night because of anxiety. I was sufficiently wound up that the amount of Halcion that would normally let me fall asleep and stay asleep simply didn't. I didn't feel even vaguely sleepy. It was that I wasn't tired as much as it was that I had enough in the way of adrenaline and such going on to be quite awake. I'm not sure that Ativan would have done better for me, but maybe it would have.

Cordelia's dental appointment went okay. The dentist left us sitting for longish stretches off and on because they'd fit us in when they were already full up. She did an x-ray and didn't see hidden decay. She said that Cordelia's wisdom teeth aren't pushing on anything or positioned in a way that she'd expect to cause pain. The joint of the jaw seems to be fine. So we don't know the underlying cause of the problem. She suggested a cheap night time mouth guard in order to see if a guard would help at all (and in order to avoid paying $500 for something that, at her age, might not fit next year).

From the dentist, we went and got bubble tea for me and Cordelia. They've changed their menu display and options, so I had to spend a little while figuring out if they still had what I wanted.

After that, we went to Target and got Wonder Woman and the mouth guard. We stopped at Plum Market to pick up dinner at their buffet (you pay by weight). I gambled on a couple of things that looked (and were) tasty but that I probably shouldn't have touched because of spice levels.

My Captive Audience recipient has gotten back to me. I was right in suspecting that things had gotten lost.
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I only managed about four and a half hours with the c-PAP last night. At that point, I started sneezing and just couldn't keep the nasal pillows in place.

Yesterday, Cordelia and I got our hair trimmed. I had to shower after because they sprayed my hair with something scented to get it wet, and that stuff dried sticky and made my nose itch. The hair place is a couple of doors down from a Starbucks, so we all got something there. Then we went to Target to get a couple of things Cordelia needs for camp. We ended up buying a bunch of DVDs, too. Some things Cordelia wanted desperately, a copy of Moana for me, and several things that were about $5 each and seemed worth that much.

I'm kind of puzzled as to why I can watch and enjoy Moana when most things involving sea/ocean travel set off my anxiety incredibly strongly due to my phobia of deep water. Maybe it's because the ocean seems self aware and more or less friendly?

We picked up food at Zoup on the way home. I like their food, but there's a problem in that I probably ought to switch to a different soup than my fallback but can't find any other options that I can eat safely. Avoiding tomatoes and peppers and anything heavily creamy makes that really hard. I got a side soup and a half sized salad. Scott got a side soup and a half sandwich. Cordelia got a sandwich.

I discovered, after we got home, that our current loaf of bread had started to grow mold, so Scott will have to go out and get a replacement today. He wants to go to the Games Library Day which starts soon, but there are several things I need him to do first. We have to go to the library. I need him to bring up a box or three from the basement for me to sort. He has to put up a cloths line outside so that we can put anti-tick spray on Cordelia's camp clothing. That goes on wet and is supposed to air dry outside. I really want to get as much sprayed today as we can.
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Waffles actually are kind of easy, at least when I'm working from a mix. The biggest hitch was the egg not wanting to mix. Scott had told me to use a spoon instead of a whisk because having lumpy batter is fine, but the egg white was kind of clumpy, so I had to go to a whisk anyway. Our waffle iron has a light that comes on when the waffle is done (my assumption is that this has to do with sensing temperature since it's the same light that comes on when the iron has preheated).

In the afternoon, after the library trip, we went to Vault of Midnight, the game and comic store downtown, and Scott got two Firefly game supplements and a cooperative game that he thinks I might enjoy.

We had dinner out for a third night in a row. This time we went to a Chinese place near the Kroger. Cordelia was unimpressed by her chicken lo mein which basically had no flavor to speak of, but we all like the chicken with mixed vegetables and shrimp with mixed vegetables that Scott and I got. The service was not stellar. I'm pretty sure that the waitress must have been inexperienced. She asked for our food order immediately after we sat down, before we'd even had time to open the menus, and kept coming back to ask at very short intervals. She never refilled our water glasses in spite of a request. After the meal, we asked for three boxes, and she brought two.

After that, we went next door to the Asian grocery and bought a lot of mochi. I also got some ginger coconut hard candies, and Cordelia got some guava sour candies and some pear juice that she's had before and really likes. Scott got a large slotted ladle which we do need. I told him that we should be shopping there for dumplings and buns and such rather than at Kroger. I'm pretty sure that the stuff there was half to two thirds the price of the same stuff at Kroger, and it's just across the street.

