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I'm trying to remember what I did yesterday, and my mind is going blank. Let's see... We made a trip out to Plum Market in the evening because Cordelia really, really wanted to. Scott and Cordelia made turkey meatballs that came out reasonably well.

This morning, I woke up to find that I'd reached 90 days on holding a portal in Ingress. That's a badge increment. The next one is at 150 days and is highly unlikely. Of course, getting to 90 days surprised me. The Guardian badge is one of those that one can only hope will happen. I capture portals and keep recharging them as long as I still own them. Before this, the longest I'd held anything was 85 days (and I was cranky when that one went down because I'd started thinking it would last).

Scott had both days off this weekend. He's expecting to work next weekend but says he should be able to make sure he works Sunday. Saturday is a big Ingress event, called an Anomaly, here in Ann Arbor, and we've signed up for it as it's likely to be our only opportunity to participate in such a thing. I'm a little worried about my ability to participate fully since it's about four hours of constant walking. I specifically told them that I'm only good for an hour and that at a slow pace. I guess we'll see.

The hard part is trying to get the suggested in-game equipment for the Anomaly. A couple of local people who play a lot more than we do are helping us, but there's also the problem of what to do with the stuff we want to keep that we won't have room for.

Yesterday, our kitchen sink backed up. Scott spent a good bit of time getting it unclogged. He's a little freaked because he can't explain what he found which was a flaky, black build up rather than a wad of grease or something similar. He couldn't identify the substance at all. At least we can now run the dishwasher.

Tomorrow's going to be busy. Cordelia's high school registration will happen in the afternoon, and I need to make sure we get there on time. Cordelia's decidedly unenthusiastic about the whole thing.
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Anybody have interest in old recipes and/or cleaning tips that my great-aunt and her mother clipped out of newspapers or otherwise got on cards or small bits of paper and saved? My aunt passed away in 1989, and I got her little box of recipes (because no one else wanted it when my grandparents were cleaning out her house) but never got around to going through it before now. Her mother passed away in 1966 or 1967, some time during the year before I was born.

I'm mainly interested in keeping anything handwritten or obviously done on a typewriter. I have no way of knowing which were written by my relatives and which by friends of theirs, but they're a sort of family history. A lot of the handwritten recipes just list ingredients without any sort of instructions. My mother thinks the typed recipes were likely from my aunt and that the hand written ones are more likely from my great-grandmother as Mom's sure that it's not my aunt's handwriting. (These are relatives on my father's side, so Mom didn't know that great-grandmother particularly well.)

Some of the recipe cards are from Detroit Edison or the local gas company. One of the gas company ones includes an add for a gas operated refrigerator ('half the cost of flameless'!) which I had not realized was ever a thing. The Detroit Edison ones have a little bit on each that says 'Have enough light in your kitchen for comfortable seeing. Learn how to use your appliances economically.'

Others are old Betty Crocker things. There are a couple of little newspaper clippings that talk about substitutions for when certain ingredients aren't available. One talks about how to approximate semisweet chocolate with unsweetened plus sugar or powder sugar and shortening. Another talks about 1/2 tbsp of cornstarch being a viable substitute for a full tbsp of flour (also those being equivalent to one tbsp granular tapioca or two tsp quick cooking tapioca or two tbsp of 'granular cereal').

I just hate to throw them away if anybody might want them.

ETA: There's a definite skew toward desserts. Here's a list of what I've got to give away:

13 cards from the Detroit Edison Home Services Division with a different recipe on each side.

3 newspaper clippings about baking substitutions.

26 cards from Michigan Consolidated Gas Company; some two sided, some not; some still connected to each other; all appear to be from the mid-1960s.

3 single recipe cards with 'new-from Hudson's kitchen' in green letters at the top. Recipes: Chocolate Marshmallow Filled Angelfood Cake, Twin Angel - Cakes Pies, Banana Chiffon Cake.

11 folded/creased Betty Crocker pamphlets with multiple recipes.

4 newspaper clippings with cleaning tips.

2 cards (different colors and different sizes so probably not related) with cleaning tips. Who knew you could use Calgon to clean a shower curtain?

Recipes on the back of a partial label from a bottle of wheat germ. The company name is partially missing. '...tschmer' is all that remains. Recipes: Beef Loaf with Wheat Germ, Applesauce Spice Cake.

2 yellow cards with a recipe on each side. No clue as to origin. Recipes: Quick Hot Cross Buns/Horn of Plenty Salad, Strawberry Peach Igloos/Baked Fruit Meringue/Nut Meringue.

2 small pamphlets labeled as 'No. 14 in a Series of Mary Alden's Famous Recipes' and 'No. 21 in a Series of Mary Alden's Famous Recipes'.
Recipes in No. 14: Beef 'N Noodles, Beef and Tomato Sauce, Tuna Turnovers, Chicken Pot Pie, Plain Pastry, Buttermilk Biscuits, Tulip Cups, Upside-Down Meat Pie, Steak and Kidney Pie.
Recipes in No. 21: Meat Fritters, Baked Corned Beef Sandwich, Chicken Cheese Shortcake, Beef Biscuit Fan, Baking Powder Biscuits, Frankfurt Roll-Ups, Salmon Chowder Pie.

1 folded sheet of recipes featuring Jell-O and Hellmann's mayonnaise. Recipes: Vegetable Souffle Salad with Tuna Fish, Egg Souffle Salad, Grapefruit-Celery Souffle Salad, Strawberry Souffle Salad, Spinach-Cottage Cheese Souffle Salad.

Part of a folded sheet/pamphlet from (I think) Fairmont (dairy products). Recipes: Pointers for Whipping Cream, Fairmont French Fried Potatoes, Fried Chicken Homestyle, Dad's Strawberry Cream Torte Cake.

Small folded sheet from Duncan Hines with two frosting recipes. Recipes: Butter Frosting (with chocolate variant), 7-Minute Frosting (with coconut variant).

Folded sheet of recipes from Rita Martin/Robin Hood Flour. Recipes: Doughnuts, Mince Meat Cookies, Date Cake, Old Fashioned Pumpkin Pie, Bread (recipe for four loaves at a time).

Small sheet of paper (index card size) with a recipe for DOLE Crushed Pineapple Upside-Down Cake.

Small sheet of paper titled 'Pillsbury's $10,000 PRIZE WINNER STARLIGHT MINT SURPRISE COOKIES'.

3 newspaper clipping recipes. Recipes: Marvelous Brownies, Yorkshire Pudding, Banana Cupcakes and Banana Frosting.

