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I'm doing work on my laptop again today and don't know how long it will take. We're looking for duplicate files because it looks like my music files are taking three times as much space as they ought.

Cordelia's best friend was in the ER again last night. During their movie night, her head started hurting, and her vision blurred. Given the concussion three weeks ago, the host parents called the EMTs. Cordelia has been upset and panicked since then. The friend texted her at 3 a.m. to say she was okay, but all her mother is telling us Is that prayers are wanted.
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I've got the laundry all washed, and one load is dry and upstairs.

I very much want to nap, but I need to be ready to leave here in less than two hours, and I don't think there's time. I also think that I'm too stressed to sleep. I'm delaying taking Ativan because I think that I will need it more for our nephew's graduation which starts seven hours from now than I do for the appointment.

I've had four cups of black tea so far today and 12 oz of Coca-Cola.

I'm trying to figure out whether or not to dress up before going to my appointment. I'm not sure I'll have time to change after. Of course, I'm also not sure I have anything even remotely dressy that fits and has short sleeves.

Also, it's kind of wet outside, and, depending on timing, I may have to take the bus home. I don't think it's currently raining, but it's threatening, and everything out there is wet from earlier rain. Our concrete front steps, which are usually grayish, are kind of brown right now.

I'm also not sure that I'll get dinner tonight. It will depend on when my appointment ends and how long it takes me to get home. I'm tired enough right now, that I'm having trouble figuring out what to eat for lunch. I've had some saltines, four almonds, and two slices of cheese.

I made two phone calls yesterday but also added more calls to my to do list. I think that one of them is going to be manageable today because I'm probably going to get voicemail. Maybe I can manage calling Medequip, too, but I'm not going to get upset with myself if I don't.

Cordelia enjoyed Greenfield Village but was annoyed by the gift shop because nothing had any sort of price tag. The only way to find out what things cost was to take them up to the register and ask, so the line was very, very long the entire time her class was shopping.
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Cordelia's officially done with physical therapy for now. She admitted to us yesterday that she hasn't been doing her exercises because she's been utterly exhausted, so I'm a bit worried about things going forward.

She made it to the GSA bowling party only about forty five minutes after it started. She said it was a lot of fun but that only four out of the six members of her school's group made it. It was a multi-school event, so there were still a lot of people there.

The eighth graders are at Greenfield Village today. That's an outdoor historical recreation(ish) space an hour or so away from here. There's a large museum there, too, but people tend to go to one or the other. My sixth grade class, back in the late 1970s, spent a day at Greenfield Village. We were all supposed to dress up in nineteenth century clothing (or as close as we could get) for a short stint in a one room schoolhouse. I had a granny dress, so I was set. Mrs Pattinson, who was a very tall, thin woman in her fifties (or possibly sixties), looked very impressive as I recall. I have no recollection of what anyone else wore. I'm pretty sure that we used slates and facsimile primers.

I have no idea what activities Cordelia and her classmates will be undertaking. I look forward to her telling me about it.

I'm going to be spending a lot of time on laundry for the next few days. I'm not at all enthusiastic about it, especially when it comes to tomorrow, but I haven't got a choice. Cordelia can help on Saturday and Sunday. Scott's ability to help depends on whether or not he has to work the weekend. It'll be five loads today (one done, one in the dryer, one in the wash, two waiting). I'm hoping that subsequent days will only require three loads as that's a lot less exhausting.

My hands are hurting a lot, so I'm wearing my heaviest splints. Those will make putting the fitted sheet on the bed a challenge, but I don't think I can do it at all without some sort of splint. Things haven't been this bad since I stopped the Tamoxifen at the beginning of April.

I'm trying to figure out which of my library books I can finish quickly. I'm done with the one book due this week that can't be renewed, and there aren't any due next week that can't be renewed. I would like to get through some of these books or, at least, to read enough of some of them to know I don't want to go further.

I have three phone calls I should make today. Sadly, the easy one is also the least urgent.
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The concert only lasted about forty minutes. The eighth graders were obviously more experienced than the seventh graders, even to my ear. Cordelia says that they all know that most of the seventh graders just don't practice. The eighth graders do practice, but there are only nine kids in the orchestra class, three violins, three violas, two cellos, and a bass. Some of the songs the eighth graders did sounded to me like they were-- How to put it? Thin, maybe. As if they'd sound better with more instruments playing. Some of them also didn't sound right with just strings. The best number, in my opinion, was the 'honors orchestra' number. All the eighth graders, about half the seventh graders, and a handful of sixth graders put in practice time during lunch hours all term to work on just that one piece, and it worked.