Scott and I watched two movies that I'd gotten from the library. Well, for certain values of watched. I'm not sure that either of us actually paid much attention to Beauty and the Beast (2017). I'm sitting at a really terrible angle to see the TV and never quite managed to get interested. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract was better and held our attention.

There's an exchange I didn't sign up for for which I'd like to write about a dozen treats, but (and this is why I didn't sign up) it has the same due date as Not Prime Time. I really don't think I'm going to write that many stories in that window. Ah, well. Maybe they'll keep the collection open for after the fact treats.

I'm considering signing up for Fic Corner, but I'm not really enthusiastic about anything that was nominated. (I didn't nominate because of computer troubles. Me nominating probably wouldn't have helped as I skew toward obscure books from the 1960s through the early 1980s.) There's one thing I'm pretty certain I could write. There are things I could probably write and am sure I own. There are things I might be able to write but am not sure I still own. There are things that might be interesting to try but that would require buying the canon (if I could find it). Many of these are books I haven't read in decades.

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The afternoon yesterday was laid back. Scott and Cordelia gave me seasons 4 and 5 of Leverage and season 1 of Batman Beyond. Scott and I went to the library around 4:00 and did a little Ingress while we were out.

Cordelia watched The Fellowship of the Ring and was very puzzled as to why people like it so much. She also was very annoyed by the lack of female characters. When Arwen showed up, Cordelia noted that this was the first female character of any note/with lines of dialogue.

On our way to Brighton, Scott took Whitmore Lake Road part of the way with the idea of avoiding construction. Then he decided to go back to 23 because it had looked clear from what he could see of it. That led us to driving through some very slow bits of construction. I'm not sure we actually avoided any construction by taking Whitmore Lake Road at all, so I'm not sure what the point was.

Food frustrations/general crankiness )

I wasn't able to use my c-PAP for the whole night last night because part of my nose is inflamed and hurts terribly when anything touches it. I'm going to apply heat and see if that helps it resolve.
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I can’t seem to get myself to focus. Spring break combined with the Monday night sleep disorders clinic thing has just smacked me. I’ve been doing a lot of utterly trivial cat waxing and can’t seem to stop. This is the sort of thing where I browse our local library’s online catalog and look at, say, every single graphic novel in the collection, all 9800 of them in screens of twenty at a time. I used to play solitaire on my laptop to fill that sort of space, but my hands can’t do it now.

I can’t focus to read or to watch anything, either. I mean, I watched Rogue One with Scott yesterday afternoon, but… I didn’t really watch it. It was overall more violent than I’m comfortable with, so had I been on my own, I’d probably have stopped early on. I’m feeling the same way about Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them which I’ve got from the library and have been watching with Scott and Cordelia.

This is a problem I’m having a lot lately. I just don’t care about most of what I start, be it a TV show or a movie or a book. The best I get is tepid. This is not so great when I’ve got about twenty library books checked out and a heck of a lot of books I own and haven’t yet read. I’ve only seen the first three or four episodes of the most recent season of The Librarians. I’ve seen scattered episodes of the various shows Scott and Cordelia are enthusiastic about, but I’d mostly rather lie in bed and write than try to deal with the stress of watching.

And watching and reading actually are stressful. Watching moreso than reading because, when I read, I can at least open the book to different places if I feel trapped. This is why I haven’t been reading much fic, either. Skipping around in that is hard and kind of counterproductive. I’ve never been great at reading short stories. Those actually take a harder push for me than something over 10000 words. I have no idea why that is.

The more stressed I am, the harder it is to read or to watch anything.

I have managed, though, to fill out and mail the Aetna reimbursement claim forms. Hopefully, we’ll get something back there. A substantial something would be really nice. Scott’s been working on the taxes. We ran into some hitches with getting all the documentation we needed for medical expenses and with access to the tax preparation software Scott uses (he forgot to change his email address with them before we ditched Earthlink) that required him sending them a scan of his driver’s license.

Cordelia is spending the night with a friend tonight, but they’ll be over here bright and early and expecting Scott to take them shopping. I can probably stay in bed because I can’t drive the car and because they only need one adult with credit cards/cash. I think they want to go to thrift stores, but I’m not certain.

