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I'm trying to remember what I did yesterday, and my mind is going blank. Let's see... We made a trip out to Plum Market in the evening because Cordelia really, really wanted to. Scott and Cordelia made turkey meatballs that came out reasonably well.

This morning, I woke up to find that I'd reached 90 days on holding a portal in Ingress. That's a badge increment. The next one is at 150 days and is highly unlikely. Of course, getting to 90 days surprised me. The Guardian badge is one of those that one can only hope will happen. I capture portals and keep recharging them as long as I still own them. Before this, the longest I'd held anything was 85 days (and I was cranky when that one went down because I'd started thinking it would last).

Scott had both days off this weekend. He's expecting to work next weekend but says he should be able to make sure he works Sunday. Saturday is a big Ingress event, called an Anomaly, here in Ann Arbor, and we've signed up for it as it's likely to be our only opportunity to participate in such a thing. I'm a little worried about my ability to participate fully since it's about four hours of constant walking. I specifically told them that I'm only good for an hour and that at a slow pace. I guess we'll see.

The hard part is trying to get the suggested in-game equipment for the Anomaly. A couple of local people who play a lot more than we do are helping us, but there's also the problem of what to do with the stuff we want to keep that we won't have room for.

Yesterday, our kitchen sink backed up. Scott spent a good bit of time getting it unclogged. He's a little freaked because he can't explain what he found which was a flaky, black build up rather than a wad of grease or something similar. He couldn't identify the substance at all. At least we can now run the dishwasher.

Tomorrow's going to be busy. Cordelia's high school registration will happen in the afternoon, and I need to make sure we get there on time. Cordelia's decidedly unenthusiastic about the whole thing.
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I spent most of yesterday writing up a document for out of town Ingress people who are coming to the anomaly in Ann Arbor at the end of the month. The hotels for our side are in a part of town that I know well, so I started off talking about the bus options from there to downtown and/or central campus and then got into parking and how the parts of the University of Michigan fit into the town and the food options out by the hotels and as one heads into town. I also mentioned publicly accessible bathrooms (the coffee shops are the best options but wheelchair/scooter access may vary).

I ended up with thirteen pages of babbling. Someone else caught an error that I've now corrected-- I used 'Westland' (the town where Scott works) instead of 'Westgate' (the shopping mall out Jackson Road near 94).

Somehow, that ate all of the time I'd meant to use for other things.

Around 8 p.m., Scott and I went out to a place we hadn't been before for some Ingress. I'd spotted a cluster of about a dozen portals in a cemetery when we drove by a few months back, but somehow, we never got around to going out there before now. It was about a ten minute drive. We didn't end up keeping the portals long, but they were new for both of us. I let Scott capture most of them because he's close to leveling up, needing about 250K points while I need 1.5 million points.

There are more portals further out that road, but I'm not sure there's another cluster that large.

He and I both need a lot of specific bits of equipment for the anomaly. I have no idea how we're going to be able to get it all given the lack of available time. Well, I theoretically have time. I just don't have the stamina or the access to visit a lot of portals. I'm also going to have to ditch all my keys. I don't want to, but I don't see us paying for any equipment like key lockers. I suppose I should look and see how much they cost, but I really don't think it's a justifiable expense.

I'm worried about the anomaly because of my mobility and stamina issues. I've explained them to the organizers, but I'm not sure they actually understood. When I say that an hour to an hour and a half of walking very slowly is a hard limit, I really do mean it. If I do that much, I'm not going to be doing anything else that day. They put me (and Scott so we can be together) on a 'slow moving team,' but the anomaly will last about four hours. I really, really can't manage that.

And that's without the possibility that Scott might not make it until two hours into the dratted thing due to having to work. We won't know about work until the day before, so it's not something we can plan for.

They also want us to install several communications apps on our phones, and I'm dubious about it. I really don't want anything that will eat up my battery that way, and I try not to install apps unless I'm certain I'm going to use them a lot. Ingress, Feedly, Life360, Wunderlist, and Habitica are the extra apps that I actually use a lot. I have one game besides Ingress, and that's FluidMonkey which is good for when my brain has dribbled out my ears. I don't use it often.

The list is zello, ingress intel, maps, slack, and glympse. I have no idea what zello and glympse are. Ingress intel makes sense, but I had the impression from something Scott said a while back that it wasn't available to me. Guess I'll check. I've looking into the Slack app, and everything I read about it makes it sound like something I don't want within six miles of any device of mine.

I suppose I can install apps the day before and delete them immediately after. There are apps on my phone that I really, really don't want but can't delete because they're bundled into the OS.

We watched a movie after we got back and somehow lost track of time so that we didn't turn off the light until midnight. I once again couldn't sleep because I was too warm. That led to spiraling anxiety about all the things I need to get done and how I won't be able to on so very little sleep. I ended up with about four hours of fitful sleep, all without the c-PAP. (I took it off before I fell asleep, about an hour and a half after I put it on. At that point, it claimed that I was averaging seven prolonged stoppages of breathing per hour. This seems to be a trend. That is, if I'm awake with the stupid thing running, it registers lots of problems, but if I fall asleep quickly, it registers almost none.

I think the Ativan is working less well in terms of helping me relax to sleep. I'm not sure how much of that is the way that Scott being on nights for two weeks and then on vacation this week has thrown off my routines and how much is anxiety about getting Cordelia ready for camp next week and high school starting after Labor Day. Right now, our plan for getting Cordelia to Skyline for camp departure is for Scott to drop her off before he heads to work. She says she doesn't want/need me there, but I'm not sure whether or not she'll stick to that.