5 recipes that seem to have been clipped from food packaging. Recipes: 2 copies of Molasses Sugar Cookies (Brer Rabbit Molasses); 2 copies of Famous Oatmeal Cookies and Prize Winning Meatloaf; Chicken and Broccoli Au Gratin (PET Evaporated Milk).

Folded sheet that I think is a Mary Lee Taylor meal of the week recipe set. Has ads for Fibber McGee and Molly (radio) and for Jimmy Durante (TV) and for Mary Lee Taylor (radio?). Recipes: Tuna Macaroni Slices, Baked Lemon Pudding, Banana Orange Dessert, Vegetable Meat Stew.
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I tried increasing the humidity on my c-PAP last night, and it turned out to be a mistake. I slept about two hours then got up to use the bathroom. At that point, I started sneezing uncontrollably, and my nose started running. I wasn't able to put the c-PAP back on and didn't sleep much the rest of the night because of the problems breathing (which are pretty much the same problems I had when I took the humidity down to 3). I guess 4 is where I need to be. It's not ideal, and still gives me some problems, but...

I'm probably going to lie down after I post this. I'm debating whether to try sleeping on the couch or to go in and join Scott in the bedroom. I've got about three hours before Cordelia gets home. If I sleep that long and am on the couch, I'll be where she can find me. If I'm in the bedroom, not so much.

Cordelia has stated that this working all day thing is hard but that she likes working with the little kids (five and six year olds). They all apparently think she's quite old, that fourteen isn't possible because it's too close to their ages.

I still haven't heard if my stepfather will be able to get treatment for his eye next week. I'm not sure that my mother will even think to tell me, so I should call this weekend and ask. I also want to find out if she'd like me to sit with her during the procedure (I might even be able to drag Cordelia along).

I'm hoping to cook a turkey breast in the instant pot tonight. I kind of suspect that it's not thawed all the way through yet, however, so it may have to wait another day or two. I have no idea what Scott will eat in that case. All we've got, leftover-wise, is the lentil soup that probably made Scott sick (He had hives, so there was some sort of allergen in there).

I'm making progress on my Captive Audience story, but I have a central motivation plot hole that I have to fill in somehow. There aren't any comments at all on the beta post for the exchange, so I can't go that route.
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I keep losing track of what day of the week it is, and, probably because of the story that needs to get done, I have the constant feeling that I'm forgetting something important that I need to get done right this second. I actually don't have anything at all scheduled for the rest of the week, so I'm not actually forgetting an appointment or anything.

We discovered last night at about 9 that we have no bread type stuff usable for Scott's sandwiches. The rye bread was moldy. The burger buns were moldy. The two remaining bagels weren't, but for some reason, Scott didn't want cheese and turkey and chocolate. I suggested cashew butter and jam, but he decided to take meatloaf instead.

The meatloaf isn't exactly right this time. It's edible, but I put in too much teriyaki sauce because I lost control while pouring it in. I had to add a lot of extra oatmeal to balance the wetness, but there wasn't much I could do about the flavor. For some reason that I can't recall now, I also added dill. The combination of dill and teriyaki isn't bad, but it is completely unexpected and so a little disconcerting.

We still have half of the package of ground turkey left, and I should cook that today. I'm just not sure what I want to do with it. Maybe I can scrounge the ingredients to make some sort of soup either in the pressure cooker or in the crock pot? I know how to do it in the crock pot but that would require getting the dratted thing out and finding a place for it to sit and all of that. I think I'll see if there are any decent soup recipes for the pressure cooker.

There's going to be a local to us anomaly for Ingress in late August. I'm in the process of signing up for it, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do, given how variable my energy levels and such tend to be.

On the bright side, I'm no longer sore from yesterday's excursion. I had trouble walking for most of the evening, but I'm doing about as usual now. Which means I still hurt. I just don't hurt extra from having been stupid.

I currently only have two library books that can't be renewed. One is due this weekend. The other is newly checked out, so I have a couple of days shy of four weeks to finish it.

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I got a lovely fic for Not Prime Time. It's a 3500 word episode tag for The Pretender and has Jarod and Miss Parker as together and as thoroughly separated as they get. The characterization is excellent. Set Us Free. I haven't tried anything else in the archive yet.

The archive hasn't been open long enough for anyone to have looked at the two stories I wrote yet. One of them is so obviously me that I think even people who know me but haven't read my fic would guess. The other is a treat in a fandom I haven't ever written before, for a prompt that kind of grabbed me hard. It's got my stylistic fingerprints all over it, but I think it's less obviously mine.

I ended up sending Scott and Cordelia off to the dentist without me yesterday. I didn't actually need to be there, and if I stayed home, I could cook dinner. If I'd gone with them, it would have been after six when I started trying to figure out dinner. As it was, I had time to make turkey meatloaf in the instant pot. I used teriyaki sauce for the liquid, so I'm not sure if Cordelia will eat it, but Scott and I will enjoy it. I browned the other half of the package of ground turkey and added Alfredo sauce as something Cordelia would eat (Scott bought two 48 oz packages of ground turkey last time he went shopping. I need to either cook the other or freeze it. It's just hard to freeze it when I know that, while it will take hours to freeze, it will take days to thaw in the fridge). We had dinner early enough in the evening that I gambled on the Alfredo sauce and didn't end up having any reflux issues from it.

I had a deep throat tickle for most of last night that made sleeping nearly impossible and using the c-PAP actually impossible because the air running over that bit of my throat made me cough constantly. The whole thing turned to sneezing and runny nose around the time Scott needed to get up. Well, about twenty five minutes before that so that he got woken early and was quite cranky about it (not at me but in general). Things cleared up, and I slept for about five hours after Scott got up. I'd likely have slept longer, but my bladder wasn't having that.

I made a little progress on my first [community profile] pod_together story last night. I need to make some decisions about where I'm trying to go. I think that I'm hesitating because the option that will let me tie things up in under 10000 words interests me less than the various options that would create a considerably longer story. I also started yet another completely unrelated story that I can probably finish quickly but that I ought not spend time on until I have at least one of my [community profile] pod_together stories done. Still, I can likely canon review for it while writing my assignments.

Assuming I can figure out how to work the AppleTV remote. I loathe that thing. Who looked at remotes and said, "What we need is a remote that will turn the TV on if you sit on it or touch the top half of it when you pick it up to move it so that you don't sit on it"? It's a tiny thing, too, about the size of a smallish candy bar and very thin so that it can vanish easily into the depths of the couch.

