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My A-Ride pick up is scheduled for 10:15. I've set an alarm for 10:00 so I'll have time to put on my shoes and go outside (assuming it's not raining at that point). I've decided not to try to deal with returning the viola today. I neglected to have Cordelia find and pack up all the bits and pieces that came with it, and I don't want to walk to Shar in the rain (if it does rain).

I think I'm going to return one of my current DVD lectures sets to the library without finishing. It's about how to listen to music, and I've gotten through half of it with another 18 hours left to go. It can't be renewed, and I'm not convinced that I've learned anything. I don't know if it's that I'm starting from great ignorance, if it's that I'm only giving the lectures part of my attention, or if it's that the lecturer lost me early because the metaphors he uses don't fit how I perceive music. He's not a bad lecturer. He speaks clearly, audibly, and with enthusiasm, and I think the lectures are well structured. It's just that I parse musical sounds as kinetic, as certain kinds of movement-- waves, spirals, etc.-- and don't really hear music if it doesn't come through to me as doing that. I don't dislike it; I just don't hold onto it at all. As they say, in one ear and out the other.

I think I've found a way forward in my Captive Audience story. I've broken 9K words and don't know how much longer it will end up being. I'm not sure how much writing I'll manage today, though, given that I'll get home from my appointment around the time that the cleaning lady arrives.

Cordelia plans to be out for the evening-- The library is having a party for volunteers, and she and her friends are getting together for movie night. We'll be up as early tomorrow as we have been all week because the camp is having a breakfast party for their volunteers. They're trying to get those volunteers to stay after the party for an outdoor work/maintenance day (I assume this would be pulling out invasives and picking up any trash visitors have left behind. More of the former, probably).
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I actually managed to get my sister on the phone yesterday for her birthday. I can't remember the last time I called her and didn't end up with her voice mail. She was talking to her son off and on during the conversation (he's four or five years younger than Cordelia), telling him what to do to get their dog to do what he wanted. The first couple of comments in that direction were confusing because they didn't relate to what we were talking about. I'm used to talking to her when she's alone.

She told me that she has found a decent viola that's the right size for Cordelia. One of my sister's regulars at the frame shop she manages collects and refurbishes used string instruments, and she had asked him to keep an eye out for a reasonable viola in Cordelia's size and at a price that we could afford. The instrument in question is half an inch larger than the one Cordelia's been renting and doesn't include a bow, but both Cordelia and the instrument guy feel that half an inch shouldn't be a problem. My sister is paying for the viola and for shipping (she says it's to make up for years of missed birthdays and Christmas presents. I pointed out that she's sent more in that direction than our parents have).

At any rate, returning the rented viola will save us about $18 a month. Cordelia finds playing soothing and has been seeking out music online so that she can try new to her pieces. I think that she will keep playing even without taking orchestra. My sister says that the guy she's dealing with assures her that this is a good quality viola and would be good for taking orchestra again if Cordelia decides that she wants to do that.

I will probably return the viola to Shar when I go to Medequip for the c-PAP related stuff, assuming I can do that this week. They're relatively near each other. I'm not sure it's a distance I'd find walkable, but they're on the same street. I figure I can put my c-PAP into a backpack and carry the viola and gear in my hands.

Part of me wants very much to go back to bed now that Cordelia's off at camp, but I should do laundry, and I'm waiting for a couple of phone calls. Of course, falling asleep would pretty much guarantee the calls coming through, right? I've got about two and a half hours now when sleep would be possible. Later on, it won't be.
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I'm feeling so very, very overheated right now. I know that part of the problem is that the only way I can get caffeine right this moment is by making and drinking hot tea (cold brewed will take about twenty hours, so it's not an immediate option). Well, I could spend a couple of hours going to the store to buy something. Decidedly not worth it to.

I'm at home alone right this moment. Cordelia had a volunteer shift at the downtown library this morning and plans to meet up with friends at the Traverwood library in the afternoon. She'll go home with them, and we'll pick her up at 9:30, after movie night with her friends. Their current plan is to watch Grease.

A couple of nights ago, I cooked the remaining ground turkey in the instant pot with some great northern beans and turkey bacon. I added chicken broth and some herbs/spices. I think I misjudged that because it almost gives me reflux. It doesn't actually; I can just tell that I'm near the tipping point.

I've managed the two most urgent phone calls, but neither matter is resolved yet. The second call is almost certainly going to end up with me having to call a different doctor's office about parameters/limitations for Cordelia's knee in high school gym. I was hoping not to have to because that's the doctor that wanted us to do surgery. The first call went to voicemail, so nothing's resolved until I actually manage to talk to the person.

The other call I should make is to Shar Instruments to ask about buying a viola and whether or not we can do it on installments. Of course, buying a viola kind of requires us to be fairly sure Cordelia's done growing. She's only grown half an inch in the last year and a half, and she's in the height range where all the women in my family tend to fall (5'1 to 5'3"). It's just that everyone in Scott's family is tall, so Cordelia's still hoping she'll get taller.

I'm trying to decide whether filling out insurance forms is more important than starting to write right this moment. My procrastination levels are set to 11 at the moment. The forms are important, very much so, but would there be any harm in having Scott fill the dratted things out this evening?