Cordelia's supposed to by there at 7 a.m. for an 8 a.m. bus departure. If we deal with a cab, we would need to call at 6 a.m. in order to be sure of getting there by 7. That would likely mean us getting to the school by 6:30. At that point, it kind of makes sense for Scott to drop us (or just Cordelia) off before heading to work. It would mean getting there at 6:15 unless he gets permission from work to be a little late (which he says he's going to request). If he's able to be there until Cordelia can get into the building, I'd be willing to stay home. I just don't want her sitting, alone, outside the school for forty five minutes.

Cordelia's never been away for anything like this long. The closest was four or five days with Scott's sister when she was seven and I had my gallbladder removed. I think that it will be a good experience for her, but there's going to be anxiety for all three of us until we settle into it.
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I'm looking at what I need to do, going forward in Ingress. I'm at level 10 and have the badges I need for level 11 (but am a long way away in terms AP). After that, though, I won't have the necessary badges. I have four badges at gold or higher. I have three at silver, and none of those are anywhere near going up to gold. I have seven badges at bronze, and three of those are close to going silver and are straightforward enough that I can pursue them (number of hacks, number of resonators deployed, number of mods deployed). Sadly, getting those to gold, while just a matter of time, won't be a fast thing, not unless I go out a lot more than I normally have.

Sadly, the best way for me to do some of this stuff would be for me to ride buses and hack whatever the bus passes. I'm not sure that's something I can do without out either company or Ativan. Cordelia's not willing to do it. She loves riding the bus but says it wouldn't be fun doing it with me.

Maybe I can get Scott to take me out a few times while he's off work next week? I'm not going to hold my breath, but it's something I'd like.
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I slept last night, but it wasn't great. A big part of that was cramps. Scott's still in bed. I don't know if I woke him when my alarm went off. I got it off in about two seconds, but who knows? That would wake me, but he often doesn't wake for my weekend medication alarms which have a similar duration. Scott came to bed about 4:30. I woke up about then because I really needed the bathroom and was just getting up when he went in there. Which, well, isn't that how it always works?

I managed to use the c-pap all night, though.

I'm a little cranky that, although he stayed up past when it was done drying, he didn't bring up the laundry. I really don't want to face the stairs right now, but that is my only source of clean clothing unless I'm willing to wake Scott.

My month to date word count is 21752. That's the highest for any month so far this year, even if I write nothing else whatsoever. Yesterday, I added about 1300 words to my Captive Audience fic and then realized I may need to make a major alteration in the setting. I'm hoping not, though. Today's writing will mostly be tweaks to the second of my Pod Together stories to try to make the rhythm of certain passages work better for the person doing the podfic.

We were surprised when we went downtown to the library yesterday afternoon-- Apparently Art Fair now includes Sunday. For as long as I can remember, Sunday was tear down and clean up, but one of the employees at the library told me that Sunday's been part of actual Art Fair for a couple of years now.

We stopped by the science and nature center to do some Ingress, and we took back the portals that someone from the other side had captured. We had planned to go into the woods to reinforce the two portals there, but we decided against it because of the risk of ticks. The other portals are all accessible from places that should be much lower risk for ticks (close cropped grass or asphalt). We'll hope no one knocks out those two portals for a while. It can be done from the street because high level bursters have a pretty extensive reach. The portals just can't be captured from there because one has to be much closer in order to place resonators and mods.

I told Scott that we should hope for the other side coming by frequently. He's close to leveling up, and recapturing a portal is worth a fair number of points.
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I wasn't able to use the c-PAP at all last night because every time I put it on, I'd start sneezing in under a minute. The air blowing through made a particular bit of my sinuses itch like crazy. After I post this, I'm going to wash all of the gear and let it air dry. (I've got ten minutes left on the CD I'm listening to, and with Cordelia still in bed, I don't want to turn up the volume enough to be able to hear it in the kitchen).

I've been sneezing a bit, off and on, since I got up this morning. It hasn't been enough to make me worry, but it also hasn't quite gone away. I'm also now feeling sore from the walking I did on Monday. Walking is difficult because my calf muscles are trying to refuse to stretch at all.

I wrote 87 words last night. I'm hoping that this is the breakthrough I need in order to be able to get moving with the story as it's due Saturday. I also spent about ten minutes finding names for the OCs I know I'm going to need for my Captive Audience assignment.

I'd like to go out and do some Ingress this morning because some players from the other side came through and knocked over almost all of the portals in the neighborhood. I managed to reinforce three that are difficult to attack without tramping over uneven ground (these folks were out well after dark and tend not to want to get out of their car(s) at the nature center), but there's one unclaimed portal now that is easy to knock down from the parking lot but can't be captured from there. One only has to venture about two yards onto the grass to reach it, but... Most people don't bother.

I probably won't end up going because I've only got an hour before a friend comes over and because I need to do several household chores first. If Cordelia wakes in time, I want to see if she has dishes lurking in her room. I'm hoping to run the dishwasher soon. There's not a lot of space left. I could fill it with a couple of mugs. I'd just like to give priority to bowls and/or plates if she's got them.