The main chores for today are getting the trash and recycling to the curb. All told, that should take about fifteen minutes once I get myself to start. It will take longer if I make Cordelia help, but I probably should anyway. I keep doing the bit of putting away dishes from the dishwasher that she's responsible for because I need the silverware basket to be in the rack before I put dishes in around its space. Otherwise, I'd never be able to get the basket in without taking everything else out.
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Waffles actually are kind of easy, at least when I'm working from a mix. The biggest hitch was the egg not wanting to mix. Scott had told me to use a spoon instead of a whisk because having lumpy batter is fine, but the egg white was kind of clumpy, so I had to go to a whisk anyway. Our waffle iron has a light that comes on when the waffle is done (my assumption is that this has to do with sensing temperature since it's the same light that comes on when the iron has preheated).

In the afternoon, after the library trip, we went to Vault of Midnight, the game and comic store downtown, and Scott got two Firefly game supplements and a cooperative game that he thinks I might enjoy.

We had dinner out for a third night in a row. This time we went to a Chinese place near the Kroger. Cordelia was unimpressed by her chicken lo mein which basically had no flavor to speak of, but we all like the chicken with mixed vegetables and shrimp with mixed vegetables that Scott and I got. The service was not stellar. I'm pretty sure that the waitress must have been inexperienced. She asked for our food order immediately after we sat down, before we'd even had time to open the menus, and kept coming back to ask at very short intervals. She never refilled our water glasses in spite of a request. After the meal, we asked for three boxes, and she brought two.

After that, we went next door to the Asian grocery and bought a lot of mochi. I also got some ginger coconut hard candies, and Cordelia got some guava sour candies and some pear juice that she's had before and really likes. Scott got a large slotted ladle which we do need. I told him that we should be shopping there for dumplings and buns and such rather than at Kroger. I'm pretty sure that the stuff there was half to two thirds the price of the same stuff at Kroger, and it's just across the street.

Scott and I watched two movies that I'd gotten from the library. Well, for certain values of watched. I'm not sure that either of us actually paid much attention to Beauty and the Beast (2017). I'm sitting at a really terrible angle to see the TV and never quite managed to get interested. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract was better and held our attention.

There's an exchange I didn't sign up for for which I'd like to write about a dozen treats, but (and this is why I didn't sign up) it has the same due date as Not Prime Time. I really don't think I'm going to write that many stories in that window. Ah, well. Maybe they'll keep the collection open for after the fact treats.

I'm considering signing up for Fic Corner, but I'm not really enthusiastic about anything that was nominated. (I didn't nominate because of computer troubles. Me nominating probably wouldn't have helped as I skew toward obscure books from the 1960s through the early 1980s.) There's one thing I'm pretty certain I could write. There are things I could probably write and am sure I own. There are things I might be able to write but am not sure I still own. There are things that might be interesting to try but that would require buying the canon (if I could find it). Many of these are books I haven't read in decades.

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Scott and I went out for dinner at Bob Evans on Friday. We talked about other options, but we didn't want to go downtown, and I wanted to avoid anything too challenging to my digestive system. We also hoped (and were right) that Bob Evans wouldn't be crowded the way that fancier places were likely to be. We discovered that Bob Evans doesn't season its fries and such which is a huge bonus for me as I have problems with black pepper.

Cordelia's friend is at home. Her mother says she's resting. Cordelia says she's watching movies. I'm not sure if the movie watching is medically approved or not. I was expected her to have another 'cognitive rest' period with no books, screen time, movies/TV, phone conversations, etc. (I'm not actually sure how that works because I know that, if I were in that situation, I'd be spinning stories to keep myself from being bored, and that's more mental work than, say, listening to an audiobook).

I've started a second chapter to my Not Prime Time story. I'm still not sure what the movement in the story will be-- character development, plot development, something else altogether? I got as far as I could with the first POV character and have now switched to someone else. I don't think I have time for a chapter for each character even if that sounds like it would work.

We went out to Totoro last night to celebrate Cordelia's graduation. The hostess who's been there as long as I've been going there (possibly she's also the owner?) was astonished that Cordelia's finished middle school because she remembers Cordelia at three years old. Scott tried a different dish than his usual because he wants to avoid the grease of the tempura. He had spicy barbecue chicken which he said was quite spicy for his taste. I didn't try it, so I can't measure it against my own (wimpy) scale. Cordelia had a couple of sushi rolls, and I (as usual) had a bento, salmon teriyaki this time. I brought most of the fried food home with me to eat this morning. We split an order of vegetarian gyoza.

We have begged off from going to Scott's sister's Father's Day gathering. Their parents are traveling (in Europe, I think), so we just don't have the usual impetus. Scott liked the idea of a relaxing day at home. Cordelia and I haven't gotten Scott a gift, but he says what he wants is a chance to buy something at one of the local game stores. There's one not far from the library, so he'll wander that way while Cordelia and I get our books.

Next up-- I figure out how to make waffles. Scott says they're easy.
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Cordelia's best friend's family needs to move this summer, so it's now kind of up in the air as to which high school she'll end up attending. It will depend on whether or not they find a house to buy and where or if they need to move to another rental somewhere. I know they want to stay on this side of town because the girl's mother works at the VA hospital and needs to commute by bus. I've referred them to the buyer's agent we worked with, and I warned them about the Orangeburg sewer line problem that many houses have. A collapsed sewer line is both horribly expensive and beyond inconvenient. The city keeps a database of where Orangeburg lines have been replaced, and they recommend using it to see if the house you're interested in has had it replaced and/or is in a neighborhood where other houses have. A lot of these neighborhoods were built all at once.

I ended up spending about three hours at an urgent care clinic last night. I think that, every time my body does something weird now, my clinic's triage nurses are going to look at my medical records and panic because it could be something terrible. In this case, one round of the standard PT for vertigo (the Epley maneuver) seems to have settled things completely.

I missed my window for dinner, so all I ate after lunch yesterday was an applesauce pouch. I had grabbed it on the way to the urgent care clinic because it had already been five hours since lunch. We tried to pick up a vanilla frosty on the way home, but the Wendy's was out of vanilla, so I was SOL on that front.

Scott and Cordelia went to the class picnic without me (and still got to the clinic to pick me up before I was actually done). Scott sent me a picture of Cordelia and some of her classmates wading. There's a lot of bean salad leftover. When I tried some this morning, I was irritated to discover that some of the beans were actually crunchy. I used pre-cooked, canned beans. Crunchy is not something I wanted or expected, and it probably explains why there's so much leftover. I'm not sure what to do about that at this point. I don't want to eat crunchy beans, but I can't exactly pull out the problematic ones to cook them further now.
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I checked the shelves at the library yesterday and didn't find the CD that's been missing for months or the one that just disappeared. My best guess that both of them have fallen somewhere, either here or at the library, where nobody looks. I've searched everywhere I can think of here at home with no luck, and the likely places at the library aren't in areas where I can look. The new missing CD, naturally, continues the streak of me only misplacing CDs that I didn't enjoy listening to. It also can't be renewed, so I guess I'll be paying for it next weekend.

