Mar. 8th, 2017

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Drat. It’s official. Zenni Optical can’t provide me with glasses because my sizing is weird. I talked to their online help last night, and they confirmed that they have no frames whatsoever in my size. I’m boggled because I think of myself as having a normal sized head. My past experience has been going to a store, trying things on and having everything more or less fit (but most things look terrible).

So I guess I have to try to get out to Briarwood at some point to shop for glasses. Bleh.

Cordelia’s appointment this morning went well. I have not made her go back to school for the hour and a half that remains of the day. I’m sure I should have, but… She’s very, very tired.

The doctor we saw was the same we saw last year. He says that she needs to be looked at by the sports medicine surgery people to see if they think she needs surgery. He didn’t actually use the word 'surgery.' He said, 'Go in and fix things.' I’m not sure if Cordelia registered that that meant surgery. He also referred her for physical therapy. I think I need to make the call to set up PT but that the sports medicine people will call us. Cordelia is barred from gym until the sports medicine people see her, and even then, only goes back if they say it’s okay to.

We talked to the clinic social worker about maybe finding lower cost transportation. I’m going to talk to friends and family first, but it would be nice to have a less expensive but still reliable option to fall back on.

We ordered delivery for lunch, Chinese food from a place we hadn’t tried before (It was 11:00; my choices were limited). The food was okay, but I sliced three of my fingers on the lid of one of the plastic containers as I tried to pry the lid off. Two of the fingers bled, and all three still hurt nine hours later.

I’m using the new bedside lamp that Scott bought me, but I’m not entirely happy with it. It turns on and off by touch and is easy to bump into. Even on the brightest setting, there’s not enough light to read except if I hold the book just so. Scott thinks that, if we can get the lamp a little higher up, the light will be better. I’m dubious. He had it on top of my alarm clock for a while, but that just meant I kept knocking it off. Scott has managed to retrieve my power strip and move it up on top of my table, so I can actually use it now, but I haven’t yet managed to plug in or unplug something without bumping the lamp.

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