May. 21st, 2017

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I managed to get my laptop mostly charged last night, so I'm going to post while I can.

My recipient for the Fandom5K pinch hit never commented or gave any indication of having read the story. Now that the authors' names have been released, it looks like they must have defaulted because there isn't a Fandom5K work listed on their works page. I had been wondering because it looks as if they normally comment on gift fics. Of course, I had also wondered if I'd somehow stepped on an unstated DNW. I still don't know either way. The story hasn't been particularly popular anyway.

Cordelia is not going to the play that we expected her to go to. Her friend canceled. My suspicion is that her parents waited too long to get tickets and that the show sold out. I'm not sure what we're going to do with Cordelia this afternoon. I don't want to leave her alone for hours and hours (it's an hour to the funeral home, so that plus however long we stay plus getting home and probably plus us stopping somewhere for food or something). I'm going to see if she's willing to invite the friend she would have gone to the play with to come and visit.

I slept most of yesterday. Well, for certain values of slept. I'm not sure what else to call it. I woke relatively frequently and, each time, found I'd lost track of a significant chunk of an hour. I didn't really wake up until after dinner, and I'm not sure what did it then. I slept late this morning, too, and still kind of want to close my eyes and drowse. Maybe I should send Scott to Wendy's. A double with cheese usually wakes me up pretty thoroughly.

I'm eying another fic exchange but hesitating because the writing period overlaps entirely with NPT (and because I haven't managed to start my NPT story yet). I may just see if I can treat or offer a pinch hit. A story for the exact right prompt usually writes very fast.

I am way, way behind on answering comments. I may still get to some of them, but many are probably going to drop into the abyss of me having meant well. I apologize for that.

Cordelia's watching The Return of the King now. I'm not sure if she's actually enjoying it or if she's simply determined to finish. It's not the sort of thing she usually watches.

The mother who's trying to organize a party for the eighth grade class is frustrated because only fifteen families have responded. There are only forty kids in the class, so fifteen families is more than one third. That's actually pretty spectacular as such things go. I think she's hoping for more because some of what she wants to do is likely to be expensive. One of the places she's looking at is $100 an hour for a minimum of three hours. I favor the outdoor option-- Renting the shelter is $50 for the entire evening. But the outdoor option makes music more of a challenge (some shelters have electricity, and some don't), and she wants a photobooth. It's also likely to be hot by mid-June.

But $50 plus some for entertainment and food is doable for fifteen families. I don't think $300 plus is so much. I also think that food may be easier to deal with for the outdoor option. The indoor site has kitchen facilities, but it's not a huge space, and I don't think it would easily accommodate different families making their own food or a potluck buffet.

I like the idea of a party. These kids have been together for three years, and they're going to scatter to many different high schools. I don't think more than ten of them are going to any one school. I'm not even sure as many as ten are going to any one school.

Scott replaced one of our bedroom outlets yesterday. It had gotten dangerous, and it was one that we knew clearly how to cut power to. (What's on each circuit breaker is kind of random and really hasn't been thoroughly mapped.) I'd like to replace other old outlets in the bedroom, but those are harder to access than this one.

We had a power surge when the electricity came back on Friday that fried all of Scott's electrical lawn care equipment that was charging in the garage. He's not sure whether those are repairable or not or how much repairing them would cost relative to replacement. He specifically mentioned the leaf blower and the trimmer. I don't recall him saying anything about the mower.

I have no idea why the leaf blower would have been charging in May. We're not likely to want it until September or October.
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Title: The Shadows at Her Will
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: E
Length: 11,819 words (four chapters)
Pairings: Tom Riddle/Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter/Tom Riddle/Ginny Weasley
Characters: The above plus Charlie Weasley
Warnings/Tags: Noncon/rape, Dark Ginny Weasley, Femdom, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Dark, BDSM
Notes: The story diverges during The Chamber of Secrets. The first two chapters are gen. The last two are not. There's a decade and a half time skip between. The Tom/Ginny is consensual and doesn't start until she's of age.
Summary: Tom was quite sure this wasn't how things had been supposed to work, but in the end, he wasn't unhappy about it.

The fic at AO3.

Title: Nothing False and Possible
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber
Rating: M
Length: 10,834 words in one chapter
Pairing: Luke/Merlin
Warnings: Dubious consent, Ambiguous/open ending, Merlin in female form via shapeshifting, Cousin incest, Light bondage, Discussion of forced pregnancy, Discussion of death and torture, Technically adultery
Notes: Part of the House of Sulfur and Mercury sequence but definitely stands alone.
Summary: Merlin searches for a way out of the cave where Luke has trapped him. Seducing Luke seems like a potentially viable option, but it keeps getting more and more complicated.

Fic at AO3.

Title: No Decisions to Master
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber
Rating: E
Length: 1,476 words
Pairing: Luke/Merlin
Warnings: Noncon, PWP, Toture, Psychological Torture, Non-consensual bondage
Notes: This is a side story for The Fruit of Our Intents and marks the low point for Luke in that. The low point went on a long time, but this is typical. Can be read without having read The Fruit of Your Intents and isn't necessary for reading and understanding that. Luke POV.
Summary: Merlin has fun with Luke. Luke doesn't enjoy it nearly so much.

Fic at AO3.

I've also added chapters to We Are Where We Began if anyone's following that. I'm at nine chapters for that now and have no idea when I'll find the end. There's a pregnancy (Merlin in female human form) and a child resulting from it. Just in case that's something you very much do or don't want to read.

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