I have given our old crock pot to our cleaning lady. She'll actually use it, and we haven't touched it in years. The stoneware inserts are really too heavy for me at this point. I don't think this is the sort of thing that's worth holding onto for the years until Cordelia moves out and might want it. Plus, I'm pretty sure she'd rather have an Instant Pot instead.
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I have my music files back. It took a lot of time to get them to my laptop and still longer to figure out how to get iTunes to see them. I still don't have my playlists, and I'm kind of exhausted at the prospect of trying to rebuild them.

I've written about 900 words in the last twenty four hours. I started writing about 10:30 last night (when I needed to be in bed at 11:00). I'm not sure why the words tend to start flowing then. I've written more this morning, but I kind of desperately need more sleep, so I don't know how much more I'll write before I do that. All of the words are on the Not Prime Time story, so that's now over the minimum word count.

I had a headache all night, not bad enough to get up and do something about it but bad enough to be aware of it when I moved. My morning tea and breakfast seem to have either killed it or pushed it below the threshold of awareness.

Scott has purchased some motion sensitive night lights. He put one up just outside our bedroom because he's worried that we'll get hurt when we get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. I hate the damned thing already. He's got it right at my eye level which would also be Cordelia's eye level. That means that, when it comes on, it's a bright flash right in my eyes. I'm sure that problem never occurred to Scott because he's a foot taller than we are. The time I'm in the bathroom is just long enough for it to turn itself off, so it's another startling, painful flash of brightness when I head back to the bedroom.

We've lived here for more than twenty years, and I've never had problems going from bed to the bathroom in the dark, so I feel like Scott's bought a technological solution to a non-existent problem.

Scott and Cordelia both liked Wonder Woman, generally speaking. They didn't have any specifics that they didn't like, but they also didn't have specifics that they out and out loved.

This week is going to be sporadically busy. Tomorrow afternoon, I have a mammogram and an appointment with radiation oncology. My SIL is coming with me. Last year was so horribly stressful that I thought I'd better have company. I don't expect any problems, but... Wednesday evening is our biweekly game night. Thursday, Cordelia's eighth grade graduation is in the morning. My parents are coming for that. In the evening, there's a picnic for all of the eighth grade families. I think there's enough space in there for me not to end up brain fried. I hope so anyway.
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I’m currently trying to decide whether or not I need to arrange to have one of Cordelia’s friends come home with her after school on Thursday. I have an appointment downtown at 2:00. Cordelia gets out of school at 3:03. The appointment is scheduled to end at 2:30 but only if it starts on time. It’s unlikely to start more than fifteen minutes late, and I have a ride home, but… Getting out of there at 2:45 cuts it tighter than I like. If I’m not there and I haven’t arranged for someone else to be, Cordelia won’t be able to get her things home.

My chores for today are baking bread (bread machine) and dealing with some laundry. The ingredients are in the machine for the bread. The book of recipes had a marker at the Boston brown bread recipe, and we had the ingredients, so that’s what I made. There’s a load of laundry waiting to go downstairs and a load in the washer and one in the dryer.

I also need to deal with paying some bills and submitting claims for reimbursement to our insurance. That’s going to require a bit of searching for paperwork because I’ve been bad about keeping it all in one place. I think I need to ask Scott to buy me one of the fancy plastic folder/envelope thingies he uses for our financial records.

I’d like to spend some time looking at my books downstairs to see if any of them can go to the school’s upcoming book sale. I’m sure some can. There are a lot of things down there that I’m absolutely never going to reread. Some of those, I want to keep anyway because of the memories when I look at them or because they’re classics that I feel like I should own or non-fiction that I might want for reference at some point.

I’ve actually finished all of the CDs I got from the library yesterday. Usually, it takes me longer, but there were several I didn’t enjoy enough to listen to the whole thing. If I’m willing to leave the CD playing while I go to change over laundry or whatever, it’s a strong sign that I’m not actually enjoying what I’m listening to. It’s a balance because I’m trying a lot of different things in the hope of learning to appreciate a broader range of music. That requires persisting even with things that are not quite my thing. It’s kind of hard to tell the difference between something that I don’t like yet but might and something that I’m never, ever going to enjoy.

Ah, well. I’ve got a lot of DVDs— another lecture course, season three of Murder She Wrote, and some old movie that sounded interesting. The lecture course will run twelve hours. Murder She Wrote will likely run twice that (I’m not sure how many episodes there are, but previous seasons have had four per DVD, and there are six DVDs).
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I woke this morning with a headache. I think it’s gone now, after a meal and some tea, but it wasn’t fun. I’ve been sneezing off and on all morning, and it’s now more on than off. I wish I could figure out what was going on with that. It does mean that I’m not even going to attempt to nap this morning.

Scott will be working Saturday, not Sunday. I’m not sure why I read his text as saying 'Sunday' because it quite clearly says ’Saturday.' Right now, it’s scheduled as a 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. day, and we’re hopeful that it will stay that way. Cordelia is having friends over this evening, and it would be beyond inconvenient if Scott needed to go to bed at 8:00 given that they like to stay past 10:00.