I need to put in a support request at AO3 because there's a comment on one of my fics that never got emailed to me. I've gotten emails for more than a dozen comments left after it was and for one left seven hours before on the same fic. It's been three days, so I don't think it's just delayed. It's not in my junk mail, and I checked Gmail just in case it was getting hung up there (occasionally, that account just won't download for a few hours at a time), but it's definitely not there. It's not utterly lost because it's in my AO3 inbox and on the fic, but... I like to archive comments locally.
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I keep losing track of what day of the week it is, and, probably because of the story that needs to get done, I have the constant feeling that I'm forgetting something important that I need to get done right this second. I actually don't have anything at all scheduled for the rest of the week, so I'm not actually forgetting an appointment or anything.

We discovered last night at about 9 that we have no bread type stuff usable for Scott's sandwiches. The rye bread was moldy. The burger buns were moldy. The two remaining bagels weren't, but for some reason, Scott didn't want cheese and turkey and chocolate. I suggested cashew butter and jam, but he decided to take meatloaf instead.

The meatloaf isn't exactly right this time. It's edible, but I put in too much teriyaki sauce because I lost control while pouring it in. I had to add a lot of extra oatmeal to balance the wetness, but there wasn't much I could do about the flavor. For some reason that I can't recall now, I also added dill. The combination of dill and teriyaki isn't bad, but it is completely unexpected and so a little disconcerting.

We still have half of the package of ground turkey left, and I should cook that today. I'm just not sure what I want to do with it. Maybe I can scrounge the ingredients to make some sort of soup either in the pressure cooker or in the crock pot? I know how to do it in the crock pot but that would require getting the dratted thing out and finding a place for it to sit and all of that. I think I'll see if there are any decent soup recipes for the pressure cooker.

There's going to be a local to us anomaly for Ingress in late August. I'm in the process of signing up for it, but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do, given how variable my energy levels and such tend to be.

On the bright side, I'm no longer sore from yesterday's excursion. I had trouble walking for most of the evening, but I'm doing about as usual now. Which means I still hurt. I just don't hurt extra from having been stupid.

I currently only have two library books that can't be renewed. One is due this weekend. The other is newly checked out, so I have a couple of days shy of four weeks to finish it.

Today's To Do List )
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Kind of lost track of today as far as posting here. I had a dental appointment this morning. The buses were already detouring a bit for Art Fair preparation even though it doesn't start for a couple of days, but the bus I caught did stop where I needed it to, so that was okay.

They were about twenty minutes late starting my appointment, and then they had technical difficulties while trying to develop my x-rays. I got out of the office an hour and a half after my appointment started.

Then I went the opposite direction from the one I should have because there was an Ingress portal down there that I'd never hacked. It was a bit farther away than I remembered (some friends lived there during college). Then there was one just a block farther on, and I could get to a couple more on my way back by going one block over. I over walked by quite a bit.

I went to Totoro for lunch, getting there about an hour after I left the dentist. I had a teriyaki beef bento and got Cordelia something called a 'yummy roll' which she loves. Then I headed toward the transit center to get the bus home. I should have tried to get an inbound bus instead of walking. I ended up getting to the end of the block where the transit center is as the buses were pulling out, so I had to wait half an hour for the next bus. I should have gone to the library (a block away) or the transit center building. Both would have been cooler. I was just so tired that I couldn't face unnecessary walking.

I got home about 3:30, and Scott called just after I pulled out my key to open the door. I told him I'd call him back in a couple of minutes because there was no way I could unlock the door while talking on the phone and juggling three bags.

Today was a lesson in how having a big water bottle doesn't help if I don't take it out to drink from it. Of course, I had a lot of water while I was having lunch and then a lot more after I got home. I was very glad we had some gatorade because that's what staved off the headache that was trying to get itself going.
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Today is our 24th anniversary. Scott took the day off so we could hang out together. We went into Ypsilanti to do some Ingress and got lunch at a diner called The Bomber.

Cordelia spent most of the afternoon with one of her friends downtown. She kept calling us and asking us to suggest things to do. I couldn't come up with anything she liked. They'd already gotten ice cream and didn't want any other type of food. They didn't want to window shop. They didn't want to actually shop. They didn't want to visit any museums. Pokemon Go and Ingress are too out of style to even be considered even if they had either on their phones.

Yesterday, Scott got the lawn mowed and cleaned out one of the two Time Capsule drives. The big problem we've got is that his hard drive is over a terabyte of family photos and videos. We may need to dedicate one of the drives to his machine and use the other for me and Cordelia, but that will require that Scott actually pay attention to what the program is doing and be willing to address the matter rapidly if one drive or the other stops working.

We watched two library DVDs last night and then returned them today (long, long waitlists). Both were amusing in different ways, and we even got Cordelia to join us in watching one of them.

Scott bewilders me by watching TV episodes on his laptop while he's also watching his brother playing games with active voices (and explosions). I think he flips back and forth in terms of the visuals. When I'm in the same room with him, I keep trying to follow what's going on just by listening, and... Yeah. Not working.

I used the c-PAP for a chunk of last night and didn't have any sneezing or runny nose today. Hopefully, that's done. I'm not sure how much the Ativan is actually helping and how much is just that I've got more time for sleeping to make up for the poor quality. I'm having trouble, when on my side, with getting adequate head support without dislodging the nasal pillows. I very much doubt that a different mask would help given that it seems to be the shape of my face changing depending on which bit the pillow is pressing against.

