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I mirror at least 95% of my content on LJ and DW. Read where you're most comfortable.

My friending policy is pretty open. If you want to read my journal, go ahead. I won't mind. I don't automatically read in return. I used to, but my time's a little more limited now than it was then. If you feel like dropping me a comment to let me know why you friended me, I'd appreciate it. Sometimes I have no idea at all and wonder.

If I'm reading you, I'm interested in something that's in your journal. I don't expect to be read in return but certainly won't mind if I am. I know that I have more time for reading online than most people do, and I know that my entries about my every day life, parenting, chores, etc. aren't of much interest to most people. That's all fine.

I don't lock very much. Right now, it's just an occasional post about my adolescent daughter. She's embarrassed by me talking about her online, so this is a compromise. My book logging, DVD logging and fic announcements will always be unlocked.

Also, if you stop reading my journal, feel free to take me off your list. I won't be upset. (Though if I think we know each other well or if we're acquainted offline, I may inquire as to why.) I may or may not stop reading you in response. It will depend on what sort of content you post and whether or not you lock most of of it.

I don't post fics on LJ or DW. I don't post fic fragments on LJ or DW. My fic can be found at my website or at AO3 ([ profile] the_rck) or, for those things not explicit, at as therck. I mostly write for Weiss Kreuz and The Chronicles of Narnia, but I've written a fic or two in a wide variety of fandoms for various exchanges.

I don't often use cut tags. Mostly, I use them for lists where I think people will only be interested in some items and for discussions of writing that go more than a paragraph or two or that have details that I think might bother some readers.
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I signed up for the Circling the Wagons friending meme on LJ, and that asks for an about me post. I know I’ve got two such posts as stickies on DW (First post, second, less informative post). The interests list on my DW profile is more complete than that on LJ because LJ caps interests at 150. Even so, there are a bunch of things I’m interested in that I simply haven’t thought to list or that, when I searched them, didn’t bring up anyone else who’d listed them. Since I was trying to keep my list within sensible bounds, I didn’t list anything unless there were at least a handful of other people who had already listed it.

At any rate, this may cover some of the same ground as those two posts, but it may also say things I didn’t think of when I wrote those. I don’t know.

Where to find me )

I will turn 49 in May. I’m female, cis, het, white, and disabled. I’ve been married for 22.5 years (anniversary in June). I have one child, a daughter who will turn 13 in May. I live in the US, in Ann Arbor, Michigan (if you don’t know US states, Michigan is the one that looks like a mitten. Ann Arbor is in the southeastern bit).

Health stuff, including recent cancer )

Stuff I like and how I do fandom )

Behavior and interaction on LJ and DW )
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Since I signed up for the most recent multi-fandom friending meme, I thought I should write a little introduction to myself, just in case anyone pops over here from there.

Note 25 Sept 2015: I'm dealing with breast cancer right now, and I talk about it uncut. I'm doing well and not in any danger, but I know that many people would rather not read about it. I should be past everything but the tamoxifen by the end of this year.

Bits and pieces about me. Possibly more than you ever wanted to know. )

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