We all survived the concert. Scott’s parents and I left after Cordelia’s school performed, so we were only there about half an hour after the music began. Students weren’t supposed to leave until after the entire thing was over, so Scott stayed.

The main floor of the auditorium was reserved for the students and teachers. There are two upper levels, the mezzanine and the balcony. I went to the balcony, the third floor, to find four seats together for us while Scott was looking for parking. I suspected that the mezzanine, being lower down, would fill faster, and when I got to the third floor, there were only a scattering of people. The balcony filled to about 3/4 full by the time the event started, so I think getting there early was a good idea.

The balcony is extremely steep and decidedly not a good place for someone with vertigo. I don’t have that, and I still felt a bit like it would be extraordinarily easy to fall (in spite of sitting halfway up). The seats are high backs, higher than the top of my head (I’m 5’2"). There wasn’t a lot of leg room at all.

I spent a lot of time looking at the ceiling in an effort to pretend that I wasn’t surrounded by people. This kind of underlines for me why I don’t tend to go to plays or concerts even though Ann Arbor has many opportunities for each. I had taken an Ativan, but I still felt trapped and tense and not at all happy to be there. Leaving was an immense relief.

They brought the house lights up in between each performance so that the kids could safely get off and on the stage. The two intermissions we saw were about five minutes long, quite enough time for leaving or for finding a seat.

Cordelia’s school went second. The school that went first was the one she would have attended if we hadn’t kept her at her current school. The Clague orchestra quite filled the stage and sounded pretty good (I’m sure that, if I knew anything about this sort of music, I’d find nits to pick, but I don’t, so I didn’t).

Cordelia’s school was second and performed with the orchestra from the other small middle school in the district, and together, they had between half as many and two thirds as many kids as Clague had. They played two pieces. I think the first one was a poor choice because it sounded… weak? Maybe that’s the right word. The sound wasn’t enough to fill the performance space or to make us feel drawn into a smaller space. I felt that the second piece worked better for the space.

Both schools had guests from their school bands, a handful of brasses and woodwinds and a drummer or two. Oddly, one of the pieces that Clague played was on the program later by one of the high schools. I couldn’t help wondering who thought that was a good idea. There were five schools in between, but it’s still comparing a middle school orchestra to a high school orchestra.

My goals for today are a bit of cooking, some laundry, and answering or deleting a lot of email. There’s a library book I would really like to finish (and I think I can) and some library DVDs I’d like to get through (unlikely). I think, though, I might start with a shower and see if that helps the sneezing any. Sometimes, it does.
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Yesterday, the forms for my annual long-term disability review came in. This is the LTD I have through my former employer, and they’ve always been more difficult to deal with than Social Security. I’m going to have to get the medical form to my psychiatrist so that she can fill it out. My next scheduled appointment with her is after the deadline.

There’s a longish form that I was supposed to fill out by hand and really couldn’t, not with the osteoarthritis, so I typed the questions into a document and then typed my answers. Typing is infinitely less painful than trying to use a pen/pencil. I thought about waiting until Monday to call and ask if they have the forms online so that I could type my answers that way, but I knew that waiting would mean worsening anxiety, so I wrote a draft of my answers last night. I’m letting it sit right now so that I can go back and add things that slipped my mind.

I considered having Scott write answers I dictated, but there was so very little space on the paper for my answers. For example, "Please provide us with a detailed description of your present illness or injury. Please list all physical and/or psychiatric/psychological symptoms, complaints, limitations." has three lines on the form, and I have twelve different things I need to list and detail. Each of those would take at least two lines and likely more.

Not counting the form and DW/LJ posts and emails, I did no writing yesterday. I just couldn’t focus enough to manage even a single sentence on We Are Where We Began, and opening something else seemed too hard.

We intended to go to the bank yesterday morning to move some money from Cordelia’s account to ours to cover some of the medical stuff for her, but we completely forgot. Scott thinks next weekend will be soon enough.

Cordelia’s got an orchestra concert this week, one with orchestras from all the local middle schools. She’s getting together with some friends for a couple of hours this afternoon to practice. Because her school is small, they’ll be performing with the other tiny middle school rather than on their own. Cordelia’s class went to the other school once, and the kids from the other school came here once. Cordelia says they sound really good together. The teacher for the other school’s orchestra is the woman who taught Cordelia in sixth and seventh grades.
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Drat. I apparently can’t use the tape player in the basement to check these unlabeled tapes. I tried it with one that I was sure had something on it and couldn’t get any sound even though the player was moving the tape along. I’m not sure that I was doing everything correctly. I haven’t used the player in a decade. It’s a combination tape player, CD player, and radio, and I couldn’t find anything on the box itself that would let me switch between modes. That might have been the problem. There’s a remote that could change modes, but it hadn’t been touched in so long that the batteries in it burst. I’m not sure it’s salvageable.

