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Dear Not Prime Time Author,

I love all of these fandoms. Please don't take how much or how little I say as an indication of me caring more or less about a given one. I also don't tend to feel that there is one true interpretation of a given character, and I'm not given to OTPs. I'll try most pairings as long as they don't hit one of my DNWs.

I've mostly requested '& None' groupings

Past fic exchange letters can be found here:

DNW: detailed child harm, underage sex, incest, embarrassment/humiliation, cancer, completely tragic endings, mentor/protege pairings, unicorns, zombies, werewolves, vampires, transplant AUs, A/B/O, soulbonds, RPF involving modern figures (anybody dead more than 100 years is fair game), mpreg.

Likes: canon divergent AUs, psychologically twisty stuff, conflicting loyalties, hopeful or open ended endings, power struggles (particularly with a power differential), humor (gallows humor included), competent characters, friendship and collaboration, kindness, exploration of minor characters, canon appropriate levels of silliness, time travel, backstory, missing scenes, post canon fic

Fine with: gen, het, m/m, f/f, poly; noncon or dubcon; any rating; darkfic; fluff; fic different in tone or style from canon; first or third person; past or present tense; noncanonical babies or children; characters not specifically nominated as part of the story

Chronicles of Narnia (Caspian X & Lady Prunaprismia, Lady of the Green Kirtle/Prince Rilian, Caspian X & Miraz, Polly Plummer & Jill Pole, Trufflehunter & None, Trumpkin & None, Susan Pevensie & Jill Pole)

It is very important to me that, if Aslan is treated as Jesus, there be a focus on kindness and compassion. I find some things about Lewis’s views on God disturbing and not in keeping with my own beliefs.

I don’t have specific prompts for my requested characters/relationships, so I’m open to just about anything that doesn’t hit my DNWs. Some of them are things that I haven’t seen much (or, sometimes, anything at all) in the way of fic for. I’m interested in explanations for canonical inconsistencies, backstory, and character development. Canon divergent AUs and fix-its both are welcome. I have a preference for some thread of magic in stories set in our world.

I’m fine with nastiness/creepiness in the underlying reality for Lady of the Green Kirtle/Prince Rilian. Whether Rilian himself is aware of it at any point in the story is up to what you think makes a more interesting story.

If you want Miraz to survive to interact with Caspian when he’s king or to somehow show up after death as a ghost, I’d be fine with it, but I’d by no means be unhappy with something during Caspian’s childhood.

Phineas and Ferb (Charlene Doofenschmirtz, Stacy Hirano, Professor Poofenplotz, Linda Flynn-Fletcher, Roger Doofenschmirtz, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro)

I’ve asked for more some obscure characters here because I’m curious about shifting the focus a bit and seeing how the world looks from these other characters’ points of view. I’d enjoy seeing them in the canonical universe and timeline, in the 2nd Dimension, or in one of the time travel alternate universes.

For Stacy, what happens after she finds out about OWCA? Does she have any sort of weird adventures at any point in canon that aren’t related to the Flynn-Fletcher family? Was she ever a Fireside Girl? The time travel episode mentions her being president of (I think) Peru. How on earth did that happen?

Linda’s difficult because her role in canon is to never, ever see the weirdness around her and her family. Does she ever see weirdness that doesn’t relate to her family? Is there some reason why she doesn’t notice the things that every other character in the show seems to?

If you want to write Charlene, I’m rather more interested in the 2nd Dimension and time travel alternate universe versions of her given that she goes full on villain in 2nd Dimension and that the time travel AUs involve evidence she couldn’t possibly overlook about Heinz’s evil. Would she go full on villain there, too?

As for Roger Doofenschmirtz, is he actually unaware of the nasty things his brother keeps trying to do to him? How deliberate is his ongoing humiliation of his brother? Does he have any secrets or interesting hobbies or what have you? Can he possibly be mayor in Danville and not have noticed Phineas and Ferb’s projects?

For Isabella, I’d be interested in an adventure with the other Fireside Girls without Phineas around. The crush is cute, but it gets old. Her backstory in the 2nd Dimension might be interesting, too. Or maybe something when she’s older and has focused on something other than Phineas? Or a family celebration showing how the family blends the Jewish and Mexican elements of their heritage? (The Festival implies a largish community in Danville that shares that heritage. How did that happen?)

Professor Poofenplotz is only in one episode as a main character. She came across as pretty flat because there wasn’t much space, but she apparently has as much of an ongoing conflict with Isabella’s dog, Pinky, as Dr Doofenschmirtz has with Perry. What sort of villain is Professor Poofenplotz? Is she more competent/dangerous than Doofenschmirtz or on the same level (please don’t make her less than him)? Does she have a complicated and tragic backstory?