Mom arrived yesterday pretty much on time at 10 a.m. We talked for a little while then got in our car and drove to Bob Evans. When we got home, Scott worked on assembling the new grill he bought (the grates on the old one rusted through, and replacing them proved more expensive than buying a new, less fancy grill) while Mom and I talked, and Cordelia and her friend went to their volunteer orientation at the science center.

Mom mentioned having seen and loved Firefly and Serenity. That felt weird to me because she's usually down on SF stuff because of it reminding her of my father. She also talked about my step-father having a very traumatic encounter with an alligator while he was out kayaking. He went out alone for reasons that my mother wasn't clear on. She thought that part was unwise. Then he went to an area where he hadn't been before, with deeper water, and started seeing very, very large alligators. There was one on the shore that spotted him, rolled into the water, swam over, and then reared up on its tail to look down at him. He was sure he was going to die. Mom says he didn't stop obsessing about it for days.

I asked if it was likely a nesting mother, and Mom said that the time of year is right and that the circumstances rather sound like it.

I told Mom about the Sgt Pepper's/Star Wars (A New Hope only) mashup videos that I ran into earlier this week, and she wants the link. Scott adored the videos even though he only recognized two or three of the songs. The whole thing is here on YouTube. It's the entire album, so it's longish. People who know the album tend to be more impressed, but people who don't can enjoy them, too. They're captioned, too, which is rare for such things.

I made banana bread while we were hanging out. It's been years since I made it routinely, but I still remember the recipe without needing to open Joy of Cooking. The amounts of everything, including the final batter, looked too small until I realized that I used to make two loaves at a time and wasn't this time. The banana bread made a good snack for when the girls got back from orientation.

Cordelia tells me that she and her friend weren't the only middle school kids at the orientation. She'd been worried about that. I think that the fact that the camp accepts thirteen year old volunteers and almost no other volunteer opportunities do probably skews their pool younger. Cordelia's planning out her summer schedule with shifts at the library and at Food Gatherers. I'd probably have scheduled the camp first because that's two chunks of a week each. I wouldn't want to make scheduling those harder by committing to days here and there through the summer. She's already trying to figure out if it's feasible to do camp the week of her dentist appointment. She'd get done at 4:00. The appointment is at 4:15. If her father is home to drive, it's doable. If he's not, it's really, really not.

I wrote almost 600 words yesterday on chapter 7 of Auguries of Innocence. It needs some tweaking because I ignored one of the characters present, but it's progress. That chapter has been sitting for quite a long time. I still want to go back to my Fandom5K, but I'm also still not sure my level of exhaustion is conducive to being sensible about editing that. The currently posted version works reasonably well, I think. It could be better, but if I'm not physically/mentally up to it, the results won't be horrible or embarrassing.

Last night's experience with the c-PAP was better. At least, it didn't hurt. The hose was still a serious PITA, and I think that a four is too high for the humidity setting at this time of year, but I actually slept. I'm just low on sleep because Scott didn't let me go back to sleep after he got up. I may nap after Cordelia leaves for school because only five hours of sleep is just begging for a migraine by bedtime.

None of us have appointments today. Cordelia has PT tomorrow. I have two appointments on Wednesday and one on Friday. I'm hoping that this will be less stressful than the last three weeks were and that we don't add more appointments on for next week. At any rate, I have all day today and a good chunk of tomorrow to myself. Thursday is cleaning lady day, so even though there aren't any appointments, I can't really relax.

My chest pain is getting better. I made it worse yesterday by carrying a basket of laundry from our room to the top of the basement stairs (I made Scott do the up and down the stairs part) and by doing a lot of bending over to get things off the floor that I didn't want to be there when Mom arrived.

My hands have been hurting more. I think part of the problem is that I'm picking up and moving more moderately heavy things (dishes, empty or full, and hardcover books are a problem that way) and trying to hold open paperbacks to read them. The OT people said I should just switch to audiobooks. I pointed out that we own more than 5000 books. I didn't go into the other issues with audiobooks-- price, time investment, inability to 'read' them while other people are watching TV in the same room (or, often, while there are other people in the house at all). The next suggestion was a book stand. I've looked at those online, and they look pretty iffy. I don't think that buying one without a chance to try it out would be a good idea because the ones most likely to work for me are pretty darned expensive. Also, for in bed, I'd want one thing and for in the living room quite another.
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Sadly, showering has not helped my sneezing. I hope I haven’t caught something. It feels more like allergies than a cold, but who knows? And now I’m suddenly feeling really, really tired.

I have dealt with about twenty five things from my email inbox so far this morning, mostly by deciding not to answer them and deleting them.

The pork is in the pressure cooker. My intention is to have it cooled and put away and some other scent replacing it in the air before Cordelia’s friends come over in about seven hours. That seems entirely doable. I mainly want to clear the odor because none of the three friends eat pork for religious reasons. That we do isn’t a big deal (though I wouldn’t while any of them was here), but I feel like it would be rude to have a potentially appealing smell of something they can’t eat filling the house when they arrive. I’ll probably simmer some cinnamon teabags on the stove after I put away the cooked pork.

I’ve got the dishwasher almost ready to run. I’m debating whether or not I can rearrange things to make the pressure cooker pot fit. If I can, I should wait and do the dishes after the pork’s done. If I can’t, I might as well run the dratted thing now.

I have one more pair of trousers still clean than I thought did. That means that, as long as I don’t spill teriyaki sauce on myself or something today, I can put off laundry until tomorrow. I don’t think there’s any other compelling reason to deal with it today. I just thought, earlier, that, if I didn’t, I’d have nothing to wear tomorrow.
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Last night, we met up with Scott’s sister and her family at the restaurant where our nephew works. Scott and I left early with the intention of getting there by 6:30 so we could be sure that I would get my food in time to eat it. As it turned out, traffic was bad enough that it was 6:45 before we got there. The restaurant does a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food, none of it very well, IMO. (It’s probably mostly that it’s wildly varying levels of Americanized so that it’s not easy to guess what one’s going to get. Also, there’s a lot of peanuts and peanut sauce floating around. I’m only mildly allergic, but it still makes me nervous.)