I might have one more option for this, but I’m not certain it will work or that I’m willing to try to find the device I’d need. Maybe my friend will take these mystery tapes as is? Several of them are in the middle of the spool, so there must be something there. I just haven’t the slightest clue what. Finding out seems like it could be fun.
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The local person who I thought might want the filk tapes responded to my email immediately and enthusiastically. She plans to digitize them if they’re still playable. I warned her that they’re second or even, in a couple of cases, third generation copies of things that weren’t great quality to begin with, but she’s not bothered by that. There are seventeen tapes that are, as far as I can tell, at least partially from live concerts and filksings. Well, one of them is the audio from a play performed at a con. There are other things on some of the tapes, but I’m sure she can sort that.

I found three tapes that have things on them that I can’t get anywhere else. One is recorded from the LP that my sister’s fifth grade best friend’s parents made in the 1970s. I’m going to dig around, but I’d be incredibly surprised if that’s available anywhere. I’m pretty sure it was a vanity project and never made it to stores anywhere at all. The second is Leslie Fish’s The Undertaker’s Horse which I have been searching for for a while. I keep checking back every so often to see if it’s been reissued. I’ll buy it immediately when/if it is, but I’m not going to hold my breath. The last has songs that I recorded off a radio show round about 1990. Some of them, I may be able to find, but some of them have hugely generic titles (and I have no idea who the artists were), things like 'The Fox' and 'Maggie,' or have been performed by so very many people that figuring out what I’ve got so I can reacquire it when I can’t easily play the dratted thing will be hard ('I’ll Fly Away').

There are some individual songs that I was sure I had but that don’t seem to be on any of the compilation tapes I made. My best guess is that I wedged them in at the end of various other things when I had space left over. If I recall correctly, I did that a lot. It’s not worth searching for them (and not possible now. We put all those tapes out with the trash last night, and they’ll have been picked up by now).

I’m hungry right now, but I don’t actually want any of the things that would be easy to prepare. I probably need a nap more than I need food, and I may well be feeling hungry because that’s my body’s reaction to being exhausted but fully alert. I’ve been getting about six hours of sleep a night the last three nights, and it’s really starting to be an issue. I don’t think there’s much I absolutely have to do between now and when Cordelia gets home from school. There are things that might be nice to do (baking, for example), but they’re not essential. Really, lunch and my lunch time medications are the only essentials.
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I’m throwing out a lot of cassette tapes that I haven’t listened to in at least fifteen years. I could try to convert them to mp3 files, but really, if I haven’t cared about not having access in that long, I don’t care enough to do the work of conversion. (Scott asked me to 'do something' with those tapes because he’s trying to clear space in the basement for a work area so that he won’t have to do everything on the kitchen table. The containers holding the tapes are on a shelf on one side of the laundry room. I’m not convinced that getting rid of them opens up much space, but there’s really no point in keeping them.)

I’ve set aside anything where I’m not sure what’s on the tape, anything that I think is Scott’s, anything that is a compilation of my old 45s or of things taped off the radio (mostly so I can see if I can find those songs elsewhere), and anything labeled 'filk.'

When I was in college, 1985-1989, I went to a number of local conventions with friends, and one or two of them would tape the filksings on hand held recorders and then share the tapes around. We had no idea who the musicians were or what the actual names of the songs were. What I’ve got is copied from the originals with mediocre sound quality and is only the songs I liked enough to keep, but I’m not sure if those recordings exist elsewhere. Some of them are labeled as to which convention they come from, but others aren’t. I wasn’t thinking of anything but how to fit as much as possible onto each cassette.

I’m wondering if there might be someone who would be interested in these tapes, even with the utter lack of documentation. I know there are people who make a study of SF fandom history. I just haven’t been to an SF convention since Cordelia was about two. Scott’s work schedule makes it pretty difficult, and for many years, Cordelia’s sports commitments meant we couldn’t be away from town on a Saturday. We considered going to ConFusion, just for the day, this last weekend, but they weren’t doing day passes, so we’d have had to pay $60 each. That was not going to happen.

I have one local person who I’m going to ask who might have an idea about what to do with the tapes. After that, I’ll be in unknown territory.

I think the sets of drawers that I’ve been using to hold the tapes will have to go in the trash, too. They’re designed to hold cassette tapes and probably can’t be adapted for anything else. More importantly, they’re also starting to fall apart. They were things I bought cheap and not remotely good quality. They won’t fit in the bin this week, but next week, we should have space. Well, they’d fit in the recycling bin, but I have no idea if that sort of plastic is even remotely recyclable.
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Cordelia got home a lot later yesterday than I had hoped, so she only had about half an hour to shower and change before we needed to be out the door. This was complicated by the fact that her dress had needed washing and was supposed to be dried flat. That wasn’t something that could be completed in the three and a half hours we had. We used our hair dryer on it for a while (on the cool setting), and we had it tumbling in the dryer with no heat for a while. It still wasn’t dry when Cordelia put it on.

I was a little uncertain about how the Christmas Eve service would be because the Green Wood church has a reputation for non-traditional music which isn’t something I want for Christmas Eve. As it turned out, all of the songs were familiar, and all of those sung by the entire congregation were traditionally arranged. Well, mostly. They skipped a verse of Angels We Have Heard On High, the one that would normally come second that starts 'Shepherds why this jubilee?' and people started singing it anyway, half the congregation doing that and half the verse printed in the program. But, really, with that song, it’s the chorus that’s the fun part to sing.