Cordelia's friend, the one with the concussion, was at the concert. According to her mother, she's still having fairly bad headaches and still has some memory gaps. She has, for example, no memory at all of the class trip to Cedar Point. The day of the injury, she couldn't remember the names of any of her friends and, when asked to name her teacher, gave the name of the teacher they had in fifth grade. She's also not allowed to use any of the online textbooks yet which is a problem because they simply don't have paper copies available.

Cordelia got her assignments for science center camp volunteering, and they scheduled her for the week of choir camp, so she's trying to get that changed. It looks like they're trying to schedule her for every week in August which isn't going to be great because that's when she's due for her annual physical. I really don't want to push that into September given how difficult it will be to retrieve her from Skyline for appointments. Also, I want to consult her doctor about whether or not we should ask for some sort of accommodations with regard to gym class in order to minimize the risk of another dislocation. I'm pretty worried about that happening in gym, but the class is mandatory, and the only choice about it is whether to take it single sex or coed (I have no idea how they sort the genderqueer kids. The schools do acknowledge that such kids exist, but I don't think there's an option for them to be in a class only with each other).

I called the choir director as Skyline yesterday, as she'd asked me to, and got her voicemail. I left a message and haven't heard back. I waited until after the school day was over because I assumed that she wouldn't answer her phone while teaching.
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I was hoping to go into town a couple of hours before my appointment today and get lunch and walk around a bit, playing Ingress, but I don't think that's going to happen. I've been sneezing violently off and on. It's raining. Oh, and I have cramps. (On one level, a period would be a good thing, but I really don't want one, not ever again. Also, it would be very difficult for the timing to be worse.)

Cordelia's best friend is home with a concussion. A laptop fell on her head at school yesterday. My assumption is that she was getting one out of the lower rack on the cart while someone else pulled out and dropped one from the upper rack. I wouldn't expect that to be a fall of more than a couple of inches, though, so maybe not. It's just that she's a very tall girl. I can't think how else a laptop would be in a position to fall on her. Even if she was seated, no one would be likely to carry a laptop high enough to drop it on her. And Cordelia said 'fell on her' rather than that someone dropped it on her.

At any rate, Cordelia wants to do something for her friend but rejected every suggestion we made. I'm going to email the girl's mother to ask if there's anything she'd enjoy. If the mother suggests something, I think Cordelia will feel more comfortable with it than she does if we, her parents, suggest things.

Oh, I know! Every time Cordelia visits her friend wants her to bring a particular DVD. A copy of that would probably be a great gift.

Scott's mother called in the middle of my planned nap time yesterday morning. She was taking a walk while Scott's father was at rehab (for heart trouble) and wanted to chat with someone during it. She's very disappointed that my c-PAP isn't making me feel better. Hers apparently did, right away. I explained that, while I wear it, I sleep like Cordelia was six months old and sick and sleeping in the next room. As of tomorrow, it'll be three weeks since I got the dratted thing.

Scott's of the opinion that three weeks is long enough that I should have adjusted and that, since I haven't, I need to talk to someone at the sleep disorders clinic. I'm not sure what they'd have to offer. I don't think it's the specific gear so much as any gear at all. I sleep better when I take Ativan, but I really can't do that every night.

I wrote 1500 words last night but still haven't managed to start my NPT story. I realized after talking to a friend that I was focusing on the wrong character. That other character still needs to be featured prominently, but there's another character who, when I talk about my ideas, is more pivotal. Since that other character was also requested, shifting focus makes sense.
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Cordelia decided that she was close enough to done with her big project (all that's left is eight more illustrations) that we could celebrate last night after all, so we went to dinner at Saica. She tried something new. Actual raw fish sushi, a tray with a variety of different things. I got a bento and brought most of it home; that fed me and Cordelia for breakfast this morning.

Cordelia liked her presents. We mostly got her books. I watched her wishlist for months and jumped on books when good used copies came up. There were two Funko Pop figures, too. General Leia and Finn, if I recall correctly. She says that Baby Groot is still her favorite. She also thought that General Leia looks weird because of not having a mouth.