We had friends over to play games last night. We played and lost a six player game of Flashpoint. Then Scott and some of the others tried a Kickstarter game based on The Dresden Files (while I went and lay down in an effort to stop my back hurting). Scott was unimpressed by the game. It’s very pretty, but play isn’t flexible or balanced. If anyone’s interested, I can ask him to expand on that, but I don’t remember most of what he told me last night.

I have twenty three days to write, edit, and post my Fandom5K story.
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Last night, Scott watched The Fellowship of the Ring while I was in the room. I looked up at one point and started yelling at the TV because Gandalf was smoking and drinking in an archive. He was also throwing those irreplaceable manuscripts around in ways guaranteed to damage them. I haven’t worked in a library for seventeen years, but apparently I still react badly to preservation threats.

I slept late this morning. It was past 11 when I dragged myself out of bed. I’d been awake, off and on, since a bit after 8:00. I was just so very, very tired (still am, actually). I can’t seem to nap, and caffeine isn’t helping, so I’m not sure what to do.

The current plan is for Scott to go and get his hair cut. After he gets back, we’ll go to the library. We don’t currently have any other plans. I probably should bake bread. We have enough left to do lunches for tomorrow but will need more after that. I want to change our sheets, but I think I will need help with the fitted sheet because my hands have been complaining a lot. I’m going to save doing more laundry until tomorrow.

I have a couple of vague ideas for possible starting points for my Fandom5K story, but I’m not sure if either will work. I guess I’ll spin out a few sentences for each and see if any of them open up the way I need them to.

I posted another chapter of We Are Where We Began yesterday. That makes eight chapters, and it’s still not done. I don’t know how it’s going to end, either, so I think the ending will probably surprise me. I also posted a smutty non-con scene with warnings out the wazoo that’s part of the House of Sulfur and Mercury set but that’s not plot relevant. It’s gotten 67 hits (a lot for the size of the fandom) but no kudos or comments. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s bad or because kinky PWP non-con in a miniscule fandom doesn’t get such responses. I have the impression that a lot of people don’t want to attach their names to feedback for such things.

I really need to spend some time updating my website. I haven’t done that since before the cancer, so I think the last thing I put up there was Yuletide 2014. I’ve written and posted fifteen stories since then. Nine of those are probably safe for posting at FFnet, but I’m even less likely to get around to doing that.
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Scott and I went out to the bank around 11:00 yesterday morning to transfer some money from Cordelia’s account to ours. After that, we picked up food at Plum Market, pizza for him and a spinach pie for me. The weather was really nice, so we stopped by the science and nature center to recapture all of the portals there.

The walking wasn’t particularly good for my Achille’s tendon, but it was so very nice to be out in warm weather. I can tell that I’ve lost a lot of ground in terms of my ability to walk.

During the afternoon, we watched Arrival which I’d gotten from the library and finished a Netflix DVD that had been sitting with about fifteen minutes left on it for a week. Cordelia was annoyed that we watched Arrival without her. It hadn’t occurred to me that she might want to see it.

Cordelia went out to spend time with her friends in the evening, so Scott and I got carry out dinner from Palm Palace which is a place she doesn’t enjoy. I got lentil soup and the lamb saute which turned out not to be the dish I thought it was. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I had wanted. Scott got a chicken schwarma plate and hummus.

We listened to an audiobook until Cordelia was ready to come home.

My cold is much worse than it was. I’m not at all happy about that. I can still sleep lying down (as long as I take Sudafed), but even when I’m upright things feel not right in my throat and chest.
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We tried a new to us Japanese restaurant, Nagomi Sushi, yesterday for lunch. Cordelia and I both tried some sushi. Our conclusion was that even the things not labeled as spicy were too much for us. We ate everything anyway, but I definitely worried about reflux later on.

I ended up with a lot of CDs from the library yesterday. A bunch of things I’d had holds on for a while came in all at once. I have a bunch of DVDs I want to get through, too.

I need to run two loads of laundry today and change the sheets on our bed (which yields a third load of laundry). I’m not sure if I’ll manage any of that because I’ve got cramps that scream at me when I move. I have stuff I can take, but it effectively stops flow, too, so that I can’t get through my period unless I accept the cramps for a few days. This is new since I got rid of the IUD, and I am not at all pleased by it.