The sermon wasn’t all that long, and it made me cry. The minister told a story that just kind of gut punched me. It was a candle light service, so we all had candles stuck into CDs (to keep the dripping wax from burning our hands. We lit them at the very end, passing the light from person to person through the congregation.

We ended up sitting in the very back, so we couldn’t see much. There was a big pillar right in front of us that entirely blocked our view of the altar area. But there weren’t very many seats available when we got there, so we were lucky to get seats at all. The parking lot was full, so Scott and his father had to take the car and park it a block or two away. I’m glad we only took one car.

We picked up pizza from Cottage Inn right after the service. I’d ordered it several hours in advance because I thought they might be very busy yesterday evening. Scott’s parents brought a gluten free cake that Scott’s mother said was kind of Boston cream pie-ish. The family tradition is to sing happy birthday to Jesus.

I had trouble getting to sleep and ended up having to take an Ativan.

I got three Yuletide stories, all three about Jenkins from The Librarians. That’s riches. I’m a little sad about my other four requests, but— Three fics! Jenkins!. Yea! The recipients for my main fic and for the treat I wrote haven’t commented yet, but it’s still very early. I have my fingers crossed that they’ll like the stories. The treat is something that I rather think is vastly recognizable as being mine, but it’s in a fandom I’ve never written before, so probably no one will spot it.
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I tried some Mio (blackberry flavor) in water yesterday. It didn’t taste bad, and it was nice to have something that tasted different. Unfortunately, I felt like the water with Mio was less useful for dealing with my dry mouth issues than plain water or even unsweetened herbal tea, so I don’t think I’ll drink it often.

Scott’s father had found two duplicates in his CD collection. No one else took them, so I did. One of them is a Dan Fogelberg greatest hits thing, and I remember liking a few of his songs in high school. The other is some Christian musician I’d not previously heard of, but I figure that, if I don’t care for his music, I can just donate it to the Friends of the Library. Someone will want it.

One of the CDs I got from the library on Sunday is completely unreadable by the CD drive on my laptop. I’m going to try it in the DVD/CD player later (probably Thursday since I won’t have time today), but I just may have to accept that it’s unplayable.

I have written part of three characters, just a few paragraphs each to sketch in their starting situation a bit. I’m going to have to keep going back and adding more information as I figure out the entire picture in terms of who knows who and who trusts who and all of that.

I have an appointment at UHS at 10:10. When I scheduled that in June, I had no idea that today would be a half day for the schools. Cordelia will get out at 10:50 and will bring two friends home with her. I might get home as early as 11:00 if all of the star align correctly, but 11:30 or 11:45 are more likely, and this means I can’t spend time wandering around doing Ingress. The kids are capable of making mac ’n’ cheese, but I’m not sure they should do it unsupervised, so lunch depends on me getting home.

I talked to my doctor, via the patient portal, about my hand issue. She agreed with me that it’s probably tendinitis and that rest, naproxen, and such was the best way to go. She said that, if it doesn’t get better or if the symptoms change, I should definitely come in. I am finding that heat helps more than cold, so I’m doing that off and on. I may end up alternating. I may not.

I went through my list of library DVDs that I want to try and made a list of the ones the library no longer owns. Most of those, Netflix has. There’s just one that I can’t get that way— Aquamarine. I’m not sure how much I care about that. It looks like it’s probably cute, but I doubt that it would utterly rework my view of the universe or become a huge favorite.

I watched last night’s episode of The Flash with Scott and Cordelia even though I still haven’t watched last week’s episode. I’m just feeling hugely unmotivated on those shows. I don’t dislike them; I’m just not particularly curious about what’s going to happen.
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What an odd editorial decision— I’m listening to part of a multi CD set, a retrospective of the artist’s works during a particular period. There are multiple versions of several songs in the set. Sometimes, the versions are grouped together. Sometimes, they aren’t. Other times, some are together and others are elsewhere.

I think things might be in order by recording date, but I’m not convinced that that’s justification. I can see a musical historian or musician, professional or amateur, wanting to contrast versions and finding it easier when they’re grouped together. I can also see listeners like me who are trying to get a taste and decide what we think or people who are listening just because they like the songs feeling kind overwhelmed (and, dare I say, bored) by multiple versions all at once. I’d just like to have all of the versions together or all of them jumbled up so that the same song didn’t play two or three times in a row.

I’m glad this set comes from the library because I don’t think I’d want to listen to it through repeatedly. Right now, I’m in the middle of a run of five different versions of the same song. There are two sets of three later in this CD, and it started with the same song twice (and there are four other sets of two).
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One of our dining room chairs broke last night. The seat split. The seat and back area a single piece of contoured plastic, so I don't see any way to repair the dratted thing. This leaves us with a lot of folding chairs (which I find very uncomfortable) and one wooden chair that is reasonably comfortable. We bought the wooden chair and the plastic chair (two of those, actually, but the second broke more than a year ago) from IKEA years ago after I went there and sat in every chair I could find. Those two models were the only two I rated at four out of five for comfort. There wasn't anything I gave a five.