The Pretender (Mr Lyle & Miss Parker, Miss Parker & None, Jarod & Mr Lyle, Debbie Broots & Miss Parker, Jarod & Sydney, Jarod/Miss Parker, Jarod & Miss Parker, Gemini & Miss Parker)

This really was my first fandom. The acting and the sense of deep, hidden history caught me first. I got kind of annoyed with the story arcs around the Centre after Thomas was killed because that was the point when I felt they stopped being a coherent narrative with a direction. Even after that, I still adored the characters and the episodic plots.

I consider Jarod/Miss Parker entirely plausible at certain points, but I won’t be heartbroken if they’re with other people or not with anyone at all. The characters have both a genuine connection in their shared experiences and a potentially unbridgeable disconnect in terms of how they relate to those experiences. If you write this pairing, please don't bash Thomas.

I find all of the nominated characters and relationships interesting. Each would produce very different types of stories, and I can’t quite bring myself to limit the options. Whatever you come up with, whichever relationship we matched on (or you select from those we matched on), I’m sure I’ll love it.

I’m not wedded to the movies as canon or even to all of season four as canon. A divergent AU could be very interesting.

I tend to think that there’s a serious darkness inside Jarod that he only lets out through in his crusade for justice. I don’t need a story that reflects that. I just thought I should mention it in case it’s something you want to play around with. Most of the listed relationships with him in them aren’t necessarily things that would bring that out.

Rurouni Kenshin (Takani Megumi, Seta Soujirou, Myoujin Yahiko, Komagata Yumi, Hiko Seijuurou, Saitou Hajime, Kamiya Kaoru, Sagara Sanosuke)

In canon, I like the sense that every character has a story and a reason for being where they are and for doing what they’re doing. Some of those stories are barely sketched in, so I’d enjoy more detail there (though not Yahiko’s backstory or the parts of Soujirou’s that involve his family. I don’t see a way to deal with those without hitting things I can’t deal with. Detailed child harm is a huge DNW). I’d enjoy exploration of different paths that various characters might have taken. I’d enjoy seeing supporting characters step up to have their own hero moments.

I like Kenshin and Kaoru together, generally speaking, but am by no means a die hard shipper (of anything whatsoever).

For Kenshin, there’s an interesting balance in that he both knows that killing again will destroy him and that there are some things that might be worth that price. If he ever did kill again, it would be intentional and with full understanding of what he was doing and why. I’m not sure that really needs exploration, but it’s definitely something that I see about the character.

I think that one of the points of this canon is that choice is something that people deserve and that some people do good things with and some bad. Some choose to change after doing harmful things to try to make up for it. Some choose to pursue their goals/desires regardless of the harm involved. (It is pretty clear, though, that children don’t have the same scope for agency as adults simply because they’re at the mercy of adults.)

Sky High (Layla Williams, Gwen Grayson, Ron Wilson, Principal Powers, Mr Boy, Warren Peace, Will Stronghold, Magenta)

I nominated these characters partly because I’m interested in character studies and partly because I want to know where they came from and/or where they’re going. I wouldn’t mind something darker than canon or diverging from canon. I enjoy the tone of canon, though, and would welcome that, too; I’m just open to other things. I don’t mind who else turns up in a given fic as long as the story focuses on one of these characters.

I’m entirely agnostic on long term, post high school pairings for Warren, Will, and Layla. It might well be that they all end up with OCs. Or not.

Weiss Kreuz (Hirofumi & Masafumi, Manx, Hell, Tomoe Sakura, Naoe Nagi, Kudou Yohji, Tsukiyono Omi | Takatori Mamoru, Brad Crawford)

This was one of my first fandoms, and I fell into it from the fic side, only seeing Kapital after I’d read a lot of fic. I never had anything resembling an OTP or NOTP here, apart from not being keen on teenage Nagi paired with Crawford. I think that part of what drew me to the fic was that I could find the (male) characters in almost any romantic/sexual combination I could think of. So much of the old fic was utter crack, very serious business but also utter crack.

I’ve only watched Gluhen once and never really bonded with it. I don’t hate it, but if you don’t choose to use it, I won’t be fussed. If you do, I also won’t be fussed. I kind of hated Yohji’s ending in Gluhen because he was my favorite character to write, but… eh. I’m not denying that it was canon.

I have not read Side B and would prefer not to deal with that era.

I don’t have specific prompts for any of these. I would enjoy fic focused on any of them. I’m very, very slightly more interested in the supporting characters, but that’s only because I haven’t seen so much written that focuses on them. I’d be thrilled by a story about one of the members of Weiss or Schwarz, too.

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