And now we're trying to come up with dinner ideas...
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I did a little writing last night, less than 300 words. I was just too tired to focus.

When I tried to call a cab for getting to my appointment yesterday, I discovered that the company's phone was out of service. I used it nine days ago for getting to UHS, so it's a very recent development. I was at a point in time when I really couldn't afford to call around to see if any of the other companies I found listed on Google actually still exist (at least one listing was for a company that I know absolutely doesn't), so I ran for the bus.

I got lucky in that the bus was only about half full. I'd expected it to be packed at that time of day (around 8:30 in the morning) because that bus links commuter lots to the university medical center/hospital and to central campus. Possibly the fact that the students are gone made the difference, but I'm used to every bus before 9:30 being standing room only and not letting anyone on for the last three stops before the hospital. (We're four or five stops back, a couple of miles away.)

The clinician I saw agreed that, if I feel worse and am not sleeping using the c-PAP, that it's not actually helping. She prescribed a different mask, just in case that will help. The main reason, if I understand correctly, is that this mask and headgear shift where the hose is so that it may not cause me so much anxiety. Otherwise, we're going to hold off until after I see my psychiatrist on the 20th. The hope is that she can prescribe something, other than Ativan, that I can take at night so that I sleep more deeply. I have no idea what that might be. Benadryl doesn't make me sleepy. Melatonin gives me headaches that last for days. Ambien is off the table entirely because of my genetics being a terrible match for it.

After the appointment was over, I wandered around the medical center a bit, doing Ingress. Then I took the bus downtown, doing more Ingress along the way. About ten minutes after I got off the bus, I reached level 10 in Ingress. I had been hoping to do that on my birthday, but I was so sick that day and the next that it wasn't even remotely an option.

After that, [personal profile] evalerie and I met at Jerusalem Garden for lunch. I got a chicken shwarma sandwich that proved spicier than I wanted to be. I also got fries which the menu said would have sumac on them, but the waitress told me, when she brought them, that they don't put sumac on any more, just a pre-mixed salt and pepper (including cayenne) blend. I wouldn't have ordered them at all if it hadn't been for the promise of sumac, so I was disappointed.

Cordelia ended up eating my leftovers, half the sandwich and a lot of fries, when she got home. She complained about the spice in the sandwich but ate it anyway.
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I managed 18002 words during April. That puts it second in productivity of months so far this year (February was first with over 19000 words). I'm at 64525 words for the year to date. My Camp NaNo goal was 25000, so I didn't manage that, but I think I did pretty well given how April was.

I didn't get dressed yesterday until about 8 p.m. Scott prodded me a bit about it. I don't actually see anything wrong with a single day spent that way. I was still exhausted, and I'd been feeling kind of sick all weekend.

Surprisingly, I'm better so far this morning. I didn't expect that. I had anxiety dreams, so I wouldn't have been surprised to wake with a headache.

We made a trip out to Plum Market to see what they had at their after 8:00 half price baked goods sale. We ended up with a cake, some mini muffins, and some cookies. I think we were all disappointed not to see any bread. My suspicion is that we got there too late. When they first start putting things out, there's usually a crowd, and the bread goes first. I don't think we got there until 8:15.

The last week, Ingress has been running really, really slowly a lot of the time. I can consistently get the basic map, but I can't always get the overlay that shows fields and portals and XM. Hacking a portal often takes several minutes to process, and I can't see my inventory at all. It's always a bit iffy to play when I'm riding in a car or cab that's going fast, but usually, I can see something.

Scott was complaining that I spent too much in March. I need to look at my Discover card bill, because I think he failed to realize that I paid $100 for appointments for Cordelia and bought some clothes for her. I bought some stuff on Amazon, but I'd be surprised if it was the majority of what I spent (in spite of what Scott thinks). My suspicion is that he saw a large number of small purchases and didn't look at the money involved, just assumed. Most of those were things I bought for Cordelia's birthday later this month.

He's not going to like April's bill either because a boxed set of DVDs that I wanted suddenly dropped from $83 to $48 and because I bought him a board game for $40 and a game supplement (not generally available for sale in paper these days. I spotted one for $20 and grabbed it). Our anniversary isn't until June, but those are likely his anniversary presents.

I think he's just looking ahead and realizing that four family birthdays in May, mine, Cordelia's, and both of his parents', makes for an expensive month. Our tradition is to go out for dinner for my birthday and Cordelia's and for Mother's Day. Of course, Mother's Day is likely to be unusually because Scott's parents are back from their trip. Usually, they don't come back until after Mother's Day. (I told my mother that I wouldn't tell Scott's family she's in state so that she doesn't have to figure out a polite way to refuse a Mother's Day invitation. I think her current plan is to invite my brother to join her at the brewpub in Lawton.)

June has Scott's brother's birthday, Father's Day, and our anniversary. Father's Day is generally a big family gathering with all the guys going off to play golf, Scott and his father, our brother-in-law and his father. Sometimes our nephew goes, and sometimes he doesn't. This year, it will probably depend on his work schedule.

I need to try to get to the downtown library some time this week. A hold came in about an hour after Scott picked up the other holds, and that will expire on Saturday. I suppose that, as there aren't other holds on it, I could cancel this one and then put a new hold on the item in a day or three. That just seems unfair to the library staff, you know?

