May. 11th, 2017

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The nutritionist strongly recommends that I eat carbs for dinner and protein and veggies earlier in the day. She says it will make falling asleep at night easier. She's not entirely great at believing me about the effects of particular foods on my body, not when they disagree with her received wisdom.

I had three hours at the hospital between seeing the nutritionist and the beginning of my PT appointment. I ate my lunch first and then wandered around doing Ingress related things. There are places to sit scattered through the place, so I was able to rest when I needed to. I need about 300000 AP to get to the next level.

The physical therapist could see that I was exhausted, so he went easy on me and ended the appointment early. He said that, when I didn't show last Thursday, he accessed my records and saw that I'd been in the ER the day before and figured that had something to do with it.

My plan for this morning is to nap. I've got one or two things I need to do, but none of them should take more than a minute or two. I want to take a walk later if I'm up to it.

I wrote about 1800 words yesterday and am now only about 2200 words short of my word count goal for the year. I'm not sure what I want my goal to be after that, but I think having one might be useful. I didn't think that I'd manage 75000 words in a year, so I'm kind of boggled that I have.

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