At any rate, I think most of what I’m going to do today is sitting around, reading, writing, and watching whatever takes my fancy. I’ve promised Cordelia that I’ll make her a list of light hearted movies that she might like, so I’m also going to be browsing the library site and Netflix and Hulu to see what I can find. I have no idea if screwball comedies will appeal, but I’m hopeful that she’ll like at least some of them.

I’ve started using Adium to get to AIM. There are things I don’t like about it, but they’re mostly small irritations that I’ll get used to. The one that’s bugging me most is that it puts an icon in the bar at the top of the screen. Every thirty seconds to a minute, the damned thing moves an inch to the left and then back. I catch just enough of that movement to think that something major has happened and then can’t figure out what.
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I’m finding both the Habitica website and the Habitica app very frustrating and buggy. The app is better than the website in terms of functioning at all, but there are things I can do from the website, if I can get it to load, that I can’t do from the app. I’ve tried the website in both Firefox and Chrome. I keep getting unresponsive scripts (Firefox) and notices that the entire page is unresponsive (Chrome) and things that ought to display and then disappear (streak achievement notices mostly. I can’t even get in far enough to disable those) that instead stay and cover the screen so that I can’t do anything at all or see anything at all.

I’ve been trying to get the website to behave for over an hour. I should probably give up, but… Part of me thinks that, if I can just manage to turn off the stupid streak achievement notices, I might actually be able to use the site.

The problems with the app are two fold— It keeps giving me 'communication errors' that lead to double posting of things I add to my to do list or tasks being marked as complete without me, as far as I can tell, getting any xp at all for them. This is all while I’m at home and using our wifi.

We ended up dropping by the downtown library last night. Cordelia wanted us each to pick out a movie for the family to watch later in the week. She got Disney’s Snow White, I got Groundhog Day, and Scott got the Green Lantern movie (he says he feels he shouldn’t be mocking a movie he hasn’t actually seen).

We went for gelato after visiting the library. I had sassafras, Cordelia had tiramisu, and Scott had… um… I can’t actually remember. Cordelia really, really wants to get out of the house every evening. We’re having trouble coming up with places to go at 7:30 at night that don’t cost money. She refuses parks because of the cold (and Scott and I don’t really want to go to parks in the dark in January anyway, but… It would be cheaper).

On Sunday, we drove out to Skyline just to take a look from the outside. It’s a pretty big building on a large lot with two sports fields (that we saw) and tennis courts. Cordelia was more boggled by the amount of parking than by the size of the building. Pointing out that some high school students drive to school helped explain the size of the lot to her. She had been thinking that the school just had that many employees.

I have just barely passed my minimum word count on the Small Fandom Big Bang story. I’m not sure where/how to end it. I think that I need to wrap it up close to where it is now because, if I go on much farther, I’ll probably be committed to another 20000 words before I find another stopping point.

Today’s to do list:

Bake bread.
Make two phone calls.
Change sheets.
Do my daily chores (dishes, sandwiches).
Write something.
Work on backlog of library books/CDs/DVDs.
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Scott picked up my library holds last night, so we have a few movies to try. We started and discarded one but really fell in love with Kubo and the Two Strings.

He also bought a cheesecake tray, and we all had some. It was still frozen, and my hands were hurting a lot, so I didn’t get through my slice until about 8:30.

My hands hurt from about 3:00 onward yesterday. I put on my braces and tried to minimize using my hands. They’re not so bad now, but even buttering my toast last night was difficult. (I’d picked toast as not too likely to be hard on my hands. I forgot that the margarine was currently hard.) I made fudge in spite of the pain, and the braces helped a lot with that in terms of keeping my thumbs out of the process of stirring things.

I’m seeing a PA at the orthopedics clinic today. Hopefully she will have some suggestions for something that will help. The braces help me not use my thumbs, but they also make things hurt a good bit more. Naproxen doesn’t help even the slightest bit, and my primary care doctor is wary of me taking it anyway, given what the genetic testing turned up. If it actually helped, I’d likely take it anyway since I’ve taken it on and off for thirty years without ill effect (apart from last fall during radiation). I rather suspect that there isn’t any reasonable medication that will help. Rest is very difficult to manage while still dressing and washing myself and typing anything at all, but it’s probably all that will actually help. I just don’t know if I can.
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My bruised leg is giving me a fair amount of trouble with walking and standing. I’ve got things I want to do that require standing, so I’m trying to plan my day so that I don’t try too much at once but still get stuff done. I have three phone calls I absolutely must manage, too.