We traded Christmas presents for the girls. Scott and I gave our niece a game that she wanted, and Scott’s sister and her family gave Cordelia some clothes and a CD. Our nephew wanted something hugely expensive from Russia, and that’s still somewhere in shipping limbo. He’s seventeen, and it’s coming as a shock to him that, when he asked for one expensive thing, everybody went in on it and didn’t give him anything else. His mother commented that it’s a lesson that he needed to learn.

I woke with a headache today, but I could tell that it would go away once I had some caffeine. Headaches seem to be the price I pay for sleeping later than I usually would, and caffeine making them go away leads me to think that they’re withdrawal related.

I’ve got potatoes in the Instant Pot now. They’ll be edible in a about forty minutes (twelve minutes cooking, twenty to thirty minutes for slow pressure release). I’m going to tell Scott not to buy Green Giant potatoes again. He’ll promptly forget, but two of the potatoes were actually broken nearly in half and going really nasty along the break. They’d obviously been broken for a very long time. It just wasn’t something that could be seen without pulling them out of the bag.

I hope to do sweet potatoes and chicken (separately) in the Instant Pot later today, but I may not get to them if I’m too tired.

Today’s to do list is relatively short but challenging.

Call Aetna for pre-approval of next week’s appointment.

Find and mail the forms to get medical records forwarded to where they need to go.

Print forms for Sunday’s appointment and start filling them out.

Call our new prescription insurer and ask for replacement cards to be sent.

Call the folks who did my cancer related genetic testing and ask what on earth is going on with the insurance billing.

Dig through and answer my email.
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Last night, Scott decided that we were going out for dinner. At first, Cordelia wanted sushi, but as we pulled into the lot there, she announced that she actually wanted pancakes. Fortunately, Saica is on the way to Bob Evans, so we hadn’t gone out of our way.

The service at Bob Evans was pretty bad. Our waitress was slow. The manager ended up coming by and taking our meal orders because he thought she was taking too long to bring our drinks. The delay in bringing our drinks wouldn’t have been a big deal, but she only had three occupied tables. Something she said when she brought our food led me to believe that the kitchen might have been short staffed. I don’t think it’s normal for the waitress to be the one to put chocolate sauce and whipped cream on someone’s pancakes.

I got annoyed, however, when she started up a long conversation with some folks at another table (at that point, she only had two tables, and we had our food). We finished eating and sat there, waiting for her and hearing her entire conversation. She was talking to the ladies at the other table for at least fifteen minutes, probably more. The only reason she ever came by our table again was that some other Bob Evans employee came by and broke up the conversation. The waitress also didn’t think that, if we were asking for boxes for our leftovers, we probably wanted the bill, too.

We stopped at Plum Market on the way home to get some gluten free pie crusts. We were there at the right time to get half price baked goods, so we got two loaves of bread, some muffins, some bagels, and a couple other things that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

I have washed my dress. It’s hanging in the bathroom to dry. I want to do one more load of laundry, and I must, must, must wrap Scott’s presents today. I’ve also got phone calls and emails to deal with. I think I’ll start out with the (turkey) bacon wrapped dates, though. Those are easy enough, just time consuming. I’m debating, though, whether or not I should add butter or something to the pan to make up for the turkey bacon having so much less fat than normal bacon. Maybe I should divide what I make across two pans and add butter to one and not the other? The main thing that’s keeping me from working on them is that I want to be in the living room. There’s nowhere to do that sort of work in here, and I’m in the middle of a DVD.

Scott’s employer gave us a spiral cut ham. Scott and Cordelia like ham. I can’t generally eat it (ham lunchmeat is sometimes okay. I think it has less fat or something) without reflux. Scott’s trying to figure out what to do with it now. Taking it to Christmas dinner would be pointless because there’s already going to be a lot of food, and it would be… Cordelia has invited her best friend, who is Muslim, to join us. None of us want to have ham on the table while she’s there. Also, for six people, a ham and a turkey would be overkill. I suggested giving it to my parents when we see them next week.

We have reservations to stay at a hotel in Kalamazoo. We decided that was better than trying to get closer. Paw Paw is across 94 from Lawton and has three hotels, but they all had issues we couldn’t or didn’t want to deal with. My parents have said they’ll pay for the hotel; otherwise, we probably would have just done a day trip, given everything else. Being in Kalamazoo will actually give us more options for things to do. It’s only twenty minutes from Lawton, so it’s really not that far, and my brother lives in Kalamazoo.
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Scott is kind of flipping out over the idea of having his parents here on Christmas Eve because he wants the house to be clean. I care considerably less about that right now. I think we have a dozen things that his parents would agree are more urgent/important. Also, our cleaning lady comes today, and that will help a good bit. I will do some putting away of junk today because that’s part of my normal Thursday.

I need to figure out a good way to clean the dress I usually wear to the Christmas Eve service. I didn’t wear it last year, and it’s covered with dust because I kind of dumped it two years ago and then forgot about it. I think it’s machine washable but needs to drip dry, so I should deal with that today.

I have between two and four phone calls to make today (three of them are on the same subject, and if the first works out, I won’t need the other two. If the second works out, I won’t need the third). I need to send at least two emails, one to my mother and one to the mother of Cordelia’s best friend.

I want a nap and a shower, and I have two things I’d like to cook. I just don’t want to cook before the cleaning lady comes because she fasts on Thursdays. Dates wrapped in turkey bacon have a strong odor, and Chex mix, while less potent odor-wise, is still noticeable hours later.

Scott’s mother vetoed pretty much everything Scott and I offered to bring for Christmas dinner. She’s making mashed potatoes, so she doesn’t want sweet potatoes (I’d rather go the other way). She’s making chicken and noodles which is a family tradition for Scott’s family, so rice and bread would be superfluous. She’s making broccoli and doesn’t think that a second green vegetable would be desirable given how small the group is. A green salad might be okay, but she gave me the impression that she didn’t really think anyone would eat it.

That pretty much leaves desserts. We had been suggesting things that we could make without a lot of time/effort. Scott’s thinking he’ll make a pie, but he was unhappy with the apple pies he made for Thanksgiving. He was unable to cover them because he was using pre-made, gluten free crusts. He’d hoped that he could use one to cover the other, but they were completely rigid. At this point, he’s thinking pumpkin pie. I don’t really care much for that, but… Eh. Whatever. I can’t eat key lime pie at all, and his mother won’t touch anything containing nuts, so pecan is out.

There aren’t a lot of options for uncovered pies that will appeal more widely than pumpkin. At least none of us hate that. I’m just not sure that Scott realizes that pumpkin pie normally contains dairy which his father can’t have. I expect that substitutions are possible; I just don’t know what they are.