I'm still not sleeping well with the c-PAP. I'm waking more often. It used to be that I could sleep about six hours without needing the bathroom, but now it's a maximum of about three hours. At that point, I wake fully and won't get back to sleep unless I empty my bladder. I think that, on school nights, I'm getting about five hours of sleep. No wonder my legs ache and I'm starting to get headaches a lot.

Generally, by the time I'm ready to nap, it's lunch time, and then there's not enough time after lunch to actually sleep before Cordelia gets home. She doesn't like me napping when she's home and will come in to check on me every twenty minutes.

The lab test results from my ER trip were released to me today. I have no idea what most of the things tested for are, but I think there's at least one thing I want to ask my primary care doctor about when I see her next week. The chest x-ray showed a 'slightly elevated left hemidiaphragm,' and that's not something that's ever been mentioned on any previous chest x-ray. Dr Google gives scary information about that that I really think doesn't apply here because they wouldn't have let me leave the ER as casually as they did if they thought I had, say, an abdominal tumor.

I've turned on the air conditioner now. I need to schedule a tune up for the system. It was 85F in here when I checked the thermostat last night, and we try to keep it a bit cooler than that, especially since I'm still having problems with feeling overheated in spite of having stopped the Tamoxifen.
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Fourteen years ago today, Scott and I went to the hospital three weeks earlier than we'd expected to, and Cordelia was born. It was a short labor (fortunately for me!), and she was born about 6:15 p.m. I mostly remember that I thought it was important, right away, to tell her the names of every single person I could think of who loved her already.

I won't say that every instant over the years has been joy and bliss, but I do feel profoundly blessed to have her in my life. Scott and I both do our best to make sure that she never doubts that she's loved and accepted.

Anyway, fourteen years. It doesn't seem like anything near that long, but it's indisputable. 2017 minus 2003...

We won't be celebrating today because Cordelia's got a big school project that's due Friday and is really eating up her time. She’s supposed to make a twenty page picture book with a minimum of one sentence a page about the history of the US, hitting certain points, and, in it, identify the part of speech of every single word she uses. She's also supposed to label independent and dependent clauses and write in whether each sentence is declarative, interrogative, imperative, or whatever that fourth category is. (Hers are, not surprisingly, all declarative.) I think that all that's left is the twenty illustrations, but those are likely to take a while.
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Scott meant to wrap Cordelia's birthday presents last night while she was at an orientation meeting for one of her summer volunteer things, but it completely slipped both of our minds. I guess she'll have to deal with gift bags, because I really don't want to deal with how my hands will feel if I try to do the wrapping. Last night was the last chance for Scott to do anything before her birthday while she wasn't home.

She's asked to celebrate her birthday on Saturday instead of tomorrow because of a big school project that's due Friday. She's been asking me repeatedly what part of speech certain things are, and I answer and then second guess and triple guess. Is 'most' in 'most are red' a noun or a pronoun? If it was 'most apples are red,' it would be an adjective. Is it still one when the noun is implied? Is 'that' in 'this is the thing that we decided' a conjunction or a pronoun or something else entirely?

My Fandom5K recipient hasn't given me any sort of feedback on my fic. Those went public at midnight, Eastern, Saturday/Sunday, and my recipient didn't put a comment on the AFK post in the community, so I don't know what's up there.

I finished one library book yesterday, an actual novel aimed at adults, and got about a third of the way into a second one (which can't be renewed and is due Sunday). I stopped because I hit a point where I'm pretty sure something I don't want to watch is about to happen.

I've had three zits in the last two days, so I'm wondering if my body's gearing up for a period. I don't want one and haven't had one since early October. If I get one, it resets the clock on menopause and, of course, will just generally be a PITA. I turn 50 on the 26th, so it's sort of early for full on menopause (plus my hormone levels don't support me being there quite yet), but... It would be so nice not to have to deal with that again.

My to do list for today is to shower and to get the trash and recycling out. After that, I have things to read, watch, and write. I'd kind of like to nap, too. I had an awful time getting to sleep last night because I was kind of keyed up.
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I tried to nap yesterday morning but didn't manage much in the way of actual sleep. This morning, I was able to sleep in because Cordelia spent the night at her best friend's house. Her friend's parents were willing to take on the task of getting the girls to the school in time for the 7 a.m. bus departure for Cedar Point.