The part of my neck that I kept putting pressure on to ease my headache feels really tender now. Which makes sense given that I spent two days putting pressure on it whenever I could manage.

I’m planning to try making bacon wrapped dates with turkey bacon some time this week. I usually make a lot of them for our family Christmas gathering, but there will only be six people this year, and one— Cordelia’s friend— is Muslim. If the turkey bacon version works, I’ll take some with us. If not, well, I’m sure we’ll have plenty to eat.

I need to make our Christmas porridge, too. Scott will want me to try making it in the pressure cooker, but I’m not enthusiastic about experimenting with that this close to Christmas. I know the stovetop method works.

Scott and Cordelia both enjoyed Rogue One last night. I think that, for Cordelia, the big draw was time with her friends. Scott didn’t sit with the girls. I think he’s going to end up seeing a lot of movies that way— him alone in the theater while Cordelia sits somewhere else with her friends.
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Drat. I wrote this hours ago and then forgot to post it. Here it is anyway:

Getting through this afternoon’s appointment actually did kill the headache. I’m actually feeling pretty good as far as that goes right at the moment. I wish I could get my body to respond to this sort of anxiety/stress in a less agonizing and debilitating way. Of course, this serves as a reminder of how I felt 80-90% of the time when I was working.

I fell while we were out, though, so I’m bruised between my ankles and knees on both legs. The left leg is worse because of course it is. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do my Achille’s tendon/calf muscle stretches for a little while. My hands are a bit sore, too, because I caught myself on them. It was snow along the curb when I got out of the car. Rock hard snow.

Scott and Cordelia are out, seeing Rogue One. Cordelia’s with several friends as part of a birthday celebration. Since Scott had to drive her there and pick her up after, it made sense for him to watch the movie at the same time. He wanted very much to see it, of course, because Star Wars is one of his passions.

Scott did the library run on his own this afternoon because I couldn’t deal with going out. Somehow, he missed six of my holds, so we’re going to have to go back for them tomorrow.
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I’m up earlier than I wanted to be because I have gas that hurts horribly when I’m lying down but doesn’t bother me when I’m standing or sitting. That’s the opposite of what usually happens to me, so I’m a bit boggled.

Yesterday’s dinner at Totoro was pleasant. Cordelia got sushi and so did Scott’s sister’s entire family. Scott and I and Scott’s sister’s sister-in-law all ordered other things. Our nephew ordered udon on top of the sushi, but he’s seventeen and still a bottomless pit. Because we had told the staff at Totoro that this was a birthday celebration, they brought the sushi for Scott’s sister’s family on a big tray with decorations, mostly made from cucumber peels and including a candle that was perilously close to a sprig of parsley. I kept watching to see if the parsley was going to catch fire, but it didn’t.

The folks at Totoro recognized me and remembered that I always order a bento (I like the variety of different flavors). I only get in there a few times a year, so I was surprised. It’s not as if I’m in there weekly or anything. Service was good. The waitress kept up with refills on drinks and on clearing dishes and such. Scott gave her a generous tip ($12 on a $50 bill) which I’m glad of. I don’t know how the others did in that direction.

We talked with our nephew about his college options. He’s applying three schools, two in state and one out. He’s been putting off making his Christmas list because he can’t think of things to put on it, and all of the adults at the table started suggesting things that might make dorm life (and, eventually, living outside of the dorms) easier. I got the impression that he’s not quite ready to think about that yet.

The restaurant was only about half full, so we sat and talked for a while after eating. Eventually, we went as a group to try to find frozen yogurt. The place that Cordelia found on Google turned out to be closed, so we ended up at a place that had both ice cream and frozen yogurt (the two places were only a block apart). Scott’s sister paid for all of us to have ice cream. For some reason, Stucchi’s idea of a 'small' bowl for adults is two scoops of ice cream (which can be different flavors). Cordelia ended up with a truly small bowl and only a single scoop, so I think they looked at her and thought 'child.' I enjoyed my two scoops, but I’d probably have been better off with the amount she had, and she’d have enjoyed having more.