And I’m not even going to address the can of worms that is how to sweeten stuff. Scott’s father has diabetes, so they normally cook with Truvia which makes me hellishly sick. At big family gatherings, there’s generally more than one dessert. I don’t expect there to be here.
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My bruised leg is giving me a fair amount of trouble with walking and standing. I’ve got things I want to do that require standing, so I’m trying to plan my day so that I don’t try too much at once but still get stuff done. I have three phone calls I absolutely must manage, too.

The part of my neck that I kept putting pressure on to ease my headache feels really tender now. Which makes sense given that I spent two days putting pressure on it whenever I could manage.

I’m planning to try making bacon wrapped dates with turkey bacon some time this week. I usually make a lot of them for our family Christmas gathering, but there will only be six people this year, and one— Cordelia’s friend— is Muslim. If the turkey bacon version works, I’ll take some with us. If not, well, I’m sure we’ll have plenty to eat.

I need to make our Christmas porridge, too. Scott will want me to try making it in the pressure cooker, but I’m not enthusiastic about experimenting with that this close to Christmas. I know the stovetop method works.

Scott and Cordelia both enjoyed Rogue One last night. I think that, for Cordelia, the big draw was time with her friends. Scott didn’t sit with the girls. I think he’s going to end up seeing a lot of movies that way— him alone in the theater while Cordelia sits somewhere else with her friends.
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I tried to nap yesterday, but I had to get up twice to pee, and Cordelia came in once for a prolonged cuddle. Given that I was in bed for two and a half hours, there just wasn’t time to fall asleep. I had trouble falling asleep in the evening, too, even after taking Ativan. Once I fell asleep, I slept deeply.

I made fudge last night, and while I did it, I coached Cordelia through making chocolate chip bars. We almost didn’t have enough sugar, but I found some brown sugar that wasn’t hard, so we got by. The fudge doesn’t look right. It’s not smooth, and I’m not quite sure what I did wrong. I followed the directions as precisely as I could.

The fudge making left my hands hurting pretty badly. Apparently that much stirring isn’t something my hands can do without consequences.

We got two loads of laundry run, too. Well, one is still wet. I will put it in the dryer after I finish posting this.

I wrote more bits and pieces of things. One was intended to add onto my Yuletide story, but I got into the middle and realized that the plot absolutely would not work, partly for logistical reasons and partly because it undercuts what I’ve done in the other sections and because it goes too far toward one of my recipient’s DNWs. So that gets cut completely. I was looking at the angst and difficulties for the character and not at the longer term repercussions.

I’ve officially signed up for my recount shifts. The organizers are assuming that the state attorney general will end up facing a judge who looks at his lawsuit to stop the recount and considers it ridiculous. Because it is. At any rate, I’ll be doing eight hours, from 9-5, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I will do four hours on Saturday morning and four hours on Sunday evening. I expect that to wreck me pretty thoroughly. What I need to do shouldn’t be physically hard (except for how my body reacts to stress), but it will require focus and attention and, possibly, assertiveness.

It’s not clear yet how I’ll be getting there and home again. I asked the organizers to see if they could find someone coming from this area who could give me a ride. I’m not holding my breath, though. It just would be really nice because taking a cab or taking a bus means probably getting to the site with a lot of time before the doors open rather than risking being late. Given the time of day, cabs will be slower to arrive, generally, and traffic will slow down getting there once the cab arrives. I could use the A-Ride to make the cab much, much cheaper ($3 instead of the at least $30 I expect), but the A-Ride tends to arrive later and take longer to get places because it’s a shared ride service and because A-Ride customers are lower priority than anyone paying full fare. I think the A-Ride would probably be okay for getting home after since I won’t have the same time pressure and should be able to wait indoors.

Scott’s aunt, his father’s older sister, is in the hospital after a stroke. We don’t know the long term damage yet because her husband doesn’t do email and can’t hear well enough to talk on the phone. Scott’s mother also thinks that he doesn’t actually understand what the doctors are saying. They’re not sure exactly when the stroke happened. She felt tired and sick (nausea) Tuesday evening and went to bed early. It’s not clear if that was due to the stroke having happened or if the stroke happened while she was sleeping. Scott isn’t sure how old his aunt is, but I seem to recall her being more than five years older than Scott’s father, so she must be at least 78.
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I’m slowly whittling down my to do list. I keep adding things, too, but they’re generally small things. Things look much better if I don’t include my list of things I want to finish writing. There are so very many of those, and right now, I’m flitting back and forth between several different stories.

I checked last night, and the face to face training for the recount is, while technically in Ann Arbor, well outside of reasonable travel range if I have to take a cab. The bus doesn’t go close enough for the ride planner to accept it as a valid destination. They’ve set up about five online training sessions, though, so I signed up for one of those. I still need to email the coordinator and let him know that I’m not coming to the face to face session. I’d kind of rather do the face to face because I’ve never done something like this online and don’t know if it suits my learning style.

I didn’t get back to sleep after Cordelia got up this morning. I stayed in bed until she left, though, so that she could have the time to herself.

We had a game session last night. We did a little more first contact stuff, but the group is being sent on an off-planet mission next session, so I don’t know if we’ll go back to that. The npc who’ll be taking over seems only sort of competent, but I suspect that’s largely because the GM wants the pcs to make the decisions about what to try.

I made chocolate chip bars last night. I’d gotten to the point of not easily being able to delay when we discovered that we had no baking soda in the cupboard. Neither of us could figure that out because that’s not the sort of thing that we usually run out of, especially not without realizing that we need to buy more. Scott ended up making a trip to the store to get some, and I pulled things together while the game session was getting started. I didn’t want to deal with our rock hard and years old brown sugar (I know there are ways of softening it. I didn’t want to deal with it), so I used white sugar and molasses. That changed the color of the resulting bars but not the taste.

My hands are hurting a lot. I keep doing the things I need to do, but I say, "Ow. Ow. Ow!" a lot and use heat and cold and wish desperately that there was something I could take that would actually help. I need to prod my doctor. She said she was going to refer me to orthopedics and that they’d call me with an appointment. It’s been three weeks now, and I haven’t heard anything. Given that it will take months for me to get in, I really want to get things rolling now.

I have one library book due on Sunday that can’t be renewed. I’m about twenty pages into it. Finishing it is possible, but I’m not sure I will because I’m not finding it engaging. I’ve got another book that can’t be renewed that’s due in the middle of next week that I haven’t even opened and another unrenewable book that I have started and really want to finish but am not sure I can because holding it hurts a lot. The latter has a lot of full page pictures, so it’s not a long as it looks, not in terms of time spent reading words.
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My radiation oncology appointment yesterday went well. I got there about 45 minutes early and expected to have a leisurely time filling out my paperwork and reading some of the books I’d brought with me. Instead, they took my vitals and took me back right away. I was out of there by the time of my actual scheduled appointment. I need to remember that they do this because it’s happened both times I’ve gone back for check ups.

