Mar. 13th, 2017

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I forgot to return one of my library books, and it can’t be renewed, so I’m going to owe a small fine (twenty five cents a day). I realized in time that Scott could have taken it back, but he’d already driven out that way twice yesterday, once to pick up Cordelia and once to get groceries. I didn’t think it was worth sending him out again just to save a small amount of money. Also, I’m not quite done with the book and could use a few hours to finish it.

It is currently snowing. I was concerned about Cordelia getting to school on her crutches because there’s at least half an inch on the sidewalks now. As it turned out, the main problem she had was her backpack trying to slip off her right shoulder. The floor at school was nasty due to melted snow tracked in by all the kids, but Cordelia can put weight on both feet, so it wasn’t quite as dangerous as it could have been.

My hands have been hurting since the middle of the day yesterday. I should put on my braces, but I really don’t want to. They’ll make doing laundry harder because the velcro keeps catching on the fabric. I have to wash and dry two loads of laundry and put away two. I need to run the dishwasher and to shower (though that’s likely to wait until after Cordelia’s home because I don’t want to go out with wet hair). Beyond that, my to do list is all phone calls. Sadly, phone calls are harder than the rest of it.

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