Scott predicted the sleepover when he heard that Cordelia had walked over to her friend's house (with her friend). I think the walk took them about an hour because it is a fair distance, 2-3 miles. I had expected Cordelia to stay for dinner but not for a sleepover. Cordelia ended up texting me a list of things to pack for her. A few of those were really, really vague-- 'a book from my shelf that's not too heavy' for example. Scott ended up asking her about five or six different options before finding one she thought would work.

I caught the cold that Cordelia's had the last few days. Yesterday, I sneezed and had a runny nose. Today, I don't seem to be having problems, but it's hard to tell what will happen later today. I tossed and turned a lot last night due to the cold and didn't dare use the c-PAP because pushing crap into my lungs seems like a great way to make myself really sick. I don't have any options for dealing with asthma at this point, so I don't dare risk it.

My last PT appointment is today at 2:45. I don't want to go, but I will. I'll probably go a little early because some folks from the other Ingress faction took out all of the portals at the hospital. I could really use the AP for recapturing those.

My to do list for today isn't all that long:

Grocery list
Start my NPT assignment
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Yesterday was my last OT appointment, and it was shorter than my scheduled time because we'd covered everything on my list by forty minutes in. I got advice on a couple of things that are not currently problems but were big issues when my hands were at their worst. I thought I'd ask just in case they're ever issues again.

Blue Cab seems to be doing a better job of running the A-Ride than Yellow Cab ever did. Every pick up was within five minutes of the start of the scheduled time (they set a half an hour window), and the cabbies were all friendly. The policy has changed from the drivers having no obligation to help passengers reach the cab to them being required to provide assistance from door to door if it's needed. They're not allowed to go inside, but they're not dumping mobility impaired passengers in awkward places.

Today, I have what might be my last PT appointment but also might not. I rather suspect not. My current intention is to take a cab there and the bus back. I think that I'll take the inbound #23 and transfer to the outbound #22. The stop for the #22 is about 2/3 the distance from the house as the stop for the #23 and doesn't require climbing a steep hill to get home. It'll add about half an hour to my trip, but as long as things don't change, I think I can handle that.

I had anxiety issues yesterday afternoon and evening that I couldn't explain except that maybe I felt guilty for not managing to fit in all of my PT exercises. Some of those require lying on the floor, and I didn't want to do them within an hour or so after eating and really couldn't do them while the cleaning lady was here. I probably could have fit them in after she left and before dinner, but by then, I was having reflux issues that made lying down very unappealing. I did do most of the exercises that I could do sitting or standing, though.

I woke this morning with a headache, but food and caffeine seem to have gotten rid of it. I haven't done any of my PT yet because I want to have all of my energy for going out. I'm still very tired and kind of groggy. I don't think more food will help, and I don't have time to make more tea or coffee. I know there's a coffee kiosk somewhere in Taubman (or there used to be), but I don't want to do the walking required to see if I'm remembering correctly. Plus, there's no guarantee that more caffeine would do anything but make me need many visits to the bathroom which would be pretty inconvenient during an hour long PT appointment.

The GSA at Cordelia's school is doing a reading of I Am Jazz for the 4-8th grades today. It's a picture book, so the reading shouldn't take too long. They'll have a panel discussion afterwards. Cordelia's really looking forward to it. She'll be reading the book. I'm not sure if she'll be part of the panel or not. I don't know if any of the kids are out as trans, but with forty to eighty kids in each grade and nine grades, there's pretty sure to be a kid or three somewhere in the school who is trans even if they're not out. My guess is that the reason for having only 4th through 8th is a combination of space limitations and the attention span for the panel discussion and probably also that explanations that suit five year olds aren't going to work for thirteen year olds. That last probably could be dealt with by an experienced presenter, but this is all kids ages eleven to fourteen who've never done anything of the sort before.
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My SIL finally got back to me. She consulted with her colleagues about knee surgery and is of the opinion that it's not a great idea and should be a last resort. Her colleagues say that the success rate isn't all that good. They didn't give specific numbers, but I get the impression that they think there's about an equal chance of benefit versus no benefit at all. It doesn't seem to make things worse in most cases, at least.