The main takeaway there is that I need to keep massaging my breast because the lymphedema is still an issue. I knew that, but I was mostly ignoring it because it rarely hurts.

I walked over to the cancer center afterwards to ask about my genetic testing data. I talked to something like four different people before I got someone who could help. Nobody seemed to understand what I was after until I’d explained two or three times. The nurse who finally helped me told me that I will have to call the testing company in order to get what I want because the testing company doesn’t actually give them that information. Which seems really ridiculous for a cancer center that’s supposed to be at the forefront of research. She gave me a copy of everything that the testing company gave them, but I think it’s exactly what they sent me through the patient portal.

I got home to find a FedEx package on our porch. It contained the two nightgowns I’d ordered and not gotten. I’d be wondering if I’d actually ordered the purple pants if the packing slip with them hadn’t clearly said that it was supposed to be a two pack of nightgowns. I have no idea why they sent this when they said they wouldn’t/couldn’t. I’m glad to get them. I’m assuming they were shipped overnight after I complained yesterday because, if they were sent before that, it’s… well, it’s beyond weird.

I let Scott mail the pants back because they were the wrong size. Since he had to go to the post office anyway, he mailed a package we’d planned to hold onto until January.

I was up later than I wanted to be last night due to reflux. I have no clue what caused that. No, that’s not true. I’m 95% sure that it was anxiety/stress. I had applesauce, almonds, and vanilla ice cream for dinner, and those are all things that are hugely safe for me as far as reflux goes. I ended up writing on my phone for about an hour before I risked lying down again. I started a new story, so it wasn’t progress on any of my WIP. If I finish the new story, it would be the first time I’ve written a Yuletide treat, so I’m kind of looking at it sideways and wondering.

I got word from the folks organizing the recount volunteers that there’s a training session tomorrow evening and that the recount might start as early as Friday. I foresee a shitload of Ativan in my future, and I’m pretty sure that anxiety over this is what caused last night’s reflux. I don’t actually expect the recount to make a difference, but it’s the sort of thing that needs doing anyway. I’m just glad that the training session for our county is here in town. I have to email the coordinator to let him know that I’ll be there. Scott might or might not be available to give me a ride, but a cab is possible (I don’t think the bus goes out there, but I haven’t checked the address yet. I just know the bus doesn’t go very far out Jackson Rd).

The training session will be inconvenient from a family point of view because Scott and Cordelia were assuming we’d find a way to fit in tonight’s Arrow episode tomorrow before Legends of Tomorrow airs. I don’t see it happening when Scott won’t be available until after 6:00 and I’ll be gone from at least 5:30 to 8:00 (and that assumes that transportation is rapid and available immediately).

I’m on the email notification list for FDA recalls, and I’ve seen two in the last week for packages missing allergen information about crab cakes containing seafood. On the one hand, it’s good to have allergen information required for everything. On the other hand, is there actually anyone buying crab cakes on the assumption that they don’t contain seafood?

Scott and Cordelia have decided that we will put up the Christmas tree this coming Sunday. That means that I need to make fudge and some cookies between now and then. I told Cordelia there’d probably only be time for fudge and chocolate chip bars. She said that was fine. I want to do the sort of Christmas baking I’ve done in the past, but I’m not sure there’s a point. Scott’s mother is GF. Scott’s father has type 2 diabetes, and my blood sugar is borderline.

I emailed Scott’s mother to suggest that they come down here for Christmas Eve and then we go up there on Christmas Day. There are four Methodist churches around town that have services that might be possible and that I think Scott’s parents wouldn’t find uncomfortable. (There’s an AME church about three blocks away, but I think that Scott’s parents would be hugely uncomfortable and that taking Trump voters to a black church would be utterly icky. Not to mention that I feel like white people going uninvited into a black space is, in general, intrusive and rude.) We could also drive up to Brighton after dinner for a service. Scott’s parents know people there, and it’s not far for us and is on their way home.

Scott may or may not have to work on Christmas Eve. Some years, the plant runs. Some years, it doesn’t. We won’t know until right before. I like the idea of doing things down here because it means that, if Scott’s home by 4:00, we could do a 5:00 or 5:30 service with dinner after. The options for later services locally are more limited. There’s a 7:30 and an 11:00 at the campus Methodist church. 11:00 is more feasible now than it was when Cordelia was waking up at 5:00 on Christmas mornings, but it’s still not attractive for a number of logistical reasons. Scott’s parents would have an hour drive to get home after, and Scott and I would still have to do the last minute preparations for the next day.
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The gathering at Scott’s sister’s house was fairly laid back. Sadly, something I ate gave me reflux. I’m kind of suspicious of the sweet potatoes because they tasted odd. Everything else I ate was utterly bland— bread, turkey, mashed potatoes (which we made), fruit salad, pecan pie. None of those should have been a problem, and I didn’t overeat.

Scott’s sister’s house was chilly enough that I actually noticed it. I think she keeps the house down around 60F even when the family’s at home.

Cordelia, as I expected, was quite ready to go home as soon as we’d had dessert. Scott would have liked to stay later, I think, to play more games, but I was really drooping, both headachy and exhausted.

There wasn’t much discussion of politics. I think Scott’s sister’s father-in-law knew he was outnumbered. He drives a school bus, and a lot of our dinner discussion at the table we shared (there were two tables of six people each) centered on the logistics of getting kids to different schools under different circumstances. That was, fortunately, a pretty neutral topic. We also talked a bit about what different kinds of high schools can offer. One of the non-family guests mourned the fact that, as far as he could tell, wood shop isn’t a thing any more. He has the impression that the classes that used to lead to skilled trades jobs are just gone.

Scott and several other people played Sentinels of the Multiverse before dinner. I didn’t because they were playing in the basement. I wasn’t convinced that unnecessary up and down of stairs was going to do good things for my Achille’s tendon (which is, sadly, still hurting today).

Writing on my phone turned out not to work because, for some reason, the 'make document accessible offline' thing didn’t work the way it has in the past. I couldn’t open documents. I couldn’t access email, either, which ought to have been possibly through use of my dataplan even when I didn’t have wifi access. I could still read LJ and DW, but nobody was posting, so that didn’t fill much time.