Drat, I just crashed my laptop by, as far as I can tell, putting pressure on the wrong parts while changing position (I'm in the bedroom because Cordelia was watching Arrow in the living room). I'm not sure how to deal with this. When I'm using the laptop in bed, I change position pretty frequently. Basically, I moved, the screen went black, and then about five seconds later, the laptop restarted itself. I lost half a paragraph of this entry because TextEdit hadn't had time to autosave it. I was at 75% power, so it's unlikely to have been that.

Today's appointment is PT for Cordelia and is at 5:00. Scott should be home by then. I don't know if we'll both go or if I'll stay home and let him take her.
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We dropped Cordelia off at her friend’s house at about 4:00. Then we picked up soup at Zoup and dropped off our library returns. We also did a small amount of Ingress.

Later in the evening, some folks from the other side in Ingress came through the neighborhood and knocked over most of the portals. I mourn the level 8 portal that was at the church down the street. We don’t get nearby level 8 portals very often.

Scott and I have spent most of our time listening the audiobook of The Daily Show book. It’s kind of fun and kind of sad to be reminded of all of this stuff. The book ends with the Zadroga bill business after Jon Stewart left the show. It’s almost all longish quotes from people who were involved in the Daily Show.

I’m not going to finish the DVD lecture series that I was hoping to return today. It’s not due yet, so that’s not terrible, but I’m only an hour and a half from finishing it and would like to be able to take it back. I have almost enough time. I think I’m going to be, at most, fifteen minutes from the end when we have to leave to pick up Cordelia and deal with errands and the library. If this were a book, I could finish it in the car, but DVDs are harder that way.

I wrote about fifty words last night on my pinch hit. I’m hoping to write more today, but who knows?

I’m a little annoyed with myself. I forgot to check off two things on my Habitica dailies, so my entire group took some damage. I just lost track of time and only remembered at about twenty minutes after midnight, too late.
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The local school district issues one large book that lists the classes at all the high schools rather than separate books for each school. My guess is that this is because students can take classes at other schools if they can figure out how to get there and back in the time they have. The instructions as to what is necessary to graduate aren’t nearly as clear as I’d like and don’t deal with the fact that the school Cordelia will likely attend, Skyline, does trimesters while all of the other schools do semesters. That’s got to change credit requirements for graduation and make taking classes at other schools really challenging.

We ended up leaving for the used book store about 3:00 and getting there about 3:40. We stayed about an hour which wasn’t nearly long enough for me to get through all of the sections I wanted to look at even though there really wasn’t all that much in any of those sections. I looked at children’s books, paperback mysteries, and general fiction paperbacks. Before I got through that last section, Cordelia was urging me to hurry up so that we could go home.

I had a ten page list of authors and titles I wanted to look for. I found four books from it. I wasn’t helped by the fact that I was mostly looking for fiction and the store skews very, very heavily to non-fiction. One of the other two stores specializes in paperback fiction, but it’s in the process of closing down, doing a clearance sale, so Scott thought going there might not be worthwhile. I think Cordelia might find that more interesting since it might actually have more than fifty books aimed at teens.

I poked around on BookMooch a bit last night. I haven’t sent anything out there in about eight years, but I had about ninety points left. Books from folks in the US cost one point. I went through my ten page list and found about fifteen things. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to offer some of the books I want to get rid of that aren’t worth selling there. Mailing things is a serious PITA, though, and things I really want don’t tend to come up. But it would mean that, if the books went out, they’d go to someone who actually wanted them.

I couldn’t get Ingress to open at all during the time we were out of the house. Scott got in, but I never managed to. I could still get at everything else associated with that Gmail address, so I’m pretty sure it was an Ingress problem. The app kept telling me that that address couldn’t be used and that I should use a different address, but it would then kick me out without giving me the option to do anything at all.

Naturally, as soon as we got home, it opened just fine.
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Our state attorney general’s lawsuit to stop the recount crashed and burned yesterday when it hit a judge who felt that stopping it, that even delaying it, was denying voters in our state their constitutional rights. So, instead of starting tomorrow as scheduled, the recount started yesterday at noon at two sites (Oakland and Ingham counties) and will continue at 9 a.m. today at eight sites. Tomorrow, all nineteen sites across the state will be operating.

The site in our county will open at 9 this morning, and they’re scrambling for observer volunteers. I considered it, but Cordelia really needs me at home today. I think I’ve got things set up so that she’ll be okay for the three afternoons I committed to (W-F). I hadn’t thought that me being gone would be a big deal, but she’s been very upset about other things and wanting me available pretty constantly the last couple of days.

I gave up on my hacking streak in Ingress last night. I had a migraine and couldn’t think through that and the exhaustion. It just didn’t seem important enough to try to do anything about when I couldn’t even bend over to put soap in the dishwasher. (Scott put soap in and then didn’t bother to start the stupid thing. It’s running now.) I even ended up leaving my wrist braces on when I went to bed which wasn’t a great idea because the velcro catches on everything and because wearing them in bed increases my pain levels. The braces are useful during the day for reminding me of things I shouldn’t do (though I end up hurting myself as I contort to try to do things that are necessary, things like brushing my hair or brushing my teeth).