I'm actually surprised by this because I had the impression that the tendon repair part at least was fairly standard and well established as effective.

My SIL's colleagues do recommend wearing a brace pretty constantly on top of PT and lots and lots of exercise. If those don't address the problem, then we should consider surgery as at least no worse than the status quo.

I think Cordelia will be both relieved and disappointed. All three of us are going to be pretty constantly on edge that the dislocation will happen again. I would like a better approach than an ER trip each time.
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And we have more snow today. There’s not a lot of it, just enough to coat everything. At least, Cordelia doesn’t need to walk to school today. If there’s ice on the sidewalks, it mostly shouldn’t affect her.

Cordelia was out for about four hours last night. She says they only watched about half an hour of the movie (the Studio Ghibli Earthsea adaptation) because it was boring. There were only three of them there because the others all had scheduling conflicts. Well, no. One of the girls had to stay home because her parents were worried that the (small amount of) snow would combine badly with drunk drivers due to St Patrick’s Day.

I haven’t made any progress on my Fandom5K story this week, and I’m starting to worry. I know I have enough time to do it; I just can’t seem to focus and find a way into the story.

I’ve been using loops of duct tape, sticky side out, to hold my laptop on place on the old stand. That’s actually working well enough that I’m not going to keep looking for a replacement. Everything I looked at was focused on the ergonomics of viewing rather than the ergonomics of typing, and I am vastly more interested in the typing side.

I tried to nap this morning but couldn’t get my mind to shut down. I was completely relaxed physically, though, so maybe those two hours weren’t entirely wasted.

Cordelia has gone to see Beauty and the Beast with her friends. Scott is going to drop them off and go do the grocery shopping nearby. It means he probably won’t pick up my prescription today, but I’ve got enough left to get through tomorrow, so that should be okay.
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I got Cordelia’s PT set up. It’s going to be Tuesday afternoons, starting next week. The time of day isn’t ideal, but none of the times they had available were really good options. We’ll have two sessions before we see the sports medicine surgeon. Cordelia is doing some walking without crutches, a few steps here and there, but she’s clinging to the brace as if her life depended on it.

While there’s snow on the ground, I’m going to be carrying all of her stuff. Me taking her backpack made getting home last night much, much easier all around. She ended up yards ahead of me and went in the back door (which has a keypad) rather than wait for me with the key for the front door.

I also got a gynecology appointment set up. It’s not until April 10th, but that’s sixteen days sooner than the appointment I had set up. I should probably cancel that appointment, so that someone else can have it. I’ll get to it eventually.

I have four phone calls I should make today. Two of them will be relatively low stress because I’ll be calling Scott’s mother and my mother. The third call is to pre-order a book for Cordelia that comes out in early May, so it’s not a big rush to get it done. The fourth call is to UHS billing, however, and will be difficult to manage. I need to point out that they’re trying to bill me for things without having actually billed all of my insurance. They billed Aetna but not Medicare or Premier Care. The appointments were with a physician for consultations about contraception while I’m on Tamoxifen and for removal of my old IUD. I’d be really surprised if Medicare didn’t cover at least some of that.

I need to dig out my scarf if I’m going to keep walking Cordelia to school when it’s this cold. My chin and ears freeze while the rest of me is sweating under my coat. It’s cold enough and a long enough walk that I don’t want to go with my coat unzipped, especially not if it’s windy. Of course, it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow and warmer still on Thursday.

I forgot to mention— Scott replaced the doorknobs on our bedroom door, Cordelia’s bedroom door, and the bathroom over the weekend. Our door was hardest because he ran into an unexpected metal plate that he thinks was part of the old security system.

If I’d had my act together last night, I’d have made sure Scott took the library bag to work this morning so that he could return my overdue book on his way home. The weather was nasty enough last night that he wasn’t willing to go back out. I expected that. I’m just not sure I can talk him into it today, either. I suppose I could try to get myself to the bus to go downtown, but I’m so very, very tired that I don’t think I can face it, not for this.

I’m trying to decide whether or not I have the resources to haul the basement trash up the stairs. Scott dumped some moderately heavy things in there. I don’t think it adds up to more than I can carry at once, but it will be tiring and isn’t urgent. I wish Scott wouldn’t do that and would bring those things upstairs instead. I also wish I’d think of having him bring the bag upstairs himself while he’s at home rather than while he’s at work.