When we got home, Cordelia wanted to watch a movie with us. After some debate, we talked her into trying Rush Hour. She was mainly interested in that because one of her teachers had quoted it (with profanity excised), but I think that she enjoyed it. We’ve been trying to persuade her to try more of the movies we own, but she tends to assume that, because we liked them enough to buy them, they must be terrible and/or boring. Never mind that she’s liked about 85% of those she’s actually tried. We’re hoping that having seen Rush Hour will encourage her to try more Jackie Chan movies. I think she’ll enjoy the combination of comedy and action. Of course, she may not realize how amazing the stunt work is.

Scott tried to talk her into Wrath of Khan, but she’s really adamant that she will never, ever watch anything Star Trek related.

I have posted more in my Chronicles of Amber dark AU arc. I haven’t linked here because I have the impression that anyone who’s interested is already likely to see those stories and that almost everyone isn’t particularly interested. Which— It’s darkfic for an obscure fandom. I don’t expect readers beating down my door or any such thing. I’m just having fun writing it.

I will note that my Yuletide story is not darkfic. I was a little worried that I’d find it going that way, but it hasn’t. I’ve done one thing in terms of tweaking canon that some readers may not like (and I’m tagging for it), but I’m hopeful that my recipient will because I think that it fits the characters. It’s something that isn’t contradicted by anything in canon (mostly because the focus character is relatively minor and doesn’t get much backstory).

I didn’t have much Achille’s tendon pain from the walking yesterday. It was about three blocks, and I only ended up with a little bit of an ache. It was hurting more when I got up at 5:00 to take my thyroid medication, but now that I know exactly what stretch helps, I was able to to that before going back to bed. Based on the type of stretching that works, I’m pretty sure that what I need to do is to loosen up my calf muscle regularly. I don’t think the underlying problem is actually in the tendon.

I only need about 50000 points to advance to the next level in Ingress. If all goes well, I should be able to manage that today. People from the other side came through the area last night to the point that only three of the portals I have keys for are still held by our side (and none of those are anywhere nearby. Two of them are actually in other towns).
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I only got about five hours of sleep last night. I gave up when Cordelia got up because sleeping more just wasn’t happening. I think that a big part of it is that I talked to my mother last night. She told me that Social Security wouldn’t be sending me to a psychologist unless they were expecting him to give them a report that means they can cut off my benefits. She says that it means that, whatever information my doctors gave them, didn’t contain the right keywords. Mom’s been doing Social Security cases since 1978 or 1979, so she’s got a pretty fair read on what they will and won’t do.

My psychiatrist is on vacation this week and possibly next (I can’t find the slip on which her receptionist wrote that schedule), so I can’t talk to her about it and try to figure out what to do.

I wrote seven or eight hundred words yesterday. Sadly, none of them were on my Yuletide fic. I don’t know— Maybe I just need to finish this thing so that it’s not taking up room in my head.

Scott picked up some groceries on his way home yesterday but forgot the one thing that I’d have trouble getting through today without, so the three of us went out after dinner to get almond milk. We stopped at Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt, and we dropped some stuff off at the Traverwood library. (The library bag was getting a bit full, so I thought we might as well since we were in the area.)

We replaced our dead copy of Kiki’s Delivery Service, but the new DVD has soundtrack problems. Everything sounds fine except for Kiki’s voice which has a bit of static/buzz, just enough to make it sound like it’s a sixth generation copy of something from a cassette tape that was already too old to play properly. We’re trying to decide whether or not we can live with that or if we need to return the dratted thing.

I got very little of what was on yesterday’s to do list actually done. I think part of that is that the one thing I got done took more time and resources than I expected. Right now, I’m thinking that I’ll start the day with the essential chores (feeding myself, putting dishes in the dishwasher, making Scott a sandwich) and then try to make some phone calls. I need to make two appointments, one for me and one for Cordelia. I need to talk to a restaurant about our niece’s birthday gathering. I need to do some political action calls if I can at all manage it. I’d like to shower and start cooking potatoes for our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. The potatoes shouldn’t be that difficult, but I think I will need to cook more than one batch, and I worry that, if I don’t start today, I won’t have the wherewithal to do it all tomorrow. Scott will do the actual mashing part, of course.