I tried to nap yesterday and was in bed for about three hours. I just couldn’t quite get to sleep. I resent that because I could have gotten a number of things done during that time if I’d been functional and because, if I’d actually slept, I might have been able to do something after. As it was, I really did nothing at all. I’m not sure I’ll get much done today, either, because I had to get up with Cordelia when I really needed to stay in bed. I think I can manage the two absolutely must be done chores before I crash— I can get the trash together and out to the bins, and I can make sandwiches for all three of us for tomorrow.
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I was poking around, looking at Yuletide prompts, and found someone interested in crossovers between The Pretender and other fandoms. I looked at their bookmarks, and most of them were things I couldn’t write, didn’t think made sense with The Pretender, or simply don’t know enough about to write. But I spotted one crossover option that I want someone else to write— The Pretender/Psych. I want this, but there’s not a chance in hell that I could write it. Psych is way outside of my comfort zone as a writer.

I don’t know that I will ever write for any of the prompts I’ve saved off. I think I’ve only finished one story based on a prompt like that, and the prompt was about six years old when I did it, and I’d lost track of who had asked for it originally.

I managed to pick up enough points in Ingress yesterday to advance to level 9. I’m unlikely to get to level 10 any time soon as it requires a lot more points. I already have the necessary badges, at least.

The power cord for my laptop completely died yesterday, so now Cordelia and I are trading off time with her cord while we wait for the one Scott ordered as a replacement arrives. It’s supposed to arrive on Wednesday, but who knows? How long my battery lasts depends on how many different things I try to do. If I just use a word processor and my email program, it lasts a lot longer than if I have two browsers and iTunes and chat and…

So I may not be online quite so much during the times when Cordelia’s at home and wanting to use her laptop.

As if balancing out me figuring out what to do to make my foot feel better, my hands are hurting a lot more now. It’s not bad enough that I’m willing to stop using them, but it’s bad enough that I can tell that I should stop.

Oh, and I looked up that thing about the CYP2C9 enzyme system that wasn’t clear to me in my genetic testing results. I understood about half of the Wikipedia article, and everything else I found looked even more difficult to parse. My main takeaway was that I process NSAIDs differently (not clear on if I don’t metabolize them to get them out of my bloodstream or if they work less well or if they dance the polka) and that there are a bunch of other medications that I maybe shouldn’t take that don’t relate at all to psychiatric stuff. For example, Warfarin was mentioned, too.

I want to drop some stuff off at Cordelia’s school today. She’ll be staying late for drama club, so I could go in right as school lets out and take the stuff directly to her teacher rather than leaving it at the office. It’s a bag with 30 or so magazines, so I’m not too worried about being able to carry it.

I’ve got a longish to do list now. There are eight items that are going to be time consuming or stressful and eight items that will be relatively quick and/or not particularly stressful. My current plan is to get dressed, post this, and start on the things that will be quick (less than 15 minutes) and easy to do. I’m not sure if I’ll just try to power through all of them or if I’ll alternate with harder but quick things. The time consuming stuff probably won’t get done until after all of the quick things.

I ought to do some laundry, but I think that’s getting put off until Wednesday because, if I do that, I won’t do anything else. I think I’ve got enough left that I can wear that I don’t need to wash things until then. I mainly want to because of how much is in the hamper.
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I’m up earlier than I wanted to be because I have gas that hurts horribly when I’m lying down but doesn’t bother me when I’m standing or sitting. That’s the opposite of what usually happens to me, so I’m a bit boggled.

Yesterday’s dinner at Totoro was pleasant. Cordelia got sushi and so did Scott’s sister’s entire family. Scott and I and Scott’s sister’s sister-in-law all ordered other things. Our nephew ordered udon on top of the sushi, but he’s seventeen and still a bottomless pit. Because we had told the staff at Totoro that this was a birthday celebration, they brought the sushi for Scott’s sister’s family on a big tray with decorations, mostly made from cucumber peels and including a candle that was perilously close to a sprig of parsley. I kept watching to see if the parsley was going to catch fire, but it didn’t.

The folks at Totoro recognized me and remembered that I always order a bento (I like the variety of different flavors). I only get in there a few times a year, so I was surprised. It’s not as if I’m in there weekly or anything. Service was good. The waitress kept up with refills on drinks and on clearing dishes and such. Scott gave her a generous tip ($12 on a $50 bill) which I’m glad of. I don’t know how the others did in that direction.

We talked with our nephew about his college options. He’s applying three schools, two in state and one out. He’s been putting off making his Christmas list because he can’t think of things to put on it, and all of the adults at the table started suggesting things that might make dorm life (and, eventually, living outside of the dorms) easier. I got the impression that he’s not quite ready to think about that yet.

The restaurant was only about half full, so we sat and talked for a while after eating. Eventually, we went as a group to try to find frozen yogurt. The place that Cordelia found on Google turned out to be closed, so we ended up at a place that had both ice cream and frozen yogurt (the two places were only a block apart). Scott’s sister paid for all of us to have ice cream. For some reason, Stucchi’s idea of a 'small' bowl for adults is two scoops of ice cream (which can be different flavors). Cordelia ended up with a truly small bowl and only a single scoop, so I think they looked at her and thought 'child.' I enjoyed my two scoops, but I’d probably have been better off with the amount she had, and she’d have enjoyed having more.

When we got home, Cordelia wanted to watch a movie with us. After some debate, we talked her into trying Rush Hour. She was mainly interested in that because one of her teachers had quoted it (with profanity excised), but I think that she enjoyed it. We’ve been trying to persuade her to try more of the movies we own, but she tends to assume that, because we liked them enough to buy them, they must be terrible and/or boring. Never mind that she’s liked about 85% of those she’s actually tried. We’re hoping that having seen Rush Hour will encourage her to try more Jackie Chan movies. I think she’ll enjoy the combination of comedy and action. Of course, she may not realize how amazing the stunt work is.