Someone signed up to do art for my WIP Big Bang fic, so I really, really have to finish the dratted thing. I'm just not sure how well I'll do with it. I've got so many chores that must be done, and Cordelia's around constantly, and... Today, I need to change the sheets, run the dishwasher, wash my clothes and the sheets I take off the bed (the sheets can wait for tomorrow if they have to. The clothes can't because I'm wearing my last clean shirt). I also need to do all of the yard sale preparation today because tomorrow will be taken up by other things and Wednesday (I hope) Scott's parents will come down to get the stuff and Cordelia.

I also have a fairly long list of things that I need to work on, a few minutes at a time, for quite a while. Sorting and shelving things we're keeping, pulling things we're not (I'd like to do all of that immediately, but realistically, I can't). Sorting through bins of junk in the living room, basement, and Cordelia's room to see what we can throw away and then finding homes for things we're keeping. I need to get Cordelia to cooperate with the work on her room, and I think that will be hard even if I'm only asking for ten minutes at a time.

I was expecting Cordelia to be out of the house by now because she said she was going to visit a friend. Another friend, however, has come to visit, and they're watching Age of Ultron. That friend brought lunch. I think they're heading out to the other friend's house at some point (by bus!), but I don't know for sure. I'm still hoping they'll go because even an hour to myself would be golden.

The other in transit library holds didn't end up coming in until this morning, so we won't need a mid-week trip to the library after all. That's a help.

I'm trying to weed my iTunes library. There're a lot of albums in there that I don't actually care about at all. I've listened to them half a dozen times without connecting to any of the songs. I expect I could listen to them half a dozen times more and still not connect. Most of them are things that are just fine in terms of my musical taste, but, if I'm not planning to listen to them again, why keep them on my hard drive? I've got almost 9000 songs on my laptop. Maybe 200 of them are audiobook tracks that I will delete after I listen to them, but much of the rest is stuff that I haven't listened to in two or more years. Some of that, I still want to keep, but I'm trying to evaluate everything, case by case.
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On the plus side, the weather has cleared so that they can do the outdoor work today. On the minus side, what they're doing right now involves prying off the siding around the doorbell which is making the dratted thing ring repeatedly.

My sister called this morning. She said that, if she'd known I was having a mammogram last week, she'd have warned me-- In her experience, everyone breaks down before their first post treatment mammogram. She says that having breast cancer generally gives people PTSD. I'm not convinced that I have issues to that degree, but... Who knows?

She also warned me that face to face support groups tend to be geared toward people with stage three or stage four cancers and that my stage one might mean that I'm not welcome or that my issues are considered trivial. She says that finding the right support group is pretty challenging. She also warned me that being in a group means sharing other people's bad news as well as good and that it means biting one's tongue when people do really stupid things, things they know are stupid. (Her example on the stupid end was women having vaginal sex less than eight weeks after hysterectomy which carries a risk of needing fairly extensive additional surgery and, without prompt treatment, bleeding to death.)

On a completely different topic-- Cordelia's best friend's parents are thinking of sending her to orchestra camp at the nearby middle school. It would be two hours every weekday (except July 4th) for four weeks for $200. The time of day is kind of weird, 11:00-12:45, but that's more doable than earlier in the day would be. Scott says the money will be tight but that we probably could do it.

I have to talk to Cordelia about it because we need to know if she wants to and we need to know if she's willing to ride the city bus there and back without me. The #22 would pick her up about a block from here and drop her off about a block from the school. I don't think it actually stops at the middle school, but it stops at the elementary school a little way away. The #23 used to stop at the middle school, and I rather assume it still does. I don't see why it wouldn't; the schools are very important destinations, especially schools for older kids. Possibly, coming home by the #23 might make more sense because it runs more often than the #22 does. It's a longer walk from the stop, but she's up to that.

I'm kind of worried that Cordelia will say no just because she's scared of the bus. I can do the trip with her a couple of times, but I really can't do it five times a week for four weeks. I just can't.
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Cordelia came home yesterday and announced that she needed fourteen individual serving bags of baby carrots and a bunch of stickers that would appeal to kindergartners. Further questioning yielded the information that the stickers were for sticker charts which is quite a different thing. Scott ended up stopping at three different stores on his way home. Target had neither stickers nor carrots in individual serving bags. Kroger had the carrots but not the stickers. I'm not sure where he ended up getting the stickers. There's a RiteAid across the street from the Kroger, but he pretty much always forgets that it exists, so he may have gone further for it.

This morning, I went to request a prescription renewal for my migraine mediation, Amerge (naratriptan). I had asked my doctor for that when I saw her in May for my annual, but the request seems to have gotten buried under other things and forgotten. The patient portal has the option of requesting refills by checking things off a list, but, for some reason, Amerge is no longer on that list, so I had to email my doctor to ask for it. I still have four tablets which will definitely get me through June and will probably get me through July, but I really don't want to wait until the last minute to ask for more. I've been taking the stuff for nine years, so I'm hoping that asking by email will be enough. I can't imagine why my doctor would need to see me again over it, but... Who knows?