I kind of want more tea, but I’m not sure if that’s a desire for more caffeine or just for the warmth. If it’s warmth I’m after, lemon ginger tea will do the job more than adequately. Maybe I should just start with the lemon ginger. It’s not as if drinking that means I can’t make something caffeinated afterward. Putting the kettle on doesn’t take that much energy, and I have other things that need doing in the kitchen, so it’s not really extra walking to irritate my tendonitis.
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Scott tells me that there’s no way I’ll be able to watch Doctor Strange, even on a small screen, because of the way that certain scenes are filmed. Cordelia thought that the surgery scenes might be a problem for me, but I suspect that the movement on the screen will be more of an issue as that’s what gives me migraines.

We went to the library not long after Scott got home. Cordelia came with us because she had a hold to pick up. We could have gotten it for her (I still keep her library card because she hasn’t started carrying a wallet or purse yet. Even if I didn’t, Scott has scanned the barcode on the card and saved the image on his phone).

On our way home, we dropped Cordelia off at the bottom of the hill, near the church, and went on to the science center to recapture the portals that the other side had captured two or three hours before. We managed that without much trouble, at least from the Ingress side.

Unfortunately, the library trip plus twenty minutes of walking really made my left foot hurt. I think it went past a five on the zero to ten scale which was quite enough to make me unwilling to get up from the couch. I iced the dratted thing twice during the next few hours and took naproxen. I tried to find one or the other of my canes but couldn’t. I haven’t used one in years, so they were no longer where I had put them. Scott managed to find them in the dining room. I have no idea what they were doing there. The cane didn’t help much except to make Scott take the whole thing seriously.

This morning, the foot is better enough that I can do things like emptying the dishwasher and making myself breakfast. The cane I was using last night is in the bedroom now. My foot still hurts when I walk, but it’s nowhere near as bad. I just want to be able to take a walk and not have it wreck me.

I now have all six of the characters for my UCon game at 2/3 to 3/4 done. I’m not entirely happy with the one I wrote yesterday because it doesn’t seem to fit with the other characters very well. I’m not sure whether the problem is with that character not working or if it’s with the other characters being too connected. I could just drop that character. I set the maximum number of players at five, so six characters is more than I should need.

I got an audiobook yesterday at the library that I think I might actually get through quickly. It’s Tolkien’s The Children of Hurin read by Christopher Lee. Well, the first CD is read by Christopher Tolkien who is rather less compelling than Christopher Lee. I’m two CDs in (out of eight). My main difficulty is that I can’t remember all of the people mentioned.
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Cordelia and Scott are out, seeing Doctor Strange now. Cordelia was surprised that Scott was going, too, even though he’d told her several times. The plan is for her to ride back and forth with her friend and sit with the other girl. Scott just wants to sit near so he can pretend he’s seeing the movie with someone instead of alone.

I wish I could go. I know Scott sees a lot fewer movies than he’d like to simply because I can’t and Cordelia won’t go with him. It’s just that none of us think the migraines are a good thing for me or that it’s worth paying for a movie ticket for me to sit with my eyes closed the whole time. I’m not even sure I could keep my eyes closed that long, especially when I’d keep thinking that peeking just once couldn’t hurt.

I’ve got a load of laundry in, and the dishwasher is running. I want to wash the bathmat, too, because that’s nasty. I just didn’t want to put it in with our clothes. I need to start a loaf of bread the next time I get up. We have three slices left from last week’s bread, so I can make a sandwich for Scott with that. I’m not sure what kind of bread to make. I made a whole wheat variation last week, but I don’t think it tasted good. My suspicion is that I have problems with bread because my mother, when she baked bread, added about three times as much salt as most of these recipes call for. Bread is one of the few things that I seem to need salt in. We don’t salt or butter our veggies or salt or sauce our meat most of the time.

It’s a little weird— Climbing stairs doesn’t make whatever is wrong with my left heel hurt. I guess all the movement there is in my knees. Going down is not as happy. The dratted thing has started aching when at rest. Definitely must call my doctor’s office tomorrow. This makes exercise very difficult. Walking is really the only good option I’ve got for that. (Swimming requires either paying $40+ for a cab and then the fee for pool access or walking more than I would normally and spending about an hour on bus lines I don’t know very well and still paying for pool access).
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I ended up lying down at about 8:30 last night but not turning off the light until Scott came to bed at 10:30. I was just too exhausted to stay upright. I’d probably have turned out the light sooner, but I got up like three times to use the bathroom. I slept pretty soundly apart from waking at 2:00 with a cramp in my left calf. Scott says he woke then but didn’t realize that I was hurting. I got enough of the cramp released that I could limp to the bathroom, but it still hurt a lot. I got up about 10:00 this morning and probably could have slept several hours more.