Once I have the trash out, I’m going to try to get through some of the graphic novels I’ve got from the library. I’ve got ten, and some of them can’t be renewed. Most of them are fairly short and shouldn’t take long. I just have to sit down and actually read them.
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Grrr. The sports medicine people just called to say that, oops!, they hadn’t actually looked at the referral from orthopedics and that Cordelia needs to see a surgeon rather than a regular doctor and that we can’t do that until the 30th. I feel like banging my head on something.

The 30th is a Thursday which, from Cordelia’s point of view, is the absolute worst day to have an appointment because of GSA.

Oh, and that’s Expo night, too, I think. Damn it. I may have to reschedule the appointment because, if surgery is the verdict, Cordelia’s not going to be capable of going to Expo. I’ve emailed her teachers to explain the situation. I’m not sure I actually care one way or another about Expo.

And my gynecologist does want to see me ASAP. She says some time on the 20th and that someone will call me to schedule more specifically. I really hope that that ends up at a time when I can get a friend or relative to go with me for moral support. I want to get that nailed down before I arrange for Cordelia’s PT, but I don’t know that I should wait on the PT.
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Drat. It’s official. Zenni Optical can’t provide me with glasses because my sizing is weird. I talked to their online help last night, and they confirmed that they have no frames whatsoever in my size. I’m boggled because I think of myself as having a normal sized head. My past experience has been going to a store, trying things on and having everything more or less fit (but most things look terrible).

So I guess I have to try to get out to Briarwood at some point to shop for glasses. Bleh.

Cordelia’s appointment this morning went well. I have not made her go back to school for the hour and a half that remains of the day. I’m sure I should have, but… She’s very, very tired.

The doctor we saw was the same we saw last year. He says that she needs to be looked at by the sports medicine surgery people to see if they think she needs surgery. He didn’t actually use the word 'surgery.' He said, 'Go in and fix things.' I’m not sure if Cordelia registered that that meant surgery. He also referred her for physical therapy. I think I need to make the call to set up PT but that the sports medicine people will call us. Cordelia is barred from gym until the sports medicine people see her, and even then, only goes back if they say it’s okay to.

We talked to the clinic social worker about maybe finding lower cost transportation. I’m going to talk to friends and family first, but it would be nice to have a less expensive but still reliable option to fall back on.

We ordered delivery for lunch, Chinese food from a place we hadn’t tried before (It was 11:00; my choices were limited). The food was okay, but I sliced three of my fingers on the lid of one of the plastic containers as I tried to pry the lid off. Two of the fingers bled, and all three still hurt nine hours later.

I’m using the new bedside lamp that Scott bought me, but I’m not entirely happy with it. It turns on and off by touch and is easy to bump into. Even on the brightest setting, there’s not enough light to read except if I hold the book just so. Scott thinks that, if we can get the lamp a little higher up, the light will be better. I’m dubious. He had it on top of my alarm clock for a while, but that just meant I kept knocking it off. Scott has managed to retrieve my power strip and move it up on top of my table, so I can actually use it now, but I haven’t yet managed to plug in or unplug something without bumping the lamp.
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Cordelia slept in her own bed last night. She’s not up yet, though, so I’m a little worried that she’ll have trouble getting out of bed even though she practiced a couple of times yesterday. She did get to do a little bit with the laser tag party. They apparently set her up as a sniper. Cordelia was able to sit in the front seat of the car which is a big deal, too.

I didn’t have a headache yesterday but do today. I think this is a separate thing from the headache Thursday and Friday because my period seems to be starting up. (Only time will tell if this is real or another occasion where it will go for an hour or two and stop.)

Scott went to a couple of places while Cordelia was at the party to see if he could find a bedside table for me and/or a chair for Cordelia to use at her desk. The current chair is quite large for the space, and Scott is hoping that a chair with a smaller footprint would make banging her knee again less likely. Sadly, he didn’t find anything he thought would work.

Scott’s currently cooking turkey bacon. We’re buying that rather than regular bacon because Cordelia likes chewy bacon rather than crisp. Turkey bacon is pretty much always chewy. It doesn’t taste at all the same, but it’s pretty good as its own thing. Turkey bacon does not work well for making bacon wrapped dates because those need more fat. I had some luck with adding butter when I experimented with using turkey bacon last Christmas, but I think it needed rather more butter than I put in.