I have Beyonce's Lemonade from the library right now and have watched about half of the DVD (which is apparently censored as it's titled "BEYONCE_LEMONADE Censored". I've seen scenes with pixellation, so that's part of it. I wonder if there's censored language, too). Sadly, it's not captioned, and I can't follow the lyrics. I don't think I'm willing to go to the trouble of finding lyrics online to help myself out. Also, I'm not familiar enough with this sort of music to comprehend things from that angle. I mostly listen to folk, bluegrass, and pop from the late 1970s and early 1980s. (And, for that last category, I only like the songs that I actually remember from those years. New to me stuff in the same style just doesn't appeal to me.) I mostly felt like I should take a look at this for cultural literacy purposes.

I think I'm more awake today than I was yesterday, but I'm not sure. My leg joints don't ache as much, at least.

I'm in that annoying state of having to force myself to eat when nothing looks appealing. I don't know. I forced myself to eat something for breakfast, but I didn't want to.

I'm posting my lists of foods that do and don't help me wake up/focus mentally. I don't actually expect the list to be of interest to anyone but me (and eventually, I hope, my doctor), but I want it somewhere where I won't lose it.

An incomplete and to be edited list of foods that help me stay awake, that sometimes help, or that never help. For my reference. )
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I found a handful of unlabeled CD-Rs in Cordelia’s room. Two are blank, as far as I can tell, but my drive only offered to format one of them, so who knows. The third crashed my laptop, so I threw it out. That may be extreme, but I really can’t imagine what might be on it that might be worth fighting to retrieve. I haven’t checked the others because I haven’t felt like dealing with it if they, too, crash my laptop.

I also found some empty cardboard boxes shoved in Cordelia’s closet. Those are going into the recycling. I can’t see any reason to keep them. The empty gift bags in the closet are going into the cupboard where we keep such things.

I have the following CDs to give away )

I’m sure there will be more CDs later on, and it’s not likely that I can get to the post office this week. Going next week might happen, but I can’t promise.
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I’ve been getting CDs from the library by artists I liked in high school. Sadly, what I’m finding is that I only like the songs that I knew then and not the new-to-me stuff. I guess it kind of underlines that this is not a style of music that really appeals strongly to me. Some of it, I don’t mind listening to once. Some of it, I start and immediately wish for the album to be done so that I don’t have to listen to more. I’m getting better about skipping songs and/or stopping in the middle of albums that aren’t working for me.

Cordelia’s best friend and her brother came over yesterday afternoon and stayed into the evening. The girls wanted to go to the band concert at their school. I think it was more because it was an Event than because they were strongly interested.

We had two friends over in the evening, and we played a cooperative board game where we were a team of firefighters. We ended up losing, but we were playing with the advanced rules, so we kind of expected to. If we’d been able to make it through two more rounds, we’d have won, but I really don’t see how we could have done it. We’d have had to be incredibly lucky on seven rolls of the dice (after each player’s turn, one rolls to see where new smoke appears. The location of that relative to existing smoke or fire determines whether what results is smoke, fire, or and explosion). At any rate, the game ended with the building collapsing.

I walked down to the church with [ profile] cherydactyl to hack the portal. I was pretty out of breath by the time we got back here, so I guess that walk is something I really, really need to keep doing. It’s just hard as it gets warmer. I’m still not tolerating heat very well.

I think I’ve almost got the house ready for when the cleaning lady comes. I’m trying to get it done now because I’ve got a friend, [ profile] evalerie, coming over in about an hour. I don’t want to have to be tidying after she arrives or to rush back here after we go out for lunch in order to load the dishwasher or whatever. I think, right now, all I have to deal with some laundry. I could be wrong, though. At the very least, I need to give the counters a once over because the cleaning lady will sweep small bits of foil or plastic into the garbage disposal.

Right now, we’re planning to go to lunch downtown, at Jerusalem Garden. That will let me run some errands after lunch. I want to go to the post office (to return the shirts) and the library (to deal with the missing CD problem), and both of those are less than a block from Jerusalem Garden. The bus station is right there, too, so I won’t have to go far to catch that home. Whether or not I walk around, doing Ingress stuff, will depend on how hot it is and how that’s affecting me. I told the cleaning lady that I might not be here when she arrives this week. I’ll be a bit surprised if I’m out that late, though, and I’ll certainly be back before she leaves.

I think that it will be slightly cheaper for me to pay the postage to mail back the shirts up front. I’m not absolutely certain, though, because I’m not sure how much they weigh. I don’t think, though, that it will save me more than a couple of dollars, so I’m trying to decide if that’s worth the extra trouble involved. I’m also debating boxes. I’ve got two possibilities. There’s an old Amazon box that’s about twice the size I actually need and a shoe box that’s exactly the right size but heavier than the Amazon box because each wall has a double layer of cardboard. The shirts won’t be damaged at all by tumbling around in the larger box, but carrying it will be more awkward (it’s a short box that’s quite long and wide).