I want to bake today, but we don’t have anything that I’m physically capable of baking. Either we lack ingredients, or trying to make whatever it is would leave me unable to do things like eat dinner later on.

I ordered some things from Amazon last night because they were suddenly much, much cheaper than they had been. Now, I’m looking at Scott’s wishlist and Cordelia’s wishlist and trying to decide what to buy. If I get books, I want to get them from Book Bound rather than from Amazon. That means a phone call, however, so I’ll probably put that off for a while. If I was just ordering for one or the other, I’d email the order in, but I need to pay in advance for the stuff for Scott and arrange it so that Cordelia can pick up the stuff for Scott and Scott can pick up the stuff for Cordelia. Also, doing it by phone lets the folks at the store look up how long it’s likely to take for them to get copies of things they don’t currently have. With a month until Christmas, I have more wiggle room than I did when I ordered things for Scott’s birthday in February a week before I needed them.

I’m trying to find all of the issues of Archaeology and Discover that are floating around the house. Cordelia’s teachers said that they might find both useful, and I know I’m not going to read them at this point. I’ve got nearly two years of unread back issues of both. I’ve gotten all of what’s upstairs together, but I think the cleaning lady put some in the basement, so I need to check that.

I just volunteered to be a citizen observer for the recount that the Green Party has requested in Michigan. I’m a bit concerned that I’ll have issues with anxiety over doing it (getting there, being out and around other people, being responsible), and I’m a lot concerned that transportation will be a problem, but I’m free when most people are working.
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So it’s Thanksgiving. I’m not really feeling it. I think, mostly, I’m tired. I don’t want to leave home right now and spend the afternoon/evening with Scott’s sister’s family (including her in-laws) and some of her friends. I really want to get Scott and Cordelia to cuddle with me on the couch to watch a movie. I’m not even picky about what movie. Maybe we can escape early enough to do that anyway. I can hope. (Scott won’t want to leave because there are people there who will play games with him.)

My plan is to make sure I have my currently active WIP accessible on my phone and to work on them if I can get away with ignoring people. I probably won’t be able to, but I can dream.

I poked at writing a couple of different things yesterday, both the third (or maybe fifth) section of my Yuletide story and the Amber darkfic thing I’ve been working on. I realized that, with the other thing, the second chapter that I’ve been writing (to something I thought was complete) isn’t the end. That kind of makes me want to bang my head against something, but I really don’t want the resulting headache.

I distracted myself by trying to come up with a title for the Yuletide story. I have some options that are okay, but nothing’s leaping out at me. I can’t tell if it’s me being tired or if it’s that I need to look further for title options.

My Achille’s tendon isn’t so great this morning. I did the PT yesterday, but I also went for a walk to hack a portal. I think that last was a mistake. I was moderately okay until I got to the hill. By the time I got down to where I needed to be, my tendon hurt. Getting home was decidedly unfun. It got a little better on flat ground but not as much as I’d hoped. The next nearest portal that doesn’t involve a hill is about three times as far away, so I’m not sure that would be better. Oh, and last night, it was cold and raining. I was not wearing waterproof shoes. I don’t have gloves because, every time I buy some, Cordelia steals them. I think she keeps losing her own gloves. It’s that or, for some reason, she thinks my gloves are better than hers.

I can’t find my rice pack, so I wasn’t able to apply heat to the tendon after my walk. I’ve been searching for that off and on all morning. I really have no idea where it could have ended up. Wandering around the house to look for it is pretty low on my list of things I should be on my feet for.

Last night’s attempt at mashed potatoes came out pretty well. I can’t taste the garlic at all, but I really didn’t want to fuss with trying to add more. I had Scott buy Yukon gold potatoes since every recipe I was seeing said to use those (he had bought the first potatoes he found when he shopped on Saturday). He discovered that Whole Foods doesn’t call them Yukon gold but just labels them as 'yellow potatoes.' Naturally, he only realized that when he discovered that Yukon gold potatoes at Kroger looked exactly like Whole Foods yellow potatoes. (He was shopping at Whole Foods because he had to be next door to pick up a birthday present for our niece. Making more stops was not something he wanted to do.)

Scott is currently making apple pie. He decided to try a gluten free crust so that his sister can eat them. She said it wasn’t necessary because there will be four pies (for twelve people!), and two of them will be GF. Scott is finding the GF crusts frustrating because there’s no way to cover the pie. He thought he could buy a second pre-formed crust and reshape it into a cover, but that didn’t work at all. He also didn’t ask anyone who might know whether some GF crusts are better than others. He bought the cheapest he could find, and I’m rather expecting them to be utterly vile.

I think Scott said that he doesn’t have to be at work tomorrow until around 9:00. I’m hoping that I’m remembering that right. It won’t mean more time together, but it will mean tomorrow will only be a ten hour day for him as opposed to a twelve hour day.
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The potatoes we tried to make yesterday did not come out at all well, so I’m going to try again today. I’m pretty sure I know what I did wrong. I’m just going to have to run the dishwasher half full because I can’t physically handle hand washing the dishes I’ll need. Cordelia and I both want to do laundry today, so I’ll have to figure out the schedule for hot water intensive stuff.

I did both Yuletide and non-Yuletide writing yesterday. I now have enough story for my Yuletide assignment that can stand on its own that it won’t matter if I don’t manage to write the rest of what I have planned (and the rest keeps expanding in scope). I think I have a better feel for my POV character, now, too.

Plans for the birthday dinner for our niece have been changed repeatedly due to scheduling problems. We had settled on Friday evening, but Scott now has to work late that night. We can’t schedule for after he gets home without running into my deadline for eating dinner. Right now, we’re looking at Sunday around 5:00. I’m vaguely peeved about the change because I actually got myself to make a phone call to set up reservations for Friday evening. That was not easy at all.

A book Cordelia had put a hold on came in yesterday, and she wanted to get it immediately. I told her she could take the bus in today and get it, but that wasn’t soon enough. I told her to talk to her father since he’s the one who drives. We ended up going to the library last night and picking up all of our waiting holds. Cordelia had one, and I had nine.

My Achille’s tendon is hurting a bit again today. I think I may not have done the PT exercises enough yesterday. I think I did them once, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ve already done them once today, and I’ve set up three dailies on Habitica to remind me to do them regularly.

I ordered delivery for lunch yesterday, trying a Mexican restaurant I’d never tried before. I like some Mexican food, but the need to avoid peppers and tomatoes makes it challenging. Scott won’t touch it at all, so I never get it unless I’m with someone else which pretty much never happens these days. Sadly, there was enough reflux inducing stuff in what I got that I was still having trouble at midnight. I think the problem was fat content more than spice.

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