Scott has made a Kung Fu Panda vid. I will link to it when he posts it. It’s his first vid ever, and he had a lot of fun making it. He’s been wanting to vid for many years but never got to the point of trying it before. I suspect he’ll end up making more.

Where are the best places to post vids?
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We got out of the ER a bit before 3:00 this morning. Cordelia was hungry, so we went to IHOP and got carry out. I couldn’t eat it then because of needing to take my thyroid medication and because of needing to be able to lie down and sleep.

Cordelia slept on the side of our bed where I normally do. Scott slept on the couch. I slept where Scott normally does. Having Cordelia sleep on Scott’s side of the bed isn’t an option because the space between the bed and the dresser is far too narrow for crutches (I can only get in and out sideways). I don’t think this will work well once the work/school week starts, but it was okay for last night.

Cordelia seems to be able to put weight on the bad leg without problems. She’s using crutches so that it’s not her full weight.

We don’t have an orthopedics appointment for her yet. I’m hoping we can get one quickly because pretty much everything is on hold until then. I will have to walk her too and from school for as long as she’s on crutches because she can’t manage her viola on her own. Leaving the instrument at school might be an option once in a while, but she needs to practice.

The only up side that Cordelia can currently see is that she’s scheduled to start gym a week from Monday. This makes it very unlikely that she’ll have to participate this year, either.
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I think they're sending us home soon. Crutches, brace, follow up with orthopedics, probably PT.

She'll miss out on a birthday party laser tag thing tomorrow.
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Cordelia dislocated her knee again tonight, so we're in the ER. She's terrified. She banged her knee on a chair while she was getting ready for bed.
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Cordelia ended up spending the night at her friend’s house last night. She and her friend came over here by bus around noon. They stopped on the way (my best guess is the North Campus Commons) to pick up carryout from Panda Express. The food was only vaguely warm (and quite cold in spots) by the time they got here because they had to do a lot of walking. It was packaged in that sort of particle cardboard, and the packaging was kind of squishy.

The girls want to go downtown to buy bubble tea now. I have no objection, apart from how cold it is. They’re thirteen. Right now, they’re waiting for Cordelia’s phone to charge a bit. It had gotten down to about 15%. In the meantime, they’re watching episodes from season one of Arrow.

Scott and I did a little Ingress on the way home from taking Cordelia her overnight supplies (clothes, her Captain Cold Funko Pop thingy, her water bottle, her toiletries). We also got frosties at Wendy’s. We watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and some White Collar. P&P&Z was better than I expected, but my expectations were pretty rock bottom. I think it did best when it diverged most from Austen. The two parts simply didn’t fit together.

I want to finish the White Collar DVD because we’ve only got one Netflix return envelope right now. I’m holding off on returning another DVD until we either have something else we could mail the White Collar DVD back or have finished the White Collar DVD.

I ended up not doing the difficult phone calls yesterday because I didn’t want to do them while the cleaning lady was here. I managed several less challenging calls. There aren’t any cultural/philosophical issues between me and our cleaning lady on, for example, the subject of scheduling an eye exam so that I can get reading glasses. She thinks that, by making stressful calls to the insurance company, I’m damaging myself. Which… maybe I am, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need doing.

The cleaning lady’s daughter has a small business crocheting things to sell. I didn’t know that until I asked the cleaning lady if she knew anyone who might want my yarn. I collected all of that, filling two trash bags and one very large gift bag. We’ve got it in the basement until the cleaning lady can get her son to drive over to pick it up.

It’s hard to let it go, but I haven’t done any crocheting in years, and now it would hurt a lot to do it at all. It’s not important enough to me to spend the bit of hand use I have every day on it. I went back to my OTC splints yesterday. They aren’t great, but they’re a compromise that works better than the other options. I’m not wearing any of the three sets right now because it’s not worthwhile until I’m at the point where most activities hurt.

I found an unopened Christmas card from Scott’s sister’s family in 2010 that included school pictures of our niece and nephew. I found some peppermint gel stuff meant for rubbing on one’s feet that I kind of vaguely remember buying many, many years ago. I found two abandoned mouse nests including stashed food. I threw out everything contaminated that way, including some clothes that had been waiting to be mended for about five years.

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