Cordelia has a concert tonight. The seventh grade orchestra plays last, after the fifth graders and the sixth graders. This means that we’ll have Cordelia’s best friend and her brother after school again because the best friend is also in the orchestra. She plays violin while Cordelia plays viola. We’ll also have them tomorrow, but I’m not sure if we’ll have them next week at all because I’m not sure if Cross Country Kids will still be going on and because I’m not sure if Cordelia’s friend will be fasting for Ramadan. I’m pretty sure her brother won’t be because he’s nine, but she might. I’m mainly thinking that she might not want to come over here if she’s fasting because no one here will be and that’s sure to make it much harder. I suppose it’s up to her and her parents and what they all think is best for her.

The friend’s mother offered to take Cordelia clothes shopping for stuff she needs to try on but won’t look at with me or her grandmother. We’re hoping that going with a friend will make it more appealing. At the time of the offer, Cordelia was still on crutches, and I haven’t followed up now that she’s able to walk. I don’t think it’s even remotely urgent, so I’m going to email the other mother and suggest that some time after Ramadan might be appropriate.
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I’m never sure how early in the morning it’s okay to call people. In the evenings, I generally don’t call after 8:30 in whatever time zone the person I’m calling is in, but mornings are more difficult. I don’t want to cut off someone’s last half hour of sleep or catch them in the middle of traffic somewhere. Right now, I’m trying to figure out exactly when to call someone. I’ll likely do it at 9:00 (in about three minutes), before I finish writing this post. I already texted, but that’s only useful for people who actually look at their phones.

Oh, thank goodness. She just texted me back. This is about transportation for Cordelia to her last PT appointment this morning. Our normal ride would be from [ profile] evalerie, but she has a sick child at home today. I was prepared to take a cab, but that adds at least half an hour to the time Cordelia would be out of school, so I’d rather not do that.

Apart from a mild headache, I’m not hurting today, so I guess yesterday’s walking was okay. I want to try to do some (though, probably less) today, too.

I foresee one problem from Scott’s desire to disconnect us from cable. When he has access to the shows he wants to see on his laptop, he watches them there as a solo thing while he’s doing other stuff. They’re no longer a family activity from his point of view. I don’t care about something like Legends of Tomorrow enough to watch it without him, but I think it’s nice when we can watch something together in the evenings.

Our library has some music available for free download, and I’ve been sampling a bit. I’ve only downloaded two albums, but I’ve tried songs from at least forty. I don’t think that the stuff I’ve bypassed is necessarily bad, just not to my taste. There’s a lot of electronica and a lot of jazz, and more than half of what I’ve tried has been purely instrumental. I generally prefer vocals, and I lean more toward 1960s style folk music and bluegrass in general. Basically, I’m running through all of the albums in the download category that are tagged 'folk.' I had hopes for the albums based on the poetry of Robert Burns (three different albums by three different artists), but I couldn’t actually understand the lyrics, so I don’t see the point for me.

I got the results on the uterine ultrasound. Everything looks good. There’s a note that there are things they couldn’t see because of the IUD. I have the impression that the tech who did the ultrasound didn’t quite get why my sister having problems meant that I thought I should get checked. She gave me a very odd look about it. She was my age at least, quite possibly older. But, really, it’s not as if an ultrasound is particularly hard to schedule or to do. Yes, it took about an hour, and that’s not trivial. And, yes, bits were mildly uncomfortable. But it beats a mammogram or a blood draw (fasting or otherwise) or an MRI or… Having an ultrasound doesn’t, to the best of my knowledge, increase my risk of anything at all.

I got myself on the FDA mailing list for food recalls. There are rather a lot of them. It’s been a week, and I’ve only caught a couple of things that I needed to check against what’s in the house, but it’s almost all listeria contamination warnings, and those are a big deal. It seems like a huge chunk of the frozen vegetables in the country are being recalled, and a lot of sunflower seed products and walnut products. Right now, I need to check to see what brand of Korean barbecue sauce Scott bought last week. If it’s Whole Foods’ brand, we’ll need to take it back because of peanut contamination, but I’m 90% sure he didn’t go all the way to Whole Foods last weekend. Kroger carries perfectly good Korean barbecue sauce that we already know Cordelia likes. (And done. It’s a completely different brand.)

Okay. I need to leave in about fifteen minutes. Time to post this.
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We got four Clinton flyers in the mail today. Three of them were addressed to Scott (including two that were identical), and the fourth was addressed to both of us.

The library finally got Hamilton on CD, and I’ve been listening to it. I still think that it’s not at all my sort of thing. I’m having trouble following what’s going on, and I feel like the first CD has been going on twice as long as the hour and eleven minutes it’s supposed to run even though it’s only about two thirds done.

Cordelia talked Scott into a mid-week library trip last night because she had an interlibrary loan book in that she wanted desperately. She says she’s going to use it for a school project, but who knows? I had a hold that would have expired tomorrow, so we’d been intending a mid-week trip anyway.

I’m more awake today than I was yesterday, but I’m still finding that I can’t manage any sort of sustained activity. Bringing yesterday’s laundry upstairs and getting it put away took about three different steps with rests between.

I figured out what to put in the gaps in that box of books I plan to ship. I had some old puzzle magazines that I hadn’t touched in years, so I tore up one of them and crumpled the pages to fill in the space. Now, I just have to seal up the box and address it. Then it’s a question of when Scott has time and energy to get all of this stuff to the post office.

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