Scott tried to talk her into Wrath of Khan, but she’s really adamant that she will never, ever watch anything Star Trek related.

I have posted more in my Chronicles of Amber dark AU arc. I haven’t linked here because I have the impression that anyone who’s interested is already likely to see those stories and that almost everyone isn’t particularly interested. Which— It’s darkfic for an obscure fandom. I don’t expect readers beating down my door or any such thing. I’m just having fun writing it.

I will note that my Yuletide story is not darkfic. I was a little worried that I’d find it going that way, but it hasn’t. I’ve done one thing in terms of tweaking canon that some readers may not like (and I’m tagging for it), but I’m hopeful that my recipient will because I think that it fits the characters. It’s something that isn’t contradicted by anything in canon (mostly because the focus character is relatively minor and doesn’t get much backstory).

I didn’t have much Achille’s tendon pain from the walking yesterday. It was about three blocks, and I only ended up with a little bit of an ache. It was hurting more when I got up at 5:00 to take my thyroid medication, but now that I know exactly what stretch helps, I was able to to that before going back to bed. Based on the type of stretching that works, I’m pretty sure that what I need to do is to loosen up my calf muscle regularly. I don’t think the underlying problem is actually in the tendon.

I only need about 50000 points to advance to the next level in Ingress. If all goes well, I should be able to manage that today. People from the other side came through the area last night to the point that only three of the portals I have keys for are still held by our side (and none of those are anywhere nearby. Two of them are actually in other towns).
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Sad Ingress news for me— The portal I’d held the longest just went down. I was at 71 days. The longest I’d managed prior to that was 85 days (on the same portal), but I need 90 days to get the next level badge. I don’t expect we’ll be out to Scott’s parents place until Christmas Eve, so I can’t just take the dratted thing back immediately and hope that this time goes better.

I’m also thinking that I may have no choice but to let my hacking streak go. Getting to the church and back tonight to hack the portal took three times as long as it should have and hurt enough that I’m reluctant to stand up to undress and am unlikely to try to get to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I’m sure I’ll regret that in the morning, but right now, my left heel hurts too much. I’m at a hacking streak of 189 days with the next level badge at 360 days. I very much don’t want to start from zero, but I don’t want it enough to deal with this level of pain (not to mention that pain like this means not doing most of my chores tomorrow).
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I’m making slow but steady progress on the game scenario for UCon. I think I have one character completely done but for a few formatting decisions. I think the remaining characters will need about half an hour each to be completed. Right at the moment, I’m fiddling with the order in which I present the character information. I’m not sure there’s a good way to do this. The character I’m working on has a large, fairly indigestible lump of information about their powers. I want that information easily found because the player will need to refer to it during play, but if I put it first, the player may not actually reach the information about the character’s backstory and interactions with other characters.

Right now, I’m thinking to put character name and stats first then follow that with character backstory and such. I’ll either put the powers information at the end or make it a separate document. I may do it differently for different characters. I don’t know. Some characters won’t require nearly as much explanation for what they can do. This character has spells, many of them, and each of those needs to be explained in terms of effect and requirements for casting. (Spells in the game books are scattered. There’s a single section in the first book and then four sections, each attached to a specific npc, in the second book.)

I ended up buying the PDFs of the two game books. They were $12 each, but working from those is a heck of a lot easier in this case than going back and forth between the hard copies and documents on my laptop.

I spent a while walking around and playing Ingress yesterday after my visit to UHS. I shouldn’t have because it made my foot hurt a good bit, but I really needed to do something mindless, and it was pleasant to be outside in the cool air. A few people gave me strange looks for wandering around without a jacket, but I wasn’t cold. I managed to capture some new to me portals and to hack a very few new to me portals as well. I created a bunch of tiny fields (any field created is worth a tad more than 1200 points, so small fields are not terrible things). I used a lot of level one resonators because they were what I had the most of. I knew I wouldn’t actually be able to hold those portals for more than a few hours, tops, and I get the same number of points for placing a level one resonator as I do for placing anything more powerful.

Scott’s mother called while I was out. She just wanted to check to see how I was doing, healthwise. I doubt that it occurred to her that anyone at all could be upset about the election. Of course, she was also utterly convinced that last Monday was Halloween, so who knows? Maybe she didn’t vote at all.

I’m trying to figure out a good way to get my morning caffeine while we’re at the convention. I can take teabags and stevia, but I’ll only be able to use those when I’ve got about half an hour to spare, and I really can’t carry my mug with me as I wander around the convention or put it in my backpack in case I need it later. Usually, we’d just buy a bunch of small bottles of some caffeinated soda pop, but I’m not supposed to have anything like that unless I add massive amounts of psyllium husks which isn’t really doable when drinking from a bottle. I’m also not sure how the psyllium husks would interact with something carbonated; they’re really extraordinarily nasty in hot beverages but okay in cold orange juice as long as I drink it in under five minutes. Taking longer produces sludge that often can’t be poured.

And extra psyllium is just what I need right now after weeks of diarrhea, right?