I’m on day eight of my period, but I think it’s ending.

I’ve been up for a while and am still not entirely awake.

Scott bought the new Ghostbusters movie on his way home last night. We watched maybe a third of it before Cordelia realized that she really wanted to see the new episode of Legends of Tomorrow. I think I want to rewatch that first part because I was so exhausted that I felt utterly detached from it. Then again, I’m not sure that I could because of the crap the characters have to deal with. I think that my problem was that I was too tired to find anything funny. It frustrates me because I’ve been looking forward to seeing this movie ever since I first heard about it. Scott and Cordelia saw it in the theater, but I couldn’t because of the migraine thing.

Scott will be on vacation next week. At this point, he’s expecting to have to work tomorrow in spite of that. Technically, when people take a week off, it runs from Monday to the following Sunday. It’s unofficial policy to try to give people the weekend before, too, but it doesn’t always happen. Scott has had the last two weekends off, so him working this weekend is very likely.
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Hm. I made a list of my various WIP and of those plot bunnies that are more than just vague 'yeah, that might be interesting some day' things. There are eight things I haven’t started yet, four of them sequels. There are five things that are certain to be extremely long (hundreds rather than tens of thousands of words). Then there are about eight things that I don’t want to work on right this moment but that are already started and, at least in theory, finishable.

I’m putting the don’t wanna stuff down to the change in Zoloft dosage, mostly. I’m not sure why, if 25 mg a day kept me awake, 50 mg a day should make me want to do nothing but sleep, but that seems to be the way it’s going.

I’ve also got about a dozen different things that I want to have watched but don’t actually want to, you know, watch. I’ve got three Netflix DVDs and two library DVDs plus a library DVD lecture series (4 DVDs) and the second season of Star Wars: Rebels from the library. I really want to watch the rest of Rebels, but Scott and Cordelia want to see it, too. They just keep giving it very low priority. The set is due Sunday and can’t be renewed, and we’ve still got eight and a half episodes to go. Given that they want to watch Agents of SHIELD tonight and that Cordelia will be out tomorrow evening, I don’t think we’re going to get through them. It would take two or three months to cycle back through the waitlist again.
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We ended up going to the library about 4:30 yesterday. It was a little later than Scott had wanted to go, but Cordelia wanted to come along, too, to pick up her holds herself, and she wanted to finish the last few pages of the book she was reading (not a library book). When we got to the library, we had to park underground because some sort of concert was going on in the surface lot.

We got home and watched The Jungle Book (2016) immediately. It was pretty good, but I kind of wish they’d just left out the songs.

Near the end of the movie, I realized that I’d forgotten to return one book that was due yesterday and couldn’t be renewed, so we had to go out again. We combined that with a trip to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt. I returned two other items to the library at the same time. Those two have been checked in, but the one due yesterday hasn’t yet. The library’s been open more than an hour now, so I’m a little concerned.

I need to go out today to drop some stuff off at the school. We never did anything with Cordelia’s Brownie sash or Junior vest, so we’re donated them to the Girl Scout troops at her school. She doesn’t want any of the stuff at all, no pins or badges or what-have-you, so I’ve put it all in a big Ziploc. The Girl Scouts have a mailbox at the school, and I already checked with the woman who oversees the troops. She said that they definitely could use the stuff.

I’ve got the dishwasher running. I think the only other must-be-done chore is making sandwiches for Scott and Cordelia. Well, and lunch for me eventually.

Scott keeps trying to sterilize plastic things in the pressure cooker and ending up melting them. I have no idea why he keeps doing that. So far, at least, he hasn't done it with anything that he actually needs and doesn't have an extra of, but... Why?

I ended up wide awake when Scott got up at 5:00 and was only just starting to feel sleepy when Cordelia got up at 6:30. I slept a little bit after she left and even dreamed in spite of it only being about an hour before I got up for the day.

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