At the physician’s assistant’s recommendation, I took immodium last night, and that seems to have stopped everything dead. I am not altogether convinced that that is better than the situation before. I certainly don’t feel very comfortable. I will probably keep taking the immodium over the weekend simply because I won’t have easy access to be visiting the bathroom every fifteen minutes, especially not when I’m running my Amber game.

Okay, I need to either write more characters or to start packing. Packing may win just because it’s less mentally exhausting and still needs doing before the same deadline as the game. I really, really don’t want to stay up late tonight because Scott and I signed up for a game that starts at 10 a.m. tomorrow. We’ll need time to load the car, drive to the convention, and then get our preregistration stuff. We’ll come home around the time Cordelia gets off of school to pick her up and get anything that we didn’t pack earlier.

Of course, given that I was up late last night, what I really, really want right now is a nap.
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Scott and I did a bit of Ingress yesterday. We went to a park on the other side of town that was all level eight portals held by the other team. We hacked a lot of them and captured four. We didn’t try to capture more because we ran out of time. I hacked quite a few new to me portals on the trip there and the trip home.

From there, we went to Saica, a Japanese restaurant near our house. We finished up in plenty of time to get home before Cordelia did. I just ate my leftovers for breakfast.

We had a Stargate game session last night. It was more of trying to deal with the first contact situation. I was kind of groggy the way I have been the last week or so. Our characters are going to be replaced in the first contact situation by actual experts who know what they’re doing (our characters range in level from 1st-3rd, so we’re not that good at what we do. We’re just the best that the base we’re at has at the moment).

I haven’t managed to watch any of the shows that we normally watch as a family in at least a week. Scott and Cordelia have gone ahead without me. I can tell that I don’t care very much about any of them because I haven’t felt motivated to catch up even though I could. I think I’m two episodes behind on Agents of SHIELD (though Scott and Cordelia haven’t watched this week’s episode either, so I’m only one behind relative to them) and one each on The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.
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My appointment went okay. We’re keeping the Zoloft at 50 mg for at least another month and seeing if any of the side effects go away. My doctor referred me for a blood draw to check my sodium levels and a bunch of other things because there’s something weird going on with how fast water is flowing through me (and we suspect it may relate to the constipation problems, too).

My plan on leaving the appointment a little before noon was to hack some portals that I’d never done before and then go to the library and from there to lunch and still be home by 2:00. What with one thing and another, I got to the library to drop stuff off around 1:30 and caught the same bus home that the cleaning lady was taking to get here.

This means that, apart from some almonds, I haven’t had lunch. This is a very foolish thing for me to have done because I can’t get at the kitchen/dining room until at least 3:00 and quite possibly not until 3:30. If I’d realized I was going to be out like that, I’d have packed some food or at least left something in the living room that I could eat, in addition to the almonds.

On the up side, I got about 130000 points for myself in Ingress and captured about 24 new to me portals (only 11 of those were new to me in terms of hacking). I need another 450000 to go up to level nine. I already have the badges I need for that.

Of course, who knows if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow? I really thoroughly overdid it. I have fairly major problems with not being able to stop myself from doing just a little bit more when I’m doing something like that that doesn’t have clear parameters or where the parameters are large. Some part of my mind figures that I’m there and unlikely to get back and that I haven’t fallen over yet. Doing more all at once and then paying for it seems better to that bit of my brain than doing just the amount I can and maybe coming back another time.
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I didn’t sleep much last night because I was completely unable to fall asleep again after Scott got up. I’m going to try again after I post this, but I’m not particularly optimistic.

I’ve started canon review for Yuletide. I’m looking for three specific scenes that I know happened, but I can’t recall exactly where to find them, so I’m digging through more of canon than I meant to. I’ve now got three story ideas. I have no idea which one to go with. One would be backstory that would shift a lot of canon in subtle ways but still fit. One would be a missing scene. One would be post-canon or possibly a divergent AU (I haven’t decided). And those three ideas are all centered on one particular character. My recipient chose 'any' but added a list of their five favorite characters (it’s a canon with a huge cast of characters). I’d be comfortable writing any of their favorites (I offered any). I can’t recall if all of those characters were nominated, but I think it wouldn’t matter if I’m working from that list. Each of my ideas would use two or three of the favorite characters.

I was going to bake a cake because Cordelia will have two friends over this afternoon, but the mix Scott got wants softened butter rather than oil. I’ve got butter on the counter. It’s been out for two and a half hours and hasn’t softened appreciably. I really don’t want to try the microwave because that pretty much always ends up just melting part of the stick.

Last night, Scott and I realized that there was a portal relatively nearby that was two level eight resonators short of being a level eight portal. Scott could have walked there and back, but I couldn’t, so we drove. We have a lot of level six and level seven portals relatively nearby. I spotted two others that I have keys for that Scott and I could push to level eight, but we didn’t have time to go out to those.

We also bought food at the Syrian place while we were out. Cordelia asked for a spinach pie. They have two sorts, one with feta and spinach and one with just spinach, and we had no idea which one she meant, so we got one of each with the intention that I’d eat the one she didn’t want. After trying them, she ended up wanting both, and I had to insist on cutting them in half and sharing them that way. I got a potato salad that I really enjoyed but probably shouldn’t eat in the evening because the spices didn’t sit well. I also got some cole slaw that I couldn’t eat at all. I took a bite and really strongly disliked the flavor. No one else will eat it, so I’ve thrown it out. I feel a little bad about spending money on it just to throw it out, but I